Monday, February 14, 2011

CNY 2011

The weather's been rather crazy. As written in my previous post, it was a wet wet pre-CNY down south. It was flooded (luckily PIL's place not affected) due to non-stop rain while it's hot hot hot up north. When we travelled back to KL on the 2nd day of CNY (Friday), we passed by a short stretch of flooded area in Parit Sulong. Luckily it was not very bad as cars can still pass through.

~ the houses by the road were flooded up to knee height ~

The next morning (Saturday), we took the flight to hot hot Penang. It was a short trip as school will start on Monday for XY. She had to skip school for a day. Although it was only 3D/2N, this trip was quite fruitful -- gathering with schoolmates and Uni-mate, visiting relatives, hanging out with very 'old' friends (some I haven't seen for almost 20 years!). I didn't get to enjoy much of Penang food this round. For our family dinner on Sunday, we tried Young Heart Restaurant @ Pulau Tikus, which promotes healthy and delicious food. Unfortunately, the food wasn't as good as the published reviews. Probably coz it was during CNY and the sets were prepared much earlier. So the reheating must have affected the taste.

Tuesday (back in KL), we attended the CNY party organised by CE's kindy. This is our first time as we missed the event the past 4 years (not back from my hometown yet). But this year due to XY's school schedule, we managed to make it. It's a potluck party, I contributed nuggets. There was lion dance, a short drama by the 6-year-olds, games and food.

~ lion dance ~

Saturday, visited my relatives in the morning. At night, dinner at BIL's house with friends and their families. That was the first time (and last, I guess) I 'lou sang' this CNY. Luckily still got chance to 'lou' this year.

Monday, Valentine's Day. Hubby's away so no celebration. :-( Anyway, I doubt we'll dine out even if he's in town. 'Lou foo lou chai' already, we don't really celebrate V-day. But I got a pleasant surprise when a van honked at my gate this afternoon. Flower delivery! *big big smile* So what did I get for my Valentine? Only a card. hahaha I put it in his luggage bag pocket, without his knowledge of coz. Last night after 12 midnight, I sms-ed him to tell him where to find it. Well, at least still got some element of surprise. :D

We don't have any programs for the rest of the week. Will just laze around at home and prepare XY for her assessment next week. Happy Chap Goh Meh in advance!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Wet Wet Pre-CNY

When we travelled back to PaPa's hometown yesterday, it was raining all the way. Luckily not too heavily. And one small part of the highway was a bit flooded (half a lane). It's been raining non-stop for a few days. Good thing the sun came out to play today, otherwise the clothes cannot dry. And the dirty clothes are piling up very fast. Hopefully the weather wouldn't be too gloomy and wet the next few days. Moreover, going visiting is not so convenient during rainy days.

Our last trip back was during CNY last year. So we've been savouring the local food as much as we can, before they close for the festive season. And there'll be continuous feasting the whole week. Ahhh... happy happy stomach. :-)

To those who celebrates CNY, here's wishing you...

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Have a safe journey, wherever you're travelling to!

And to those not celebrating, have a good holiday!