Tuesday, May 22, 2012

6 Years Old

CE turns 6 today. We'll have a small do for him at home tonight, just us and BIL's family. He'll have another session in school on Friday. It's a combined birthday celebration for all children born in the months of April, May and June. I asked if he'd like to celebrate with his friends in kindy on his actual day but he said just a celebration at home will do.

At the beginning of the year, PaPa made a deal with him. We want him to learn to be more independent and do some simple chores on his own. By his 6th birthday, he must be able to clean himself after doing his big business, bathe himself and brush his own teeth. If he fails, there won't be a birthday party for him. hahaha Well, he passed the toilet test. But still not very good at shampooing his hair and brushing his teeth. I doubt they are brushed thoroughly. A good effort on his part, so the party is on. :D

Collected his 1st semester exam results on Parent-Teacher's Day last Saturday. Academically and socially, he's doing fine. He scored above 90% for all subjects, with a perfect score for BM (what a surprise). He mixes well with all his friends. Teacher J doesn't have any complaints but she highlighted that he needs to build up his confidence, to be bolder and speak up. He's very timid and soft-spoken in school (which is a total opposite at home o.O). Another thing to take note of is his Mandarin (oral). Guess we've to speak more to him in Mandarin. Actually, I think his BM is just as bad, especially his vocabulary. I wonder how he was graded.

The teacher's note in his Report Card :
CE is a smart and soft spoken child. He has improved in his social interaction skills among the friends. He is able to master in 3 languages. Keep it up.

Happy Birthday, ah boy!
May you grow up healthily and be happy always.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Temporary Kakak

Before I continue with my post, here's wishing all mothers out there :

Happy Mother's Day!

I wonder if the kids can keep their promise of being extremely well-behaved just for the day.

The kids' exams are over... phew, what a relief. Luckily CE's exam was 1 week before XY's so I had time to coach them individually. Revision with CE was quite a breeze as his syllabus wasn't a lot. As for XY, although this was the mid-year exam where all the subjects were tested (8 altogether), I didn't spend that much time revising with her. We totally left out Moral (books not given back by teacher) and just browsed through PJK (only 1 writing book to look through). Anyway, these subjects are not calculated in the overall marks so I concentrated more on the 4 major subjects. :p

There's another reason why I didn't spend much time doing revision with XY. I was busy being the temporary Kakak. We gave Kakak a 2-week holiday back to her kampung as she wanted to attend her BIL's wedding. She's been with us for 4 years already and this is the third time she's gone back. Actually house chores are not difficult work, they are just time consuming. But I've got plenty of help. XY helped with sweeping and mopping the floor, using the magic mop. She also helped to hang the clothes sometimes. I only needed to iron the kids' school uniform coz hubby ironed his own working clothes. I rarely cooked, just a few times of simple noodle soup for lunch. We ate out during weekends and for dinner on weekdays, we "catered" from SIL. :D She was so kind to offer to cook for us. We ate at their house most of the time (I don't even have to clean up after that as she's got a helper) and packed food home for hubby (he's usually back from work quite late). When Kakak came back last Saturday (5th May), I happily passed all the work back to her. Ahhh... back to my blissful life.

Oh yes, while the kids were digging for stationeries for their exam, they found some "treasure" in the drawer. I've kept them there and forgot all about it. They are brand new, box unopened. Hubby won them in a credit card contest last year. I'm putting them up for sale. It's great as a gift for your little ones. XY likes to listen to it. She's learning a new Mandarin song (还是要幸福) by Hebe. I've printed out the hanyu pinyin lyrics, together with the Chinese characters, to help her pick up the language. Anyone interested to be their new owners?
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