Wednesday, October 22, 2008

29 Months Old

~ a "present" on his 29th month ~

Yesterday night (actually today, since it's already past midnight), CE fell down and hit the bed divan in the dark. I switched the lights off before he climbed onto the bed. Although there was some lights from the street, the eyes take a little time to adjust. He must have tripped over the mattress on the floor and knocked the edge of the divan. He gave out a loud cry immediately and I knew it must have been very painful. Can you see that line across his forehead? *Ouch!* So that marks his 29th Month.

He's very interested in adult food. If we're having a meal at the same time (he sits in front of the tv while we eat at the dining table), he'll want some of what we're eating. The trick is to put some in his plate (of not too tasty food) and shoo him back to his table. Works most of the time. If he's finished what we gave him but hasn't finished his rice, we've to give him more to shoo him away again.

He likes noodles very much. On Sunday, we had dinner at Dragon-i, Sunway Pyramid. I didn't prepare any food from home so he had la mian (noodles). Initially I thought the kids can share a bowl of plain la mian. But it wasn't enough so we ordered another bowl. That means they both had a bowl each. What big eaters I have. o.O

Alphabets & Numbers
He knows almost all the alphabets (capital letters) except J and Q. As for small letters, haven't really taught him yet so he can only recognise a few.

He's no longer confused between 6 and 9. He can count very well from 1 to 12. Currently learning to count to 20. When we walk up or down the stairs (which has exactly 20 steps), I'll count out loud. I'm also starting to introduce numbers in Mandarin but he doesn't seem interested to follow.

~ arranging the alphabets like a 'choo choo' train ~

Speech Development
He no longer calls me "Bamee". That only lasted for less than a week. :-) His words are getting clearer. He speaks mainly English and some slanged Mandarin. PaPa's been complaining that I've raised his son to be an "ang moh kia" (Englishman). hehehe Well, I've been speaking to him in both languages (English more as my Mandarin vocabulary isn't very good), but I guess English becomes dominant because he watches too much Playhouse Disney Channel.

Brushing Teeth
I was having problems brushing his teeth. Some days he just refuse to open his mouth. So I bought him 2 new toothbrushes (with Mickey ears pattern) 2 weeks ago. I only wanted to buy one so I gave him yellow and red to choose. But he held them tightly. So I bought both since that kept him sitting in the trolley for a little longer.

~ the greedy boy wanted both colours ~

Now when I brush his teeth, I've to let him play with the tap water while he stands on a chair at the basin. Although I don't get a good angle, it's better than not brushing at all. Planning to introduce toothpaste soon. Have to buy the fluoride-free toothpaste first.

Sleeping Pattern
Now when he sleeps, he likes to hug my head. He'll put his hand around my neck, sometimes strangling me. Sometimes if I move his hand away (to my chest), he's okay. Other times he'll strangle me even harder. :-|

When he's not happy or when I whack his hands/legs/backside, he sometimes hit me back. He'll hit with both hands continuously - on my hands, body and legs. And boy he's a strong li'l guy. Even I find it painful, I wonder how jie jie stands it when he hits her like that. He likes to play 'hitting' with jie jie and the silly girl sometimes find it fun (sei mou?). And I really hate it when the loud laughters end up with one of them crying (usually jie jie).


HN said...

Yeah, kids used to have his/her violent ways to release their anger .. I have seen kids banging their heads on the wall in public, just to attract parents attention ... Wonder where they learn all these from?

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy 29 months to CE! Ouch! His forehead must be painful. I'm still using the finger tooth brush and baby toothpaste for Gwen. The normal toothbrush can't clean well coz she won't open wide enough..haha

I think kids are like that haha..if we whacked them, they would follow suit.

That reminded me, my Gwen is 28 months today. I haven't done her milestones update yet. :P

wen said...

wah strangle u every nite ah..kesian lor.. but enjoy it while u can..hehe

mc said...

I speak majority english and minority mandarin to keira too. i plan to let her watch more chinese children show next time,so she can learn from there hopefully.

MeRy said...

Happy 29 months old!! a big toddler already.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Happy 29 months old! Sorry about the ouchy! Thanks for sharing the milestones, they grow up so fast.

Fussy mum said...

Happy 29th months to your little boy! He's growing up very well.

My girl also like to play 'chasing' & 'hitting' with her cousins.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

What a handsome boy!!
haha i like that part about "strangling" you!

Yatie said...

hoeny... my kids love noodles too... and soup off course.
and both kids still susah to brsuh teeth so I buy those for baby to brush their teeth. I can imagine how cute he hug you.

Oliveoylz said...

CE doesn't call u Bamee anymore??? but but...that's so cute lah!

andrewjune said...

HAPPY 29th months old to the "ang moh kia" cute!

ouch, pity his forehead...hope it doesnt hurt too much ehh!

ayo, why he doesnt know the alphabet J yet? so "ang moh kia" cannot recognise me yet lah...J-une mah...kah kah kah...never mind lah, next few days you will know liao!

ohhh rachael is also like your "ang moh kia"...but she slaps anyone who comes too near to her face hahaha...


Irene said...

Happy 29 months to CE! wah, mau 2 diff colors for toothbrush ah, ok lah, at least he likes brushing. good good :)

Irene said...

wat age should we start brushing the kids' gigi ah? my lil missy, i think has like 10 gigi, but she don let me brush her teeth leh! :(

LittleLamb said...

Happy 29 months old.....
Boys will be boys la...........

jazzmint said...

happy 29 months. he's like vyktore, when not happy, he'd hit me continuously and boy that's so painful :(

Anggie's Journal said...

hapi 29 months... look so handsome :)i always like his look :)
ya lor, Jeremy also will hit me back when i hit him ... sometime can really make me mad, until i put him in corner and let him cry himself loud or roll at the floor .. u see la.. how violent he is .."headache"

How u teach ur son ABC ar ? how long it take to recognize all the ABC ? so clever ... i bn teaching my boy ... i feel not easy lei ..:(

JO-N said...

You know Ginie, I have never written any of my children's milestone cos I guess people wouldn't be interested but after reading yours, I find that I love to read and know more about your children. It's fun for a mother to read about the development of other children. BTW, hope the wound heals fast. Wayne just got one on his chin last sunday and had to go for a glue stitch.

Lemonjude said...

Happy 29th month old and hopefully the swollen bump is reduce now. He looks really big boy now..Luckily my boy not learn to hit me back yet.

slavemom said...

Anggie, we hv a small table (where he eats) with printed ABCs n pics. Slowly intro to him. Oso show him ABC books. At 1st, he wasn't vy interested to learn. Then suddenly in his 28th mth, he picked them up vy fast. He started to pick out the alphabets from the ABC mats n learn from there. At the same time, WordWorld enhanced his learning progress.
Don't hv to rush it. Let him learn at his own pace. Continue to show him the alphas, he'll absorb them altho he doesn't wanna say it.

Joanne, u shldn't worry whether the readers r interested to read or not. I always find that my posts aren't vy interesting but I'd like to keep track of the kids' stuff. So I jus write. :)
How's Wayne's chin? Sounds serious.