Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ballet Class

I brought XY for a ballet trial class yesterday. She's been asking me to let her learn for quite some time already. There was once when she followed my PILs to repair their car in a workshop, she 'performed' in front of a big mirror. She put both her hands high up, tip toed and twirled. She told Ye Ye and Mah Mah she's a ballerina. I wondered where she's imitating that from. Hi-5, maybe?

She seems to be very eager to learn ballet. Not sure if she's really interested in the dance or she just wants to wear the costume. I have to admit, li'l girls look really cute in tutus. During the trial class, she was able to follow the teacher's instructions. Of coz her moves aren't very graceful but at least she's able to follow the simple steps. It was very different when she attended the hip hop trial class (before CNY). She was quite lost. Probably coz the students have been learning for at least 2 months already. And now that she's attended both classes, she's very sure she wants to learn ballet. She said she doesn't like hip hop.

The class is once a week, 45 minutes per session. Monthly fee RM45. I've registered her (registration fee RM25) and bought the outfit (RM159), which consisted of a leotard, tutu, socks and shoes. They don't have stock for the leotard as I wanted one size bigger than the one she tried, which was just right. Have to allocate a little more space for her growth. If not, will have to buy a new one in just a few months' time. Hopefully their stock will arrive before her class starts next week. Will show you the li'l 'ballerina' when she's in full costume.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Water Tumbler

Can you see the cap? It looked as if it's been bitten by a rat. The cap doesn't close tightly anymore. Sometimes when she leaves it in her school bag (instead of putting it in the side pocket), it'll spill and wet her books, even though there's just a few drops of water in it. Anyway, XY's been using that Tupperware tumbler for more than a year already.

Last week, we bought her a new one. She wanted one with a straw coz her little brothers (didi and cousin) use bottles with straws. I let her choose herself and she chose this cute animal one over the Princess tumbler. Much to my relief coz I personally don't really like Princess. hehehe Needless to say, it's pink in colour. There's another different design in blue and I bought that for didi. Now they have matching tumblers.

~ This big rat opened the old tumbler's cap with her
mouth, instead of using hand. Thus the bite marks. ~

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pretty No More

I brought CE for his second haircut yesterday. The front is almost touching his eyes already. And it's really high time for a cut as the hairdresser asked me if I just wanted a trim, to leave the hair long. Huh? She's mistaken him to be a girl!

He wasn't as cooperative as during his first haircut. He didn't like being 'wrapped' up in a plastic cloth. He wanted his hands to be out. I brought some cornflakes and raisins to distract him. He was okay at the beginning. After cutting halfway (the lady was using the shaver), he started to fuss and didn't stay still. He wasn't interested in the food anymore. So I had to carry him while the lady continued her work. He buried his face on my shoulder while the lady cut the back. And when she wanted to cut his side, he kept turning here and there. I tried to hug him tight to minimise his movement but it wasn't really working. Anyway, she managed to finish the side. As I was carrying him, I've got hair all over my face, neck, hands and t-shirt. For his front, she used scissors and snipped off quite a lot. Now he's got very short hair. I like to stroke the back of his head... very spiky. PaPa said he looks like a samseng now. hahaha

I'm not sure why he's not as cooperative as last time (just 3 months ago). Maybe he didn't like the shaver. But he was still fussing when she used the scissors for the front. Or maybe he likes the Indian barber better. Or he's just a little older now to be wary of strangers, especially one who has a shaver or scissors in hand. I'll probably try the Indian barber again the next time.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

23 Months Old

In a month's time, CE will be turning 2. Have not planned anything for his birthday but it'll be a small occasion. Most probably dinner with BIL's family. What to do, he's got lazy parents. hahaha

Weight - 12.7 kg (measured on 29-3-08)
Height - no idea

His favourite word now is "no" or "pu yao".
When he's upset that he can't get what he wants, he'll keep saying "no" or "pu yao" to whatever we offer him. Cornflakes, raisins, biscuits or rice crackers wouldn't be able to distract him.
When he wakes up in the middle of the night crying for no apparent reason, he'll shout back "No!" when we ask him to keep quiet.
We've taught him to say goodnight. He pronounces good as "joot" and if we ask him to say goodnight at one go, it comes out as "ah-nite".

Really likes to eat rice. After his dinner, he'll come ask for rice when we're having our meal. So what we do is give him some plain rice in a plate/bowl and he will happily eat at his small table. And after he's finished that, he's back to disturb us.
He feeds himself quite well. So we have 2 spoons in his plate. One for him and one for me to feed him when he's too engrossed in his tv programme. Yeah... he watches tv when he's having his meal.

Safety Cautious
Ever since end of March, he's very interested in jie jie's booster car seat. We only use one booster seat in the car (for XY) as Kakak will carry CE. But if we travel outstation, he'll use his child car seat. Every time we go out, he wants to sit in the booster seat, with the seat belt fastened. So this solved the problem of him demanding me to carry him at the front passenger seat.
He's also interested to sit in the stroller. Just found out last weekend when we went out shopping. Although there were times when he wanted me to carry him, most of the time, he prefers to be in the stroller and doesn't mind being strapped in. Anyway that day he was bribed with lots of cornflakes and raisins.

He's very generous with his kisses. He'll smack me on the lips when I ask for a kiss. At bedtime, he'll kiss and hug us (me, PaPa and jie jie). And it's so sweet to see him initiate that with jie jie.

Motor Skill
He's able to open the door knobs. I've put on the door knob cover for our bedroom door. With this new ability, he's always going into the wet kitchen to look for Kakak or to play with the broom or the washing machine dials/knobs.

Li'l Busybody
He's the li'l guard at home. He makes sure the door is always closed - our main front door, the bedroom doors, the kitchen door. When he sees any unclosed door, he'll go slam it. :-|
Flushing the toilet is one of his favourite activities. He'll insist on flushing after he does his business (big or small). And he wants to flush for me too! :-|

Funny Behaviour
When we hold a cane, he'll ask us to hit his palm. After we hit one palm, he'll offer the other side. And he's very happy about it.
When he's in pain (knocked his head or hurt his hand), he'll come and ask me to kiss him on the spot where it hurts. Then he's miraculously cured.

TV Hogger
Now he will demand to watch his favourite cartoon - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He's very familiar with all the cartoon characters - "mouse" (Mickey), "ni" (Minnie), "duck" (Donald), "si" (Daisy), "fee" (Goofy), "toe" (Pluto) and "pete".
After watching numerous episodes of Dora the Explorer (one of XY's current favourite), he can say "map" and "back pack".

Itchy Hands
He likes to play with electric switches. Wants us to carry him to switch the lights on and off. Even when it's very bright, he wants to switch on the toilet light when we bring him to wash his hands.

Monday, April 21, 2008

My 'Twins'

No no no no... I'm not pregnant with twins (thanks to the effective birth control method :p) but referring to the kids' look-alike baby smiling photos. hehehe Time to reveal the answer.

Deng... deng... deng... deng...

Pic 1 - baby in blue pajamas is XY
Pic 2 - baby in red bear prints is CE

Good guessing everyone! For those who got it right, Congratulations! (you don't need a medical dictionary to figure that out, right? hehehe) But if you didn't, it's totally understandable coz even PaPa couldn't differentiate some of their baby photos at one glance.

By the way, I didn't choose their pictures in blue and red clothes to mislead you. It was just a coincidence. Really! And the red bear prints tee is a hand-me-down from XY. :D

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Free Vouchers

Phew! I’ve finally finished sorting out all the papers in the tray on the computer table. Next task will be to file the documents into the respective files (not now though... *yawn*). While clearing the documents, I found the Petronas coupons which CB won from MY FM. He won RM150 in the ‘Filler Up’ Challenge last year. RM100 worth of petrol coupons have expired. The remaining RM50 is for purchase of goods from the service station or Kedai Mesra. These will expire on 30 June 2008. I’d better put it in his bag and remind him about it.

I also found a voucher which was given to me by my aunt. It’s a RM50 cash voucher, redeemable at any Jerneh Insurance Berhad branch for their insurance products. It’s valid till 30 April 2008. But I don’t have any policies with Jerneh. Anyone of you interested in this insurance voucher? If you are, do let me know as soon as possible. I’ll post it to you immediately as it’s expiring end of this month. On a first come first serve basis ya. ;)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Sweetest Smile

This tag comes from Jo-N and I'm very sorry I took so long to do it. Reason being I couldn't decide which photos to select. There're so many folders and pictures to go through and their smiles were all very sweet. hehehe And I wanted to make it more fun by posting their pictures of the same age.

Here are the smiling pictures of XY and CE when they were 8 months old. Don't they look alike as babies? Can you guess which is which?

* Updated : The answer is here.

We'd like to see your sweetest smiles Dora, Hazel, bp and Wen.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mr Vain Pot

After his morning bath, CE ransacked his drawer and found a cap. He then asked me to wear it for him. Then he patted the cap and said "nice" or "mei mei" (pretty). As the cap is a bit big for him, it covered his eyes and he had to tilt his head up to see clearly.

When I took out the camera, he wanted to see his pictures. So I asked him to sit down and take photo first. He obediently sat down and stayed still for me to snap some photos. But he's not a natural poser. He doesn't pose nicely nor give me a sweet smile when I asked him to. Just gave me the blur blur look. hehehe

Copy & Paste Tags

Got some very simple tags to do. But I'm starting to doubt that viral linking can improve blog ranking. After doing so many of these linking stuff, my Google Page Rank is still a big fat zero. Anyhow, I'll gladly do the tags and thanks Hazel and Jacelyn for tagging me (coz I'm in your thoughts, right?). ;)

1. Pink Heart
Hazel passed me this Pink Heart tag.

Cut and paste the following starting here.

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2. Linky Love

MummyInVain passed me this Linky Love tag.

This is another of those Linky Love game where you only have to tagged 10 person in one post but still there is no actual limit (you can tag more if you want!). Once tagged, you have to copy paste the link in this post, and make them grow!

Do not delete any of the links and be honest to yourself! =p

Mum & Kids In Wonderland
Slavery Bliss

Friday, April 11, 2008

Weird Habit

"Mi, chee..." said CE while scratching his shoulder. Every night, during bedtime, he'll start to itch once he's settled down and ready to sleep. I can't remember when this funny habit started but it's been quite awhile already (at least a few months, I think).

He'll start scratching his head, shoulder or neck and expect me to scratch for him. I'll continuously scratch or rub him lightly. If I stop before he's gone into deep sleep, he'll stir and scratch himself. So I've to scratch him till he falls asleep. Very tiring indeed.

I don't know why he itches here and there. And it's only during bedtime. I doubt it's the bed sheet. He still itches even though it's just been changed. And we change it every week. That's a weird habit, no? Do your kids have any funny bedtime habits?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Suspiciously Quiet

XY's school project for the month of March is bread. She's to paste some pictures of bread (bun, cake, chapati, etc) onto an A4 paper. She can decorate it if she wants to. She was supposed to hand it up on the last day of the month but I totally forgot about it. So I told her teacher she'll bring the project paper to school the next day. As it was a last minute work, I couldn't find many relevant pictures to cut out from (unwanted) magazines and brochures. So I printed some from the internet.

~ XY's project paper ~

She applied glue and stuck the pictures by herself. She wrote all the words while I spelt them out letter by letter. And she even decorated it with flowers and hearts (yeah... the 3 triangular thingy are hearts hehehe).

And what was didi doing while I was busy helping jie jie?

Making a big mess...

~ almost half a box of tissues were pulled out ~

I smacked his palms a few times coz he's been warned before not to play with tissue papers. I thought he was playing with some toys alone. Kakak was busy in the kitchen cleaning up and washing dishes. Gosh... when the kids are exceptionally quiet, you'd better see where they are and what they're doing. Otherwise, you'd be 'pleasantly' surprised. :-| So I had to fold all the tissues that were thrown on the floor. Wastage was minimal as he only tore a few pieces of them. Luckily I have just finished a box of tissue so I cut out the top and put in the folded tissues.

Monday, April 07, 2008

I Wish...

Thanks to Dora, the wishing star has appeared before me.

1. Think about what it is that you want more than anything, what your heart’s desire and fondest wish is, and what it is that you would wish for if you were to see the above wishing star flame across the night sky.

2. Right click and SAVE the blank graphic above.

3. Use a graphics program of your choice and place your wish on this picture.

This has always been my one and only wish. Well, I'd love to make more wishes but if I have to only choose one, this will be it.

Now close your eyes and make a wish :
Health Freak Mommy, Hazel & Jaclyn

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Awards & Door Gifts

It's raining awards and I've got these wonderful awards from Hazel and MummyInVain. Thank you very much!

Clockwise from top: Peace Award, Fabulous BLOG! Award, Setia Sobat
Award, Best Blogs in the Digital World Award & Interesting Blog Award

And I'd like to pass them on to :
Anggie, Healy, Peridot&Sapphire and Bryan's Mama.

And these door gifts are from a dear friend's house warming party. She's a really good host, kept us all entertained with topics of great interest, good food and fun games. And all of us went home with gifts too. Thanks, Jo-N!