Friday, July 18, 2008


XY turns 5 today. You'd say she's a big girl already but she's actually a big baby. We can reason with her most of the time but sometimes she just wants to behave like a li'l baby. Guess she wants to imitate didi, looking at the 'privileges' he has. I know it's not an easy job being a jie jie - always being reminded to show a good example to didi, having to give in to didi on most occasions. But she's a good jie jie, who adores her li'l brother no matter how much he bullies her. And the best thing about XY is that she doesn't hold grudges. She forgives and forgets easily (the happy-go-lucky type). I hope she'll always be this happy.

At 5 years old :
* She cries easily and then acts as if nothing happened the next minute.
* Very playful, will play with anything (food, insects, name tag, soap, etc), anytime, anywhere.
* Has some hearing problems. If we don't shout, she can't hear us (meaning she'll only follow our instructions if we raise our voice). Sigh...
* She has a 'sharp backside'. So she can't sit still for 10 seconds doing nothing.
* Can count from 1 to 100. Quite good in Mathematics actually. Not much problems adding and subtracting numbers below 20 (as taught in kindy).
* Her handwriting has improved a lot too.
* Very helpful at home. She usually won't complain when we ask her to get things for us.
* A 110% vain pot. She's so 'oi leng' that we have endless battles on clothes. Even when going out for a meal at coffee shops nearby, she'd want to change into "nice clothes".
* She's growing very tall (116cm, measured on 21-6-08). Now she can touch the lights and fan switches in the house by tiptoeing and reaching up her hands.
* Can be bribed easily with food. hahaha

As mentioned in my previous post, there'll be 2 rounds of celebrations. One in kindy and one with family members at night. We're planning to eat out. As for the cakes, some of you managed to guess who M is but A is a little tricky. Here's revealing the characters on her cakes.

~ Annie (from Little Einsteins) & Minnie Mouse ~

Happy Birthday, Sayang!
May you be happy and healthy always.
We love you very very much.

Today also marks the 1st Birthday for SLAVERY BLISS! I made the right decision to start my own blog. I've found so many wonderful friends via blogging. It's a great channel for a SAHM to enlarge her circle of friends. We share so much in common. There are abundance of advice, concern, warmth, and entertainment too. Although I didn't do very well writing paid posts, I'm happy enough that my paypal account isn't showing a zero balance. :p

Slavery Bliss is ONE! *yoohoo!!*


huisia said...

Happy Birthday to XY and Happy 1st Birthday to SLAVERY BLISS!

JO-N said...

Happy birthday XY!! Both cakes are lovely!

Happy blogerversary (not sure if it's the right spelling) and you are so right, blogging is fun and the reward? Lots of friends and things to learn and share.

Glad that I found you.

Ling That's Me said...

wow! double celebrations!

Happy birthday to XY and Slavery Bliss !!

I like your new skin. new look for the blog birthday huh :D

andrewjune said...

first of all, happy birthday to XY...wah those cakes look great! i am still planning for what type of cake for my bb's 1st bday :-)

here's also giving you the thumbs up for slavery bliss...nice neat new look!

Tracy said...


XY's such a good jie jie and so good to hear dat she's a happy-go-lucky girl. *Kisses and hugs from Aunty Tracy and Destinee jie jie*

Wow! The Annie's character cake is cute. When I showed it to Des, she immediately told me dat the character is Annie from Little Einstein *I should have asked her for the answer (heehee)*. She even told me she wanted one for her birthday too *gaks*.

giddy tigress said...

What a fantastic celebration! So funny how you described her as having a *sharp* backside...hehe...but then most children also like that :P

The Annie picture on the cake is just so pretty!

LindaLow said...

Happy Birthday to XY and Slavery Bliss. XY has a sweet personality where she forgive and forgets easily:) This is good...
Btw, what is SAHM

Carol Yong said...

double celebrations huh!! ohh... i'm late by 10mins.... happy belated birtday to XY and happy belated anniversary to Slavery Bliss!

alicia said...

Happy 5th Birthday to XY and Happy 1st Birthday to Slavery Bliss... i noticed you have changed your blog layout too.. nicely done!

U.Lee said...

Hi Slavemom, happy birthday to your daughter...I like your mention she's "a vain pot", ha ha.
Maybe she copies her mom? Daughters always copy, studies her mom, and its always the mother's influence that remains with her till she becomes a mother herself.
Happy blogging to you and have a great weekend, Lee.

wen said...

happy birthday to XY!! very sweet headers. u did it urself?

jacss said...

forgot abt d A&M...A=Annie ah, not heard before..haha
happy anniversary to yr blog! i'm so happy & proud that u have such a lovely GOOOOOD girl, esp to her lil bro!!
vain pot must be very happy with d 2 lovely cakes!!

jacss said...

oh ya...anniversary...that's why must changed headerlar!!
flower dovey is a simply sweet theme!

Oliveoylz said...

Happy Bday Slavery Bliss...Love the flower power header and the butterflies...are lovely...

Like mummy, like daughter...a maths genius in the making...

slavemom said...

Thank you vy much for all your wonderful b'day wishes.

Hui Sia, thx!

Joanne, the feeling's mutual. ;)

Ling, yeah... a new look for my supportive readers. :)

June, happy planning for Rachael's big b'day bash!

Tracy, it's like that. When they c any nice cake, they'll want that too. But wait till it's their b'day, they'll want a pic of their current interest/fav.

Joyce, the cake shop (King's) did a wonderful job. I oni gave them a pic of Annie, they decorated the rest (grass, sky, balloons).

Linda, SAHM = Stay-at-home-mom. :)

Carol, thx for dropping by!

Alicia, u're vy observant, but the layout is still work-in-progress.

Unc Lee, oh no no no. I'm nothing like that. Serious! PaPa's oso vy cincai in appearance. So I don't know where she got that 'oi leng' gene from. :)

Wen, I photoshop-ed a MS clip art.

Jac, Annie's not as popular as Minnie or Ariel. And yes, the vain pot's vy satisfied with her cakes. She'd better be, coz she's the one who chose the designs.
Yes lar, changed a new header, scared u all got bored with the old look mah. hehehe

Juana, well, I do hope she loves Maths as much as I did in schl.

Yatie said...

happy b'day preety gal.

now , i dah start do some work for their b'day party at oct. They twins but diff year.

Mummy In Vain said...

happy anniversary to your blog!

Mummy In Vain said...

oops..and, happy belated birthday to your sweetie too...

BabyBooned said...

sorry this came soo late!!!!

happyyyy belated birthday XY, so glad it looked like u had a grreat one!!

and happy birthday, slavery bliss!!! wooooohoooo!

slavemom said...

Yatie, really? Same date? How cool!

Jacelyn, thx! :)

Babybooned, thx... better late than nvr yeah? ;)