Saturday, June 23, 2012

Her Four-Eyed Journey Has Started

We finally brought XY for a refraction test on 12th May (yes, this is a very backdated post :p). I know she is shortsighted (she can't see the whiteboard in class clearly) but didn't realise it has become quite serious. She now needs glasses as her power is 175 for the right eye and 200 for the left. She has slight astigmatism in both eyes too.

The next day, we brought her to an optical shop to make a pair of spectacles. There aren't many choices of plastic frames and half-frames for children so we chose a metal frame for her. As for the lenses, we used the Myopia Control lenses, as suggested by the optometrist we saw in ISEC.

'sei ngan mui'
Since 20th May, she has officially joined the four-eyed gang in the family. After collecting the glasses, I asked her to start wearing them, to get used to it. For the lenses to be effective in reducing her shortsightedness, she's advised to wear them frequently. She seems to be very excited about wearing glasses. Keep comparing her vision with and without glasses. One moment she'll say "I can't see this/that" and then the next moment, "Now I can see already" as she lifts them up and then put them back on. *mommy shakes head*

She’s been wearing glasses for a month already. And she seems to have gotten used to it. There are still incidents where she got squashed in the face when playing (rough) with didi and the nose piece got bent. Just got to keep reminding them not to play like that with her spectacles on.