Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dead Tired

Hello everybody! We're back from our 1-week holiday in Hong Kong. Apart from the fun and souvenir (very minimal) we brought back, we also came back with their virus. *sigh* Yup, all FOUR of us are sick -- with mild cough and/or runny nose. Didi had fever in Disneyland. Luckily it lasted only for one day. *phew* We all need lots of rest to recuperate.

So I'll still be MIA for awhile. Moreover, need some time to sort out the pics we took (almost 800 of them). I'll be visiting you soon (but at a slower pace yeah). Till then, you have a great weekend and Happy School Holidays!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Egg Lovers

The kids love eggs, especially jie jie. Every time we pass by Purple Cane (or any similar shops) in shopping malls, she'll ask us to buy the herbal eggs.

~ herbal eggs, 3 for RM2.50 ~

But they have different ways of eating. Jie jie will attack the egg yolk first as she loves the yolk. Even without soy sauce or gravy, the hard-boiled yolk is still very tasty to her. I don't usually finish the yolk because of cholesterol. So she always eyes on mine. :-) As for didi, he eats the egg white first. And leave the yolk for later. Well, at least he finishes up the whole egg.

I've made my own herbal eggs before, many many years ago. Just buy the ready-packed herbs. Will try that again when there are more people around to consume many eggs. At the meantime, buying from the shop is more convenient. *lazy bum talking* :-D

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Final Progress Report In Kindy

I went to XY's kindy for Parent-Teacher's Day. Her teacher showed me her exam papers and discussed about her progress for the 2nd semester.
* She has no problems with her school work.
* She's very friendly and helpful.
* She likes to raise up questions in the class.


* She's very slow in her work (writing and colouring). Her teacher raised her concern because when she enters Primary school, the teacher will write on the white/black board and if she copies too slowly, she may not know what she's required to do.
Note to self : Have to befriend her classmates' parents. So we can exchange information on homework, etc. :-)

* She's a bit confused in solving Mathematics problems -- additions and subtractions. Very careless sometimes.
Note to self : Have to practise more (but that can wait till next year lah :-D)

As for her exam, she got quite good results (as expected, since she got some help from her teachers) with 100% for English and the lowest, 89% for Science. Her teacher stressed that the exam is not really a measurement of anything. It just reflects how much they understand in class. I really like it that the kindy isn't too results-oriented.

She definitely deserves to be rewarded. Throughout her 3 years in kindy, she never gave us any problems. Time and again, she made us proud. We'll be going to Hong Kong Disneyland this school holiday. PaPa wanted to bring her there before she enters the "big" school next year. So that'll be considered her reward. hehehe She's very excited about the trip. Started to count the days already.