Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wondah Woman & Lemonade Awards

I received these 2 lovely awards from Mummy Gwen. Thank you very much!

The rules of this award:

* Put the logo on your blog.
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Would like to share some lemonade with these Wondah Women. ;-)
Anggie, Jacss and SueSue

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

8 Random Things About Me

I owe Mummy Gwen this tag for quite some time already. I've done it last year, but would like to share more about me so we can get to know each other better. Apart from this 8 Random Facts About Me, here's another 8 :

1. I feel guilty if I don't brush my teeth at night. So sometimes if I've fallen asleep with the kids, I'll get up to brush them if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night, even at 3am. Siao or not?

2. I attended 2 years of kindergarten (2 different kindy), which is quite rare for my generation. I don't know, maybe my parents thought I'm a nuisance staying at home. LOL

3. My ambition when I was in secondary school was to be a policewoman. Too much influence from the Hong Kong TVB series at that time, especially with very good looking male cops. :p

4. I'm rather quiet, a person with few words. My girl definitely didn't inherit this trait of mine. When in a big group, I tend to be the listener. Maybe in a one-on-one conversation, I'll have more things to say. :D

5. I have sweaty palms. Very troublesome during school examinations (need to bring along hanky) and rather embarrassing when need to shake hands with people or hold hands on dates.

6. Since I got my motorcycle license at 18 years old, it has been my common mode of transportation till I started working in KL. I'd go anywhere in Penang on my bike. And during my Uni days, I'd go around campus on my bike too. But after so many years of not riding one, I don't dare to ride on my own anymore. Don't mind riding pillion, though.

7. I don't have good fashion sense. When I try on clothes, I need to 'consult' hubby if they look good on me. Usually I need his green light before I buy them. Hubby always complain that I can't make my own decision.

8. I have small feet, size 4. Soon, XY and I can share footwear already. hehehe

Would like to tag some "rather new" blogger friends, hoping to know you better.
Fussy Mum, Mummy Moon, NomadicMom, Irene, Mummykhong and Doreen

Sunday, November 23, 2008

2½ years old

CE turned 2½ years old yesterday. I was supposed to scrap his photo and upload it after the kids have fallen asleep but I fell asleep with them. :p Here's the 1-day late updates.

Statistics (measured on 14-11-08)
Weight - 13.6 kg
Height - 97.5 cm

He's now familiar with all the capital letters. Some of the small letters (that look different from the capital letters) which he can recognise are e, n, r and t.

After he's arranged the ABCs like a choo choo train on the floor, he likes to say out the alphabets. He also likes to read out the alphabets on boxes, bottles and cards that he's playing with. When he's spelling the word while looking at it, he sometimes reads them from right to left. At times when I correct him, he doesn't want to follow but insisted on spelling from right to left.

Speech Development
He can now recite the numbers 1 - 10 in Mandarin. 1 - 4 needs a little prompting but he can 'sing' (coz he speaks with a slang :D) from 5 onwards.

He likes to ask questions and answer himself. For example, while holding a blue hanger, he'll ask "What colour dis (is this)?" and answer himself, "Blue!" Another game he likes to play is the wrong answer game. He'll come tap PaPa's hand, "Kakak! No... PaPa!" Then he'll go to Kakak, touch her then say, "Jie jie! No... Kakak!" He thinks it's so amusing. :-)

Colours & Shapes
Colours that he can recognise are blue, green, red, pink, purple and black (white is black to him too :-|). He gets mixed up between yellow and orange.

Shapes he knows : circle, oval, square, triangle, diamond, heart and star.

Motor Skill
While I hold his hand, he tries to walk up the stairs by taking 1 step with 1 foot, instead of placing both feet on a step, before going up the next step. Meaning one foot on Step 1 then another foot on Step 2. He cannot balance very well without assistance. As for walking down, it's still 2 feet at a step.

Now he's not so resistant to brushing teeth. I keep telling him that if he doesn't brush his teeth, his mouth will be smelly and Mommy won't kiss him. hahaha Still haven't introduced toothpaste to him yet. Sometimes he doesn't want to gargle. So I've to fill 2 cups, 1 for him and 1 for me. We gargle together and take turns to spit the water out.

He thinks that a kiss can ease away the pain. If I'm in pain (either because he's hit me or my own clumsiness), he'll give the affected area a kiss, even the legs. o.O If he's hurt himself on any part of his body, he'll come to me and demand for a kiss. Any kiss is acceptable - wet kiss or flying kiss, as long as it has a smacking sound.

Every now and then, he'll come near me and say "Kiss, kiss" then give me a smack on the lips. Sometimes it's by force where he'll turn my head with both hands to face him. Makes me feel so loved. :-)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Movie Day

Yesterday, SIL and I brought the kids (XY, CH and CE) and our maids to watch Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. We went out in the morning. As planned, we shopped around for awhile (and spent some money at Jusco's amusement centre), had lunch (the food at Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant isn't very nice), then watched the movie. Also did some grocery shopping and spent some more money on the battery operated horse rides.

SIL bought 2 large popcorn. The kids started to enjoy their popcorn before we entered the cinema. Even the one who's just recovered from flu and cough (yes, that li'l CE) can't stop asking for more popcorn.

This time, CE didn't nap in the cinema, unlike the last 2 movie outings. At the beginning, he watched the show while munching the popcorn. But his attention didn't last long. Apparently he's more interested in the popcorn than the movie. He wanted to hold the popcorn box himself and when I put my hand in to take some, he barked "No!" o.O

I was afraid he'll get sore throat from eating so much popcorn so I gave the box to jie jie. Of course he protested and kept hitting me. So I whacked him back. Then he cried loudly. :-| Luckily he was pacifiable and didn't cry too long. I gave him a few more popcorn and after he's finished those, he played with the empty box. When he remembered jie jie has some more, he tried to grab hers. When I stopped him, he hit me again. That started the cycle of boy hit mommy, mommy whack boy, boy cry, mommy pacify boy, watch movie. Somehow, we survived the whole show.

XY, on the other hand, enjoyed the movie thoroughly. How not to when she got to eat popcorn, raisins and sweet, so much junk within that short 1.5 hours? CH, who's been to the cinema many times, were very well behaved. He enjoyed the movie while eating popcorn but fell asleep towards the end of the show.

Here's a photo taken last Friday. PaPa bought the headgears from McDonald's. When he got back from work, he wore them for the kids and took their photos. But they (especially didi) weren't very cooperative. They had their eyes glued on the tv (watching PHDC).

~ the tv addicts ~

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


CE is almost fully recovered. Thanks for all your get-well wishes. It was really traumatic feeding him medicine. Not sure if he was more traumatised or I am. :-|
I tried to bribe him with junk food/snacks. "Dowan!"
I used the cute Grover spoon. "Come, Grover give you medicine." "Dowan!"
I threatened him, "You eat it yourself or else PaPa will catch you later." *shake his head and sulk/run away*
So no choice, have to force feed him.

This round, he was on medication for 2 days (3 times a day, 3 types each time). I only fed him twice. After that, I waited for PaPa. The little fella's just too strong for me. I can't hold him down, even with Kakak's help. His struggling and crying got worse with every feeding. So when he was much better on Sunday, we decided to stop the medication.

Then he had runny nose again yesterday - watery mucus kept flowing out of his nose. Since he only needed the flu medicine, I added it into his milk. Good thing he didn't realise it. *phew*

Monday, November 17, 2008

Annual Concert 2008

We attended XY's kindy's 6th Annual Concert cum Graduation Night on Saturday. For such event, the digital camera and video camera are a must. Unfortunately, the cameras decided to go on strike. :( Before we left the house, PaPa was checking the video camera and then the tape compartment can't close back. It was faulty the last few times we used it, but somehow we still managed to make it work. But this time, it just 'die-ded'. So we asked BIL to bring his video camera as they're going for the concert as well.

Anyway, the school has engaged a professional videoman to capture the event and I've already put in my order for the DVD. But with a personal video camera, we can zoom in on our 'star'. hehehe As for the DSLR, its battery 'die-ded' halfway while PaPa was taking photos during her dance. Yeah, the smart me charged the (faulty) video camera but forgot to check the digital camera. *knock on own head*

~ the tape got stuck ~

XY was involved in 2 performances - percussion and dance. As there weren't enough Year 6 students, some of the Year 5 students were included in the percussion. I think she was playing the clarinet. Can't see what she's holding from where we're seated.

~ mickey ears for the percussion performance ~

There were some hiccups during the event. They had technical problems with the curtain. Some of the children were a bit lost on stage, especially the 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds. Some got too nervous and forgot their speech. But I'd say being on stage in front of so many audience and not cry is already a big achievement for the kids. Must give a big applause to all the teachers and students for their great effort.

Luckily XY did fine. She came out in her rabbit costume and introduced her dance, Tarzan. While practising at home, I kept reminding her to speak loudly and clearly. And boy was she loud! She was holding the microphone too close to her mouth. So her voice came out too loud in the auditorium. This happened every time the student held the microphone themselves. If it was put on the stand, the volume was alright.

~ "rabbit" introducing her dance ~

~ Tarzan dance ~

We stayed till the end for the prize giving ceremony. For the colouring contest organised by her school, she got 2nd in her class. Once we got home, she immediately asked me to open up the present.

~ the masterpiece ~

~ the prize : stamping set ~

Phew... the much anticipated concert night's over. Here starts the one and a half months school holidays. Will I survive? :-)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Back From The Clinic

Yesterday night at 10, didi developed fever (37.8ÂșC). Gave him a dose of paracetamol. Good thing the fever hasn't returned since then. He was tossing and turning the whole night. And was breathing loud and hard and fast. I was so worried something's wrong. Wished that the hours would pass by faster so that we can bring him to see his paediatrician in the morning.

At the clinic, he was as active as ever. We were the only patient there so he was playing happily with the balls and slide. He didn't fuss much when the doctor checked him. Doctor said his right ear is slightly red. Arrrgh! Ear infection again! Must have spread from the throat. Dr prescribed flu, cough and wheezing medicine and ear drops. I took the antibiotics to standby, in case his condition gets worse.

Didi waved and said "Bye" to Dr when we asked him to. Dr commented that he was behaving much better compared to jie jie when she was his age. I guess he could still remember her screaming and crying the minute she went into his room. :D

Back home, I gave him the medicine. Had to force feed coz he wasn't cooperative. Sweet talking to him didn't work. Letting him fill up the syringe with medicine didn't work. Letting him pump the medicine into his mouth didn't work either. But he didn't mind taking and pumping water into his mouth. :-|

45 minutes after taking all the medicine, you get this...

~ too tired ~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Health Update

Thank you all for your get-well wishes for XY. She's much better now. Just a bit of mucus but still coughing, especially when napping and sleeping at night. But the inevitable happened. Didi got the same 'package' on Tuesday (2 days after jie jie).

For the past 2 nights, I didn't get a good night's sleep. Didi didn't sleep well. Woke up a few times crying. I think he's having stuffy nose so he can't breathe properly. I've applied Vicks during bedtime but maybe the effects have worn off. Luckily it didn't take long to put him back to sleep. Then a few hours later, XY started coughing non-stop. I've to go downstairs (with my eyes half closed) to pour a cup of slightly hot water for her to 'burn' her throat. Thank goodness it eased her cough and she went back to dreamland after that.

This morning, didi suddenly vomited (stained the sofa a bit). I think it's good coz it helps to get rid of the phlegms. He doesn't want to spit out the phlegms (or don't know how to). He also refused to sneeze when I asked him to. He used to be able to sneeze out the mucus. So the mucus and phlegms are swallowed back into the stomach. *eeeyuck!*

Monday, November 10, 2008

Speech For Concert Night

After XY finished her exam, her teacher passed me a piece of paper. It was a speech, for her to introduce her dance on concert night (this coming Saturday). She was selected last year and I thought they would select another student this time. I'm wondering how come they don't give the chance to other students to speak on stage. But of course I'm very proud of her. The fact that she's been selected again shows that the teachers have confidence in her. Last year, I had to read to her but this time, she can read most of the words.

Within a day, she was able to memorise the speech. However she doesn't stop at the right places and tend to mumble to herself sometimes. Now I can say she's ready. Her speech's loud and clear, pausing at the right places. I just hope she'll not panic when she's standing on stage, facing so many audience. Although she's had the experience, now that she's older, she's more aware of her surroundings and may be a little shy when the time comes. Anyway, just have to prepare her for that night, and hope for the best.

She skipped school today coz she's having runny nose and coughing. Good thing she's as active as ever, with no fever. I doubt she'll be fully recovered by tomorrow. They're having full rehearsal for the concert at the venue tomorrow. Hopefully she won't be too tired. Have to be in tip top condition for Saturday night.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Affordable Stylish Eyewear

This is a sponsored post.

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We no longer spend unnecessarily on luxury items like replacing our current mobile phone or digital camera with a more high-tech model. We don't keep up with the latest fashion in clothing. We plan ahead when running errands so that we don't have to drive out just to buy one loaf of bread. At home, we teach the kids not to waste resources like water and electricity. Do not keep the running when not in use and switch off the lights when there is no one in the room.

But when it comes to eyeglasses, we can still afford to change according to the latest trend. offers high quality and stylish prescription eyeglasses. And they're very affordable too, from as low as $8. They have many varieties of stylish frames - full rim, half rim, rimless and sunshades. Without middlemen and virtually no advertising budget, they are able to sell their own manufactured frames direct to customers at a very low price. Therefore, we can still afford to be trendy when it comes to eyewear.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Trying To Be Funny

My handphone rang.
It showed an unfamiliar mobile number.
I answered.
Heard hubby's voice over the other end.

Me : Your phone out of battery ah?
CB : This is yi lai's (mistress) handphone. (we always joke about him having a mistress, especially now that he works late quite often)
Me : Why call me with her phone?
CB : Next time if you can't get me on my handphone, you can call this number loh.
Me : Oh, what's your yi lai's name?
CB : BB. (my brain trying to recall which colleague of his has this initial)

Continued to bla bla bla about other things...

Me : (still curious) Eh, what does BB stand for?
CB : BlackBerry.
Me : Oh.

Hubby got his BlackBerry this morning. So he was testing his phone. And trying to be funny at the same time. XY overheard our conversation. Now she calls his phone BB. :D

Wrong Ratio

When I read LittleLamb's post about Philip accepting the new milk (Enfagrow), it suddenly hit me that I've been giving the wrong milk powder and water ratio to CE. I immediately checked the instructions on the box (650g) - add 4 scoops of milk powder to 6.4 ozs of water. As I still have the old 1.8kg tin (used it to store coffee powder), I checked that as well. It was 4 scoops of milk powder to 8 ozs of water.

Ooops! I didn't realise they've decreased the amount of water. When did they change the mixing instructions? Since they introduced the new packaging? Oh dear, which means I've been giving CE diluted milk since then. But better diluted than too thick, I suppose. Anyone as 'oo long' (careless) as me? :p

This image is copyrighted by kktatters.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fun Chopsticks

During my trip back to Penang, I was supposed to meet up with an online friend, Joanne. I bought the Edison chopsticks and Crocs shoes (for CE) from her online store and she was kind enough to deliver them to me (as my house isn't too far from her office).

I got a 10% discount for the Crocs and I think that's quite a good buy. Even when there's a storewide sale, the Crocs are not on sale (well, I've never seen them on sales). If you register as a member in the website, you can get a 10% discount (not sure about other items though).

Too bad she couldn't arrive on our agreed time. As she was running late, I went ahead with my plan to Botanical Garden (with my brother) and hubby waited for her.

When XY saw the chopsticks, she couldn't wait to use them. I only let her use them after we're back in KL. Although she can pick up food with the normal chopsticks, her grip isn't very correct and I was hoping this Edison chopsticks can correct it. And eventually, correct her pencil grip (the pencil rests on her 4th finger when she writes).

~ I'm a pro already ~

I only bought one pair coz they're out of stock then (new stocks has arrived now). Didi was also very excited to see the rabbit chopsticks. But he treats it more like a toy. I tried to fit his little fingers in the rings but they're too small to grip properly.

~ "How does this work?" ~

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Superior Scribbler Award

Thank you Dora and Kylie for this award.

So the rules are :
Every Superior Scribbler will name 5 other Super Scribblers.
If you are named you must link to the author & the name of the blog that gave you the award.
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Then they will have a record of all the people who are Super Scribblers!

I'm passing this award to :
Mummy Gwen

Proximidade Award

I got this award from Mummy Gwen and Anggie. Thanks, girls!
The translation of "Proximidade" (Portuguese) means “This blog invests and believes, in proximity”.

"They all are charmed with the blogs, where in the majority of its aims are to show the marvels and to do friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut or that they propagate? Then let’s try to give more attention to them! So with this prize we must deliver it to 8 bloggers that in turn must make the same thing and put this text."

As most of you have received this award already, I'll not be passing it to anyone in particular. But if you haven't got it, please feel free to pick it up. Cheers!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Progress In Kindy

Last Saturday, I went to XY's kindy for Parent-Teacher's Day to collect her 2nd semester's progress report. Her teacher is very satisfied with her progress in school. There was a lot of positive remarks for her :
- Independent in her work.
- Very helpful in class. (To the extend she helps her friend do his homework and teach the friend next to her after she's handed in her test paper. :-|)
- Able to follow the lessons well in all the subjects.
- Exam result is brilliant.
- Has displayed leadership quality in class. (Act like 'tai kar cher'?)

The only complaint is that she's very talkative (still the same from Day 1 :D). Anyway, her teacher has sort of accepted that fact. hehehe And also, she likes to speak English during Chinese lesson and speak Mandarin during English lesson. o.O

Here's what she got for her 2nd semester exam...

~ full marks for English, Mathematics,
Bahasa Malaysia and Science; 81% for Chinese ~

I asked her teacher if they were guided during the exam. She told me they have 2 categories of students.
Category 1 ~ just read the instructions and they'll do the questions on their own.
Category 2 ~ read the instructions and guide them on the questions.
She said XY belongs to Category 1 so I'm even more impressed with her results.

She came out 2nd in class this semester (the 1st student scored all 100%). Last semester, she was number 4. PaPa and I are very happy that she's doing well in kindy. It's not so much the results that we're concerned about (really? hehehe) but the fact that she's learning well and doing fine socially.

We haven't gotten her a gift yet. Planning to get her a scooter (she's been asking for it). Keep up the good work, girl! PaPa and Mommy are so proud of you!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Penang Trip Oct '08 (Part II)

SIL was very kind to babysit the kids while hubby and I went for a peaceful breakfast. We headed to Sisters (Macalister Road) for char koay teow (CKT). When I wanted to order, the lady told me I've to wait for 1 hour. Gosh, what a long wait! So we decided to eat something else. Ordered jawa mee, siew mai (meat dumplings) and yam cake.

Hubby was very keen to have CKT so we ordered take away. (Yeah... he loves CKT that much.) Went back to collect later, after buying egg tarts and newspapers elsewhere. Luckily we bought it coz they won't be open the next day (our last day in Penang).

In the afternoon, we brought the kids to Butterfly Farm at Teluk Bahang. The weather was very hot but it was quite alright in the farm. It's covered with nettings and they have mist spray at certain parts of the farm. So it was quite cooling. The small auditorium and Insect Musuem are air-conditioned.

The kids were very excited to see the butterflies. They were not afraid at all. The poor butterflies got tortured coz the kids kept touching (more like poking) them. CE kept poking the butterfly wings. I think he's trying to pick them up. :-|

~ so many butterflies ~

XY wanted the butterflies to perch on her hand so she stood still in the middle of the walkway with her hand outstretched. She was so sad that none flew to her hand. We told her she doesn't smell good, that's why. hahaha Then explained to her that butterflies love flowers very much (their food source). PaPa taught her to put her fingers near the butterfly legs for it to slowly creep over to her hand. It worked and she was so happy.

~ Yay! I've got a butterfly on my hand! ~

Here's a tour around the farm...

On our way back, we stopped by the beach. As it was very hot, we didn't go down to the beach. We parked by the roadside. PaPa and XY took some pictures while didi and I sat in the car, enjoying the air-cond and munching on biscuits. :D

~ beach along Batu Feringgi ~

We had late lunch (at 4pm) at Chili's. Back home for the kids to take a nap before going out for dinner. I was like a walking zombie coz I woke up at 5 that morning. Unfortunately, didi didn't nap but I think I managed to catch about 30 minutes nap while he explored the room himself.

We went for steamboat dinner (somewhere behind Dorsett Penang Hotel). Their soup base are quite special. They have tomyam, ma lat (extremely spicy), herbal and duck soup. We had tomyam and duck soup. The ingredients were good, especially the beef and mutton slices. I enjoyed this steamboat so much more than the seafood dinner. :p Sorry, no pictures to share coz busy entertaining a cranky boy who skipped his nap. *sien*