Saturday, June 26, 2010

There's Always A First Time

As a SAHM, I hardly buy new clothes, especially when there isn't a need. But I do make sure I have at least SOMETHING new to wear during Chinese New Year. :-) Shopping for clothes at the malls is just too troublesome with kids in tow. You can never shop in peace when the kids are running all over the place or complaining and whining because you're looking at something they're not interested in.

Although there are many online boutiques, I've never shopped for clothes online because... I just don't know how to. I'm very small-built and petite (with spare tyres at the wrong places *blush*), so it's actually very difficult to find clothes that fit me perfectly (especially dresses) off the shelves. So I'm wondering how can I actually purchase clothes without trying them on?

When I heard that Malaysia Online Boutique - Irenelim Fashion is giving out free dresses for bloggers and website owners, I knew I had to grab this chance. A real-life practice. I pick what I like (from their huge selection), imagine how I look in it, make sure the measurements fit and then wait for the delivery. I get to go through the whole process, WITHOUT paying for it (just need to pay for postage)! Cool, eh? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to continue browsing their catalog.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

School Holidays June '10

School started yesterday after a two-week break. Didi had no problems waking up in the morning as before. He seemed happy to be back in school. But jie jie was a little manja. She complained she didn't feel very well and said she didn't want to attend school. Well, she's actually coughing a little and having a little runny nose but is overall fine and not having any fever. So too bad, no valid excuse for extending her holidays. hahaha

I've been away from the blogsphere for almost a month now. Have been busy with visits from our family during the holidays and rushing for the submission of income tax. Phew... finally it's done, and so near to the deadline. :p And we've been nursing a very stubborn cough (we = the whole family *sigh*). Still not completely healed yet. Yup, even didi, who's been coughing for more than a month already. And when he seems to be getting better, his condition worsens the next day. Then better again. *scratch head*

PaPa recently bought a HD MediaBox (multimedia player). So I downloaded some movies for the kids to watch on tv. We watched Alice In Wonderland, How To Train Your Dragon and Shrek (all the 4 movies).

Tuesday, 8th June ~ The kids went for a Happy Camp (half day) organised by CE's kindy. It's open to siblings aged 4 to 8 so we decided to let XY join them. They attended a session of Kid's Yoga before visiting High 5 Bread Town in Shah Alam. I was at the recreation club where they had the yoga class but said bye-bye to them when their bus left for Shah Alam. They had fun stretching and running around in yoga class. And I guess the Bread Town wasn't too interesting for them. All they remembered was the magic door where they had to say "High 5" to make it open. :-)

~ doing yoga ~

Thursday, 10th June ~ Po Po (my mum) and WQ kor kor (my 11-year-old nephew) came visiting from Penang. They stayed till Sunday. The kids played Wii games from morning till night. :-| I brought them to the amusement centre in Jaya Jusco on Friday (at least that kept them away from the tv for awhile). They had no problems finishing up RM30 worth of tokens (mainly used by XY and WQ coz CE can still be cheated -- let him play without putting any tokens hehehe. He especially love steering wheels).

Tuesday, 15th June ~ PIL were here for 2 nights in conjunction with Duan Wu Jie (Dumpling Festival) and school holidays. They bought dumplings from Johor and we've been eating dumplings for breakfast/lunch the last few days. And I've still got some in the fridge.

Sunday, 20th June ~ Father's Day. We didn't have any celebration for PaPa. Gave him a day off. So he's off duty from fetching us around (for food or shopping hahaha). In the morning, I guided the kids to make a craft for PaPa. The template was given by CE's kindy and I made a copy for XY. They coloured the hearts and circles and wrote the words themselves (I had to spell for didi). I did the cutting, gluing and stapling for them.

~ artists at work ~

~ dragonflies for PaPa ~