Friday, July 31, 2009

Long Overdue Jab

I finally brought CE to the paediatrician's clinic yesterday for his long overdue Hepatitis A jab (2nd dose). It was supposed to be taken in December last year. But we kept delaying because we sort of forgot about it. :p And when we remembered, he was either not in tip-top condition or sick. Since his paed said it's okay and there's no rush, we didn't bother much. So we dilly-dallied till now.

Statistics @ 3 years, 2 months & 8 days old
Weight - 14.8 kg
Height - 103.5 cm

When he was at the clinic, he didn't want to go into the paed's office. I didn't tell him beforehand why we were there. I had to drag him out of the playhouse. But luckily he was okay when he's inside the room. He was looking at what the paed was doing and saw the needle being poked into his thigh. He said "Ei, pain!" And that's it. No crying, no fussing. I was so proud of him.

The paed then mentioned that he's in the 75-90 percentile group in the growth chart. He used to be in the above 90 group. As long as he's healthy, he said there's nothing to worry.

He also discussed about deworming the kids. He told me it's better for them to be dewormed every 6 months as XY attends a kindy. Funny he didn't mention this 2 years ago (when XY started kindy). I chose the Vermox chewable tablet, instead of liquid form. Well, tablets can be treated like sweets. And true enough, the kids enjoyed their fruity flavoured 'sweets' when I gave it to them after dinner. :-) Nothing unusual is supposed to happen after taking the tablet. Even if there are worms, it won't be visible in their stool. Hmmm... are you imagining worms dangling from the butt? kekekeke

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Happy Happy Day

Her happy day started the night before. She went to BIL's house (just opposite) for a sleepover. PIL were here for the weekend and they stayed at BIL's (sometimes at our place). She likes to go for a sleepover whenever Mah Mah and Ye Ye are here.

Next morning, they went 'yum cha'. Her definition of 'yum cha' is go out for breakfast. It doesn't matter what she eats. :-D Then back to BIL's house for games (Wii and PS3) with CH. We had late lunch at home and the kids only napped at 4+.

I gave XY the upper hand in choosing her birthday cake. Either a cake with Dora's picture or jelly cake. She chose the latter and also decided on the design (from While the kids were napping, I baked blueberry muffins (again? hahaha) and prepared the alphabet sticks. As the birthday cake is a jelly cake, I decided to make some "conventional cake". Then I realised I don't have enough toothpicks. Sms-ed SIL and she gave me the idea of using satay sticks. So when hubby came back from buying food and collecting cake, I walloped 2 sticks of satay for recycling purpose. ;-)

We had a simple celebration at home with Domino's pizzas and BBQ Chickstix, satays, hokkien mee (thick noodles with black sauce) and home-cooked fried bihun. The kids had their fried bihun earlier so while the adults were enjoying our feast, the kids ate their popcorns (bought from TGV).

~ singing the birthday song ~

~ her presents : Gap jacket from Sen Sen and
bracelet from Mah Mah (apart from angpow) ~

She asked how come PaPa and Mommy didn't give her any presents. We told her the celebration IS her present. hehehe Actually PaPa is planning to get her an analogue watch (to "accelerate" her learning in telling time). She also received angpows from Po Po, Mai Po and Chiu Mu when we were back in Penang the week before. Also, thank you all for your birthday wishes. She's so blessed to be loved by so many people.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

She Is 6!

Today is XY's birthday. It's crazy how fast time flies by. Next year, she'll be wearing the blue pinafore, attending a "big school" (primary school).

When I looked back at her 5 years old post, I realised that she's pretty much the same now as she was a year ago (still very playful and very vain hehehe). Some things to add on :

Has her own thoughts I have to get the 'green light' from her before buying her clothes and shoes. If she doesn't like them, no point buying coz she'll rarely wear them. She rejects my choices rather frequently. So she doesn't have many new clothes nowadays. Actually I won't go wrong with pink, but her wardrobe's too "pink" already. Therefore I try to add some other colours for her.

Independent She can brush her teeth and bathe on her own. But I seldom let her bathe herself. If she does, I'll give her the last rinse, just to make sure she's clean enough.

Full of curiosity When the adults are talking, she wants to know what we're talking about. She'll ask us on the spot when there're words she doesn't understand. We'll have to keep reminding/scolding her not to interrupt our conversation.

A loving and helpful sister She gets bullied frequently by didi but she still loves and adores him a lot. Even though she's angry with him when he hits her or when he doesn't want to share things/toys, she'll play with him again later. She can even help him when he wants to pee - hold the potty and pull his pants down for him. Or bring him to the basin to wash his hands before eating.

Rude She can be quite rude at times. From the way she asks for things, the way she talks to people (especially those who adores her), the way she retorts back, I sometimes wonder if I'm parenting her the right way. *sigh... headache*

Naptime She still naps in the afternoon, usually 2-3 hours. I wonder how she's going to cope if she attends the afternoon session next year. Maybe I should start to train her to forgo her nap in the next few months.

Oh by the way, Slavery Bliss is TWO! I've not been updating it regularly. Can't use my laptop freely these days as my boy wants to play with it once he sees me using it. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuous support and friendship as I've been rather slow in blog-hopping as well. Hope it can survive to see its 3rd year. :-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wet & Cold

Last weekend, we were back in my hometown, Penang. This is our second trip home this year, since Chinese New Year. It was a very short trip, 2 nights stay (Fri - Sun), so I didn't inform any of my friends about my trip. Just want to laze around at home and spend more time with my family.

It rained heavily and almost non-stop from Friday night till Sunday morning. The weather was very cold at night. We're wrapped up in our blankets from neck to toe during bedtime, with the fan switched on to the lowest speed. With such weather, we had most meals at home. Rather inconvenient to bring the kids out. I got to eat many of my favourite hawker food (packed home by my personal delivery boy - my dear brother hehehe).

The only time we went out was for lunch on Sunday with my family. We had dim sum and noodles at Lorong Abu Siti. The noodles was good but not the dim sum. Hubby and I prefer the dim sum at Anson Road. Since we didn't go out much, how did the kids occupy themselves being confined at home? They played with card games, toys, torch lights and most of the time, they fought over my 10 year-old nephew's PSP. Even didi who doesn't know how to play, demanded for his turn as he wanted to press the buttons. :-|

~ a rare moment - waiting patiently for his turn ~

Oh ya, I also ate some durians (finally!). Yummy! But came back to KL with sore throat and runny nose. :-( Not sure if it's because of the durian. Anyway, I only ate about 7-8 pieces in total. The sore throat lasted for just one day. I'm now feeling much better, just have thick phlegms to clear and a blocked nose. And I really hate blocked nose coz it's really difficult to sleep at night. sigh...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Haircut & Rewards

Monday was a holiday for XY because of Family Day the day before. I brought the kids to the salon for a haircut. When we were at home, CE said he didn't want a haircut. So I persuaded him with lollipop as reward.

They had their hair cut at the same time. CE sat in the toy car while XY on an ordinary chair next to him. I stood in between them as a "facilitator", constantly reminding them to stay still, like a broken record. :p At times, I've to hold CE's face to keep him still.

Overall, I'd say they behaved really well. CE was fidgeting a little and kept looking sideways at jie jie. Well, you can't expect a 3 year-old to stay as still as a statue, right? So I shouldn't be complaining. XY, as usual, was very cooperative coz she "wants to look pretty". ;-) But I offered her fries as reward anyway.

After the haircut, we went to McDonald's (just next door) to have french fries. Actually I was craving for that too. Haven't had them for a very long time already. Both of them enjoyed their fries dipped in tomato sauce.

As promised, they had their lollipops after lunch. This is CE's second lollipop. He hardly gets the chance to eat it. And he's probably thinking "haircut = lollipop" as his first lolly was after a haircut too. :D

And then they started to monkey around.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Family Day @ Putrajaya

Yesterday, we attended the Family Day event organised by XY's kindy. Our day started very early. We reached the venue at about 8am. Upon registration, we were given coupons for breakfast and lunch. I went to collect our breakfast (curry puffs and sausage buns), then looked for our tent (Blue team). We settled down on our picnic mat (we were asked to bring this) and ate our breakfast.

~ kids enjoying their breakfast ~

The event started with the National Anthem being played, followed by a speech by the principal. Then the children performed the pom pom dance. And next, the games began. We had earlier selected which games we wanted to participate in. The games required the parents and child to work as a team and also to team up with other families. We participated in 2 games but PaPa wasn't being very sporting (when we reached there, he has already made himself clear he won't be participating in anything *blek*), so I 'borrowed' SIL to be XY's "father". hehehe And likewise, I was CH's "father" in their event coz BIL wasn't feeling very well.

~ getting ready to perform the pom pom dance ~

The last game was treasure hunt but we went to the nearby playground. There was a small pool next to it. Many children were playing water there, including the kindy's students. We had been notified earlier that we can use the facilities (playground and pool) at the Community Hall after the event. Although I brought the kids' swimming costumes, I didn't let them play in the pool. The water was errr... not very clear (I think enough of brownish water for the week). :D

At the playground...

~ the big monkey climbing here and there ~

~ see, samseng or not? ~

~ he can spin/play with the wheel for a VERY long time ~

~ finally got bored with the wheel, went for some sliding fun ~

On our way to the car, we met the principal. She passed us a gift as our team won the treasure hunt. How nice, at least XY got a souvenir to bring home coz we didn't win anything in the games earlier.

We went for lunch and reached home at 2+. It was a very tiring day for all of us (especially the old folks :D). I was totally knocked-out once I lied down on the bed. Even after a 4-hour nap, I still slept early with the kids at night.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Brown Water

There was no water supply late last night. Usually we'll get dirty water once the supply is back. When I bathed CE this morning, the water was brown in colour. :-|

~ CE bathed with this ~

The colour was like the above after throwing away almost 10 pails of water. So can you imagine the colour of the earlier batch? Ewww... Anyway, I still bathed him but washed his face with "cleaner" water from the basin tap.

I really don't know how come the water in the second shower room is so dirty. The water from the master bathroom and taps downstairs is just a little cloudy (even with a filter outside the house). Good thing I have another filter in the kitchen. Sigh... we have to pay for this kind of water. Maybe we should dig our own well. hahaha