Monday, September 27, 2010

Life's Back To Normal

Hello everybody... I'm back! I've been away for almost a month and I'm really happy to know that I've been missed. *big grin* Now that Kakak's back from her Raya break (just got back yesterday midnight), my life is back to normal. No more housework. Yay! No more eating salty catered food. Yay! More time for myself and the kids. Yay! More time for blogging and blog-hopping. Yay! There are 900+ unread posts in my Google Reader. *pengsan* I'll visit you real soon ya... slowly, but surely. :-)

Before I continue, I must say a special thank you to hubby who's been really helpful during Kakak's absence. I'm so lucky to have such a "domesticated" hubby who has no issues with doing house chores. And very good at it too. ;-) Also a big thank you to my ever helpful and thoughtful SIL, who took care of most of our meals. It really saved me a lot of work and brain cells (thinking of what to cook). hehehe

As mentioned in my previous post, I was back in Penang for the 1-week school/Raya holidays. Didi complained of mouth pain on Wed (8/9) and doctor confirmed it was HFMD. He must have been infected before the trip. This round it was more serious, with rashes on his hands and legs (previous infection was in January, a mild one). Luckily he didn't have any fever, just mouth sore for 5 days. Good thing his appetite wasn't affected although he was in pain when eating. The mouth drop given wasn't really working. Jie jie's mouth pain came 2 days after him, on the day we got back home. She had fever that evening, but it went away after 1 dose of paracetamol. *phew* She also had rashes on her hands and legs and her mouth sore lasted almost 6 days. She relied mainly on ice and cold drinks during meal times. I'm so glad it's all over now. Please please please spare them from mouth ulcers in the future. It's such a torture!

Jie jie's school holiday was extended for another 2 weeks because the classrooms were used for the UPSR examination. I brought her to the dentist last Wednesday as her lower left lateral incisor was loose and painful (when she eats) and it bled sometimes. Her 2 upper central incisors are loose too but they're not causing any pain and there're no signs of new teeth coming out. So the doctor said they can wait. He extracted the lower left lateral incisor (using only the numbing gel) and filled up a hole in her upper left second molar. This is the 2nd time she got her tooth extracted by the dentist and she behaved really well. She did as instructed. All she requested was that I hold her hand while the dentist was attending to her. She even sat still on the chair behind the dentist when I got my teeth checked. Previous trip she was all over the place trying to see what he was doing and checking out the equipments. o.O

When I was making payment, she asked me a question. I had a hard time understanding what she said as she was biting on a gauze. After repeating many many times, I finally got it. "What's my reward?" A lollipop, which she "claimed" 3 days later. She was quite sad that her forgetful mommy didn't take back her tooth (how to get coins from the tooth fairy?). I forgot to tell the dentist I wanted to keep it. When we went back to the clinic about 30 minutes later (after packing lunch), they said they've thrown it away already. I told her not to be sad, as she already knew the tooth fairy is actually her parents. hahaha After thinking about it, I decided to put a coin under her pillow yesterday night, just to make her happy. Then she got confused with who's the REAL tooth fairy again. :-D Luckily I have her first two extracted baby teeth. Note to self : Must not be so forgetful next time.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Blog Break

I have been missing in action from the blogsphere for quite awhile already. Doubt anyone missed me. huhuhu Anyway, I'd better write something (will keep this short) before you all think that I've disappeared into thin air or I've gotten preggie (sorry Olive, your prediction didn't come true this time). hahaha I close shop already loh (for now). :-D

Here are the reasons for MIA :

#1 Was down with flu 2 weeks ago, with fever for 5 days (38+ºC to 39+ºC on the first 2 days). Went for blood test and nose swab -- got the Influenza B virus. Luckily PIL were around -- FIL helped to send the kids to and fro school. And that leads to the next reason.

#2 PIL were here to help take care of my 4+ month old niece. She was advised to be 'quarantined' as my nephew got the chicken pox (from kindy). So they stayed and took care of baby at my place. Unfortunately, SIL discovered spots on her the day PIL left (after taking care of her for 10 days and CH's spots have dried up). Poor baby, whole body and face covered with spots and I heard she's coughing and developed fever 2 days ago.

#3 Kakak has gone back to her kampung for Raya. I've been maidless since 29/8. She'll be away for 4 weeks. It takes awhile to adjust to life without that extra help at home. But so far so good. We've been "catering" food for lunch and dinner from SIL so it really saves me a lot of work from preparation, to cooking, to cleaning up. I'm so thankful for her help. I don't even have to think about the menu and the kids love her (or her maid's) cooking. From next week onwards, we'll cater dinner from outside for 2 weeks, till Kakak comes back.

#4 I'm now back in my hometown for the school break. First time bringing the kids back myself (by flight) without hubby. Luckily they didn't give me much problems -- minimal toilet visits and they held my hand ALMOST all the time. :-D

All these reasons = limited online activity. So I'm officially declaring a blog break till end of Sept. Have a good holiday and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!