Friday, July 10, 2009

Haircut & Rewards

Monday was a holiday for XY because of Family Day the day before. I brought the kids to the salon for a haircut. When we were at home, CE said he didn't want a haircut. So I persuaded him with lollipop as reward.

They had their hair cut at the same time. CE sat in the toy car while XY on an ordinary chair next to him. I stood in between them as a "facilitator", constantly reminding them to stay still, like a broken record. :p At times, I've to hold CE's face to keep him still.

Overall, I'd say they behaved really well. CE was fidgeting a little and kept looking sideways at jie jie. Well, you can't expect a 3 year-old to stay as still as a statue, right? So I shouldn't be complaining. XY, as usual, was very cooperative coz she "wants to look pretty". ;-) But I offered her fries as reward anyway.

After the haircut, we went to McDonald's (just next door) to have french fries. Actually I was craving for that too. Haven't had them for a very long time already. Both of them enjoyed their fries dipped in tomato sauce.

As promised, they had their lollipops after lunch. This is CE's second lollipop. He hardly gets the chance to eat it. And he's probably thinking "haircut = lollipop" as his first lolly was after a haircut too. :D

And then they started to monkey around.


Cynthia said...

Pretty girl and handsome boy! and yes I totally agree that we can hardly get the toddler to sit still for hair cut... that applies to me when I am young... now being a mother, I wonder how should I handle my little Princess in time to come...

wen said...

i used to bribe my son with junk food during haircuts. what to do? he sure cry and cry and cry!

mc said...

using lollipops is a great way to get them to behave. i have to learnd from you and do the same. hehe.

Mummy Gwen said...

Both of them look so fresh after the haircut. :) At least CE sat there for the haircut..that's good enough and no crying too. Good boy. They look so contented with their lollipops..hehe.

andrewjune said... asked the hairdresser to chop off XY's long hair? awwww...but i said the new cut looks equally good on her as well!
and so does CE!

of course, whatever haircut they hv sure look good wan...cos they're already handsome and pretty mah :-) like mummy and daddy loh!

Merryn said...

Until today, I still cut ethan's hair myself! Dare not bring him to the saloon, dunno what he'll do there. hahaha. ur kids are just too beautiful. ur daughter's eyebrow, nice! :)

Oliveoylz said...

I like the new hair cut on both of them. Looks so neat and fresh looking. Haha, since haircut = lollipop, bet CE will ask for a haircut each time he "gian" lollipop! ha ha.

jacss said...

gee...the McD visit sure a taktic to satisfy yr craving leh!!
yes to ah boy, haircut=lollipop... soon he'll keep asking for haircut, LOL !!!

Serene said...

Both of them looks fresh!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Can you tie up your girl's hair for ballet now? When I was in Penang, my mil brought Sherilyn for a haircut and now her hair is so short! I can barely tie her hair when she goes for ballet, aargh!

jazzmint said...

good experience with CE and haircut. I just took Vyktore for a haircut yesterday and boy he nearly bring down the whole barber shop

Cheffie-Mom said...

They look precious!! So happy!!

Fussy mum said...

Both of them look nice in their new haircut and really cheeky with lolly sticking out from their mouths :D

MeRy said...

Both of them looks nice in the their new looks.

LindaLow said...

oh dear, just a couple of months that I didn't follow your blogs and now I see them grow so much...Look at how they enjoy their lollie, so sweet:)

JO-N said...

Haircut = lollipop, eh?

It's always nice to look at the kids after haircut, so fresh and neat!

slavemom said...

Cynthia, I've always used food (snacks) to distract them.

Wen, good thing that's a thing of the past. :)

mc, hope it works for Keira too.

Mummy Gwen, ya lor, hv to be thankful there's no crying or resistance from him.

June, XY's hair wasn't vy long. Jes started to be able to tie them. Might as well snip them short again.

Merryn, I dunno how to cut a boy's hair. It's great that u can do it for Ethan. Can save cost too.

Olive, let's c if he does that. hehehe

Jac, kill 2 birds with 1 stone. ;) I get to eat n they get their rewards.

Serene, thx!

Shireen, I dun tie her hair for ballet. For her exam, I jes gelled up her hair. As long as there's no hair covering her face, it's fine.

Jazz, u can try lollipops next time. hehehe

Debbie, delighted with their lolly treat!

Fussy mum, vy happy get to eat lollipop.

MeRy, thx!

Linda, kids grow up so fast eh.

Joanne, can't agree more. :)