Saturday, October 30, 2010

So Blessed

I feel so blessed. I received so many birthday wishes via Facebook, sms, e-mail and phone call. The wishes started coming in as early as 3 days before the actual day (Wednesday). It really made my day(s). ;-)

Although I didn't get any presents from hubby (to be redeemed later :D), I'm very happy that :
1) Hubby made it a point to come home for dinner even though he was supposed to have dinner with his bosses.
2) CE wished me Happy Birthday the moment he woke up in the morning. *sweet*
3) XY tried very hard to be a good girl. Although she didn't really succeed (or maybe my expectations were too high), I'll give her credit for trying real hard. hehehe

Hubby bought back a green tea cake from Tong Kee. We had a simple dinner at home together with SIL #1, CH, baby and FIL. MIL is currently in Hong Kong visiting SIL #2. CE kept pestering me to let him eat the cake, from the time PaPa brought it home till after I finished my dinner. So I had to keep asking him to wait as we're still full from dinner. Finally it was time to cut the cake. The kids helped me blow the candle. Everyone loved the cake. It's very nice, not too sweet and has red beans in between layers.

~ green tea cake with layers of red beans ~

Being at home full time with the kids, life isn't very "interesting". And sometimes it feels like I'm trapped (with them) within the four walls. But there are many things to be thankful for. So even though life is pretty routine and uninteresting, I am very contented. Yes, I feel so blessed.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Of Examinations

Follow-up Eye Examination
Brought the kids for their eye check-up at ISEC yesterday. The last time they had their eyes checked was at Optimax in December last year.

Result for XY :
Previously : myopia (shortsightedness) of 25 degrees for each eye and astigmatism (left -0.75 and right -1.00).
Now : myopia (left 100 and right 50 degrees), astigmatism (left -0.75 and right -0.25).
She'll definitely see better with glasses but at the moment, can still do without them. Have to make sure she doesn't strain her eyes too much, otherwise she may develop headache. So she cannot sit too far from the white board in class to avoid straining her eyes.

Result for CE :
He has astigmatism of left -1.75 and right -1.00. At his age, he can still make do without glasses. Will have to do regular check-up to make sure his astigmatism doesn't increase too much till it affects his vision. It's a relief to know he doesn't have lazy eyes or squint coz during his previous check-up, the doctor said his right eye was weaker than his left.

So they won't be wearing glasses for now. Will continue to monitor their progress. They're advised to get their eyes checked again 6 months later. I guess eye examinations will be a half-yearly affair for us from now on.

School Examination
XY will be having her year-end examinations starting Tuesday (till Friday). So I'll be busy doing revision with her. And that calls for a short blog break. :p This is the exam season, so here's wishing your children (and you) ALL THE BEST!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Hat Hunt

The other day, I was helping my sister-in-law to look for a hat for her baby girl. They will be attending a wedding dinner and she wanted to get a hat for baby, who doesn't have much hair now. :D I was browsing the net and I came across this website which has a wide selection of really cute kids and baby hats. Those are winter hats so it's not suitable for our weather here. But for those who are staying in countries with 4 seasons or you are planning a winter holiday, do check out Winter Hats Boutique.

There are so many designs to choose from and I particularly love this bright and colourful Kids Sunflower Beanie. Maybe I can get this as a gift for my niece. I heard that they are planning a holiday to Korea during winter next year. It will be perfect for my cute little niece.

Apart from kids and baby winter hats, Winter Hats Boutique also has a wide selection of women winter hats and men winter hats. You’ll be spoiled for choice. And at a very good bargain too. With this coupon code, "15OFF", you can get 15% discount off your purchase. Good news for folks in USA and Canada, shipping is free! I am sure the shopping experience with them would be a pleasant one as they are committed to providing the best customer service. Happy shopping!

** Note : I was compensated for my time. All opinions are 100% mine. **

Sunday, October 17, 2010


That's one of CE's favourite words. My almost 53-month-old boy uses it very frequently.

Happily announcing the time, "It's 2:43. It's almost 3 o'clock."
He heard thunder. "It's almost going to rain."
After his evening bath, he saw that it's getting dark outside. "It's almost night time."

And sometimes used inappropriately :
CE : Today is 16 October already ah?
Me : Ya.
CE : It's almost 17 October ah?
Me : Ya. Tomorrow is 17 October.

He's learnt to read the time. I say read coz he's just reading the numbers. I doubt he understands the concept of time. He can read the digital clock quite well but for the analog one, he can only tell if the long hand is pointing at 12 (something o'clock). He knows for the hours, after 12 is 1. And for the minutes, after 59 is 00.

It's time to go upstairs to sleep. I told him it's 10:05 already.
"How come past 9:59 already?"
I just kept quiet. I reckon that's a question that doesn't require an answer. :D

He currently has an obsession with time. He loves to press the INFO button on the Astro remote control to see the time display on tv. Or look at my handphone screen. Or check the time on the computer screen. And then reads it out loud. He's become our official time announcer. Sometimes he'll stare at his Ben 10 watch (from KFC's chicky meal) to see the minutes change. hehehe... my funny boy.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

This Time I Remembered

... to take back her tooth. Brought XY to the dentist again on Sunday afternoon as her upper left central incisor was bleeding a little. I think she was touching it and shook it too hard. So it became very loose and bled. She has been complaining that it was a bit painful when she ate. I was hoping it'll drop out by itself. But because it bled, off to the clinic we went.

We were told we had to wait very long for our turn. So I took her to the next block for a haircut. Cut her fringe short and trimmed the back a little. I prefer her to keep short hair but she's very reluctant to cut them short. Short hair is easier to maintain. Moreover, she doesn't know how to take care of or tie her own hair. Anyway, I gave in this time. Told her the next time we visit the hair salon, it'll be a proper haircut (= short hair).

~ with a missing front tooth and very short fringe :D ~

That night before sleeping, she asked for her tooth, so that she can put it under her pillow. She was very happy the next morning to find a 50 sen coin in its place. Although I've told her before that I (or PaPa) was the one who left the coin for her, she still believes in tooth fairies. Too much influence from fairy tales, I guess. hehehe