Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dental Visit

Sunday, 6th July, 2008 ~ I went to see the dentist to check my broken tooth. XY went with me to get her teeth checked as well. It was her first dental check and I was very happy that her teeth are all good. She was very cooperative. Opened her mouth wide when asked to. She didn't show any discomfort or fear at all. Maybe she's a big girl already or maybe because I've prepped her many times before the visit.

As for me, the dentist said the side of my tooth has broken. He removed the old filling and put in a new filling. After further check, he said there's a cavity on my lower left molar. So that needed filling too. I asked him if I'd be able to eat as I'm having new fillings on both the left and right side. Apparently the fillings used now (white colour) dry up very fast. And it doesn't have any mercury content, unlike the silver coloured one. I also did scaling and polishing. After that, my teeth felt smooth and clean.

While I was being attended to, XY was standing next to me. She was very curious to know what the dentist was doing. She kept walking over to the dentist's side, which she wasn't allowed to. And she was very "helpful" (kepoh as usual)... helped me to put the cup back to its stand after I've gargled. She really surprised me for being a very good girl. She waited for me for about 20 minutes and she didn't touch this and that or "explore" the room on her own.

Now let's forward to today ~ The kids fell asleep very fast just now coz they didn't take their afternoon nap. I had a lunch appointment and I brought XY along, left didi with PaPa at home. Met up with a very old friend, P (haven't seen him for more than 10 years, I think), and his girlfriend. They've eaten Kajang satay before so I brought them to eat 'latt thong'. After that, I went to Tesco to buy some things. Reached home at 4+. And didi hasn't slept yet. PaPa didn't manage to make him nap. That's why he fell asleep within 10 minutes after the lights were switched off. If only he falls asleep that fast every day. Normally it takes 1 - 1.5 hours. :-|


alicia said...

ei how come my son filling was not white one ... prob its the traditional dentist we went to... XY was such a brave girl..

andrewjune said...

ee yerrr...i hate going to dentist. period.

mybabybay said...

Aiks...I have mercury in my mouth. My dentist doesn't want to see me, he is always fully booked. :(

sting said...

XY is so good girl... :-) 20 minutes is very long in kid's time...

JO-N said...

It feels good after visiting a dentist, eh?

What's "latt thong" by the way?

wen said...

good that u dont need crowning or root canal! now better? can sleep better hor

Lovely Mummy said...

long time i didnt go dentist, very scare lah..u r so brave!!

Hazel said...

i too hate to see dentist and the injection also

Bryan's Mama said...

XY is a good girl :)
It takes me 1-1.5hrs to pur Bryan to sleep too....... :)

Jacss said... many fillings done to yr tooth ahh??? now i believe little girl(daughter) is always more 'kuai' than boy(son) lor which i can only envy envy & envy, isssh!!
btw, talk abt d latt thong, i had asked lou kung if he still remembers d place so that this sun we can go makan first bf meeting up with u guys!! but he said he's not sure if he remembers d place lor...:(

Tracy said...

Makes me shudders when going to the dentist. XY's indeed obedient and deserves a 'muaks' on the cheek.

slavemom said...

Alicia, do chk with the dentist if the filling has any mercury content. Research has shown that it's vy toxic.

June, ur parents must've had a hard time dragging u to the dentist. :)

Mich, time to chg dentist?

Siew Ting, hahaha... that's true.

Joanne, latt thong is spicy soup, cooked with lots of pepper n ginger. U can hv it with chicken or pork.

Wen, I din experience any toothache. Yeah... luckily filling can solve the prob, nothing complicated required.

Shirley, if u're scared, how to convince Marcus to visit the dentist next time? hehehe

Hazel, sometimes no choice loh.

Paik Ling, sometimes it can be quite frustrating waiting for them to fall asleep hor.

Jac, 'kuai' ah? That day was quite an exception. :D

Tracy, if just go for checking n cleaning, it's quite nice actually. :)