Friday, November 09, 2007

What’s My Breakfast Today

Wen wanted to know what I had for breakfast today. Almost everyday, it’d be a glass of Milo kosong and 2 pieces of Gardenia bread with butter/peanut butter/kaya/jam/cheese. Today it's Milo and bread with peanut butter. On weekends or days when hubby’s not working, sometimes we have noodles/dim sum/bak kut teh/‘latt thong’ (spicy soup) for brunch.

What’s your breakfast like?


JO-N said...

Will do it. Give me some time. I have a few tags in hand now. Working on those.

wen said...

wei, ada sikit boring la.. why not change to something else leh? kidding..

slavemom said...

Joanne, tags overload. hehehe No prob, take ur time.

Wen, boring better than tak makan, rite? :p

Tutiger said...

Sigh! How to post this one leh bcoz I rarely took breakfast. By the time I wake up it is almost time for lunch already. I work till rather late :(
I'll try and see if I can come up with something or not.
Thanks for tagging me :D

slavemom said...

Peter, no worries. If u don't take breakfast, u can skip that tag.