Thursday, July 03, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

I've not been updating my blog frequently nor have I been blog hopping often lately. As usual, I have my excuses. hehehe

[1] Was busy with tax returns and managed to submit before 30th June (yippee!). Yeah... apart from being a full-time slave, I'm also the clerk cum accountant for hubby (not a qualified one though... hehehe).
[2] Busy entertaining ah boy as he wouldn't let me work on the computer/laptop. He'll come and disturb me every time I'm typing away at the keyboard. He's very good at pressing the Start button coz he loves to see the cat icon (WinVista). If not, he'll ask me to show him (I do Google Image Search) his favourite Disney characters, Mickey & friends.
[3] The kids were sick. Then CE got hospitalised.
[4] I have lost the momentum. Don't have much to say and write. And I don't want to stress myself up with updating the blog as it shouldn't be that way.

So folks, very sorry for the infrequent update and infrequent visits. Another thing that I've not been doing is tags. Some are really long overdue. Hope I've not missed any out.

1. Your Name In Japanese

This fun tag comes from Jacelyn.

For the instructions, add your name on the list and simply spell out your name using the given Japanese letter- translations below. Tag six of your friends and inform them of the tag. Have fun.

1. OSWALD - moarimeikatate (sounds like america and states. har…. har… har…)
2. CHLOE - Miritamoku — Um…think I still prefer my given name, ha ha
3. GENG – Jikutoji — Actually, I think its cute sounding. Arigato gozaimasu!
4. CONSTANCE - Mimoto arichi katomiku — WOW! Does it sound like an authentic Japanese cuisine? YIKES! I broke it up cos it was quite a mouthful!
5. DORA - Temoshika – Sounds pretty good huh?! Does it mean beautiful woman?
6. Sting - Arichi Kitoji - Sounds like a guy’s name but at least it rhymes! LOL!!
7. Amidrin - Karinki Teshikito (I was deciding between Karinki Teshikito or Karinkites Hikito. LOL… still the english name sounds much better.)
8. Lemonjude - Takurinmoto Zudoteku (very long name, sounds like guy name also, still prefer my nick in English)
9. Jacelyn - Zukamikutafuto ( a Malay guy's name..... my English name sounds so sweet ......rite?)
10. Slavemom - Aritaka Rukurin Morin (What a mouthful! Sounds quite awful too! :p)

How does your translated Japanese name sound like? (Also wondering if you'll translate your nick or real name.)
bp, BabyBooned, Health Freak Mommy & Kiasumum

2. Fantastic Blogger Award

Thanks Jo-N, for this wonderful award. I'm truly honoured. And I'm looking forward to meeting you soon. ;)

There are too many fantastic bloggers out there for me to list here so I'll just choose ONE to present this to. And the award goes to...
Jazz - for her talent in scrapping and photography, for writing interesting posts, for her competency in juggling family and career (and her fantastic blog) while Mr Hon's away, for being a great friend, and the list goes on.


Health Freak Mommy said...

Thanks for this tag. Just came in at the right time as I need some filler posts!

jazzmint said...

thanks for the award..aiyo feel so paiseh want to hide liao.

wah lu punya jap name memang extremely long

andrewjune said...

well, sometimes bloggin can make us stressed, not knowing what to write...i used to blog daily (started blogging during my confinementthen as time passed, i dont used to blog so much now)

so dont stressed yourself over these blogging thingy...

2-3 posts per week should be ok :-)
anyway, ure doing a great job!

Hazel said...

congrats about the awards

U.Lee said...

Hi Slavemom, take your time, blog or post when you free and relaxed...'I brought with me more than 17 old, faded diaries and notebooks from the 60's to 80's and will refer to them for my stories, as well if see or hear anything that reminds me of something.
I am also lousy at accounting as never did well in maths in school, ha ha.
You stay easy and have a nice day, Lee.

JO-N said...

Guess we both lost the momentum at the same time. I'm with you for Number 1. Submitted the tax on the very last day.

jacss said...

sounds busy ehh...but u stil visit me no need say sorry la! u r right blog shd be relax & easy...

slavemom said...

Shireen, n u got it done vy fast too!

Jazz, no need to paiseh. A well-deserved award.

June, thx for the support!

Hazel, thx!

Unc Lee, no wonder the details. I was starting to think that u hv super good memories. hehehe

Joanne, hahaha some1 even later than me.

Jac, ok then, no sorry to u. :p

Dynamic said...

Hi friends, sorry for the bulk message but I'm trying to let everyone know as quick as possible. Just started the Massive Link Explosions where you add everyone's blog URL and get higher ranking. Details are at: Hope to see you there, thanks.

bp said...

Congrats on the award!

Sorry I didn't manage to do the tag. Wow... your jappy name is sooooo long, I think I'll stick with calling you, Slavemom ;p

slavemom said...

bp, thx! And dun worry abt the tag. ;)