Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birthday Celebration For XY

For XY's birthday celebration in kindy, I sent the cake and party packs later in the morning. I also brought along didi and Kakak. The party packs are for her current and previous classmates. During the first half of the year, there were only 1 class for K1. There're 26 children with 2 teachers overseeing them in certain lessons. Then the class was split into 2 after the 2-week school holiday in June. For celebrations like birthdays, they'll combine the 2 classes during the party.

All the children were asked to sit down on the floor, facing the table. But they kept getting closer and closer to 'admire' the cake. The teacher had to warn them if they don't sit down properly, they cannot join the party. But after awhile, they're back near the table again. They were attracted to the cake like bees attracted to honey. hahaha

After the candles were lighted, the teacher switched on the birthday tune and the kids sang in English and Mandarin. XY was smiling shyly, probably coz this is the first time so many people sang a birthday song for her. Then she blew the candles and cut the cake (once). Her teacher took over and cut the cake. XY helped to distribute them to all the teachers.

~ looking shy while her classmates sang "Happy Birthday" ~

Then Kakak and didi came upstairs to the classroom. Another teacher had given didi some jelly so he was holding and playing with them (still unopened). After the kids have finished their cakes, XY distributed the party packs to them. They were asked to keep it in their bag as they were going to play some games. I left then.

PIL (from Johor) arrived in the evening. We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant nearby, together with SIL and CH. BIL couldn't make it coz he was still in a business meeting. We booked a room with karaoke (the 3 kids kept hogging the mic) and ordered the set meal. The serving was too much for 7 adults (including the maids). We forgot to tell them to make the fried rice halal. (And they weren't tactful enough to ask us... hmmphh!) So we packed home some of the food that we couldn't finish. After the meal, she had another round of sing-song, candle blowing and cake cutting.

~ cutting her 2nd cake of the day ~

As for presents, she got a mini white board from kindy. So nice of them to give her a present. I bought her some hair accessories and a bracelet. Sen Sen bought her clothes and a necklace. Mah Mah gave her a blouse.

~ presents from Mah Mah/Ye Ye and Sen Sen/Chik Chik ~


mybabybay said...

Happy Birthday XY. Is she 4 years old, she looks tall in the first picture.

jacss said...

wow...looks like another one commented she's tall...thou mumy isn't hor, hehe
yes, she looked super shy in that photo...& that's exactly what i like to see in a girl!!
happy belated b'day to XY from sean & scot, muak muak 4got to give ystd!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

happy belated birthday to your pretty girl!

alicia said...

xy is so pretty... happy belated birthday

Oliveoylz said...

Happy Bday XY! She's soooo previleged to have 2 attractive birthday cakes. I can see a mini CM in her...

wen said...

so XY have the potential to be a model or stewardess in future lor hor..kiki..

sure happy till cannot sleep, two celebration two cakes wor

slavemom said...

Mich, thx! She's 5.

Jac, luckily she takes after her PaPa's height. Wow... virtual muaks from 2 leng chais oso dizzy liao. Cannot imagine getting it in person. kekeke

Chin Nee & Alicia, tq!

Juana, really? I dun c it leh.

Wen, that is, if she continues to grow tall at this rate. hehehe

suesue said...

Oooh Happy Belated Birthday to her.

slavemom said...

Thx Sue!

bp said...

Aw, your darling girl's all smiles =) Glad she's had a wonderful celebration, and all your efforts seeing to this and that... great job, mommy!

slavemom said...

bp, we'll do watever we can just to make them happy, rite? ;)