Monday, July 06, 2009

Family Day @ Putrajaya

Yesterday, we attended the Family Day event organised by XY's kindy. Our day started very early. We reached the venue at about 8am. Upon registration, we were given coupons for breakfast and lunch. I went to collect our breakfast (curry puffs and sausage buns), then looked for our tent (Blue team). We settled down on our picnic mat (we were asked to bring this) and ate our breakfast.

~ kids enjoying their breakfast ~

The event started with the National Anthem being played, followed by a speech by the principal. Then the children performed the pom pom dance. And next, the games began. We had earlier selected which games we wanted to participate in. The games required the parents and child to work as a team and also to team up with other families. We participated in 2 games but PaPa wasn't being very sporting (when we reached there, he has already made himself clear he won't be participating in anything *blek*), so I 'borrowed' SIL to be XY's "father". hehehe And likewise, I was CH's "father" in their event coz BIL wasn't feeling very well.

~ getting ready to perform the pom pom dance ~

The last game was treasure hunt but we went to the nearby playground. There was a small pool next to it. Many children were playing water there, including the kindy's students. We had been notified earlier that we can use the facilities (playground and pool) at the Community Hall after the event. Although I brought the kids' swimming costumes, I didn't let them play in the pool. The water was errr... not very clear (I think enough of brownish water for the week). :D

At the playground...

~ the big monkey climbing here and there ~

~ see, samseng or not? ~

~ he can spin/play with the wheel for a VERY long time ~

~ finally got bored with the wheel, went for some sliding fun ~

On our way to the car, we met the principal. She passed us a gift as our team won the treasure hunt. How nice, at least XY got a souvenir to bring home coz we didn't win anything in the games earlier.

We went for lunch and reached home at 2+. It was a very tiring day for all of us (especially the old folks :D). I was totally knocked-out once I lied down on the bed. Even after a 4-hour nap, I still slept early with the kids at night.


Lovely Mummy said...

good outdoor activities during weekend. Wow, 4 hours nap, may be too much sleep that make you tired.

wen said...

ur samseng looks so tall liao one...

not bad la, got treasure hunt, must be fun!

4 hour nap? u preggie ah? sleep so much for wat? hehe
lucky u, i dont get 4 hr nap since the birth of Ian!

jazzmint said...

haha i laughing at wen's comment :P. looks like a big day for the family, sure tiring somemore under the scorching sun

Mummy Moon said...

great outing! The kids must be having fun!

slavemom said...

Shirley, slept for < 5 hrs the nite b4. That's y extra tired.

Wen, vy vy funny lah u. No, I'm NOT preggie. :p Jes din hv enuf sleep the nite b4. :)

Jazz, actually the weather was great. Cloudy most of the time. It actually drizzled for awhile, but it din affect the event.

Bee Moon, they sure did.

andrewjune said...

wah wah wah...your daughter looks very tall!
and congrats for winning the treasure hunt!

when i read what wen wrote...i thought oh yeah, maybe you're preggie...hahaha...but even when i was preggie, i didnt had the luxury of afternoon nap at all!

so lucky you!

Cheffie-Mom said...

What a fun day!! Love the photos!!

Mummy Gwen said... FUN. Aiyo..napped for 4 hours! So "hang fook"..hehe.

XY looks very tall leh. So pretty and sweet. Gwen can spin the wheel for a very long time too..LOL.

chanelwong said...

no matter how tired but everyone had fun right? is a good n healthy family outing....

Rose said...

Great outing you have may be tiring, but at least everyone has fun and a little bit of sun, right? :p

Dora said...

Can understand how tiring you are after the event. BTW, I have a tag for u but take ur time.

check this out:-


JO-N said...

It must be fun! I like family day like this.

Health Freak Mommy said...

LOL... I am also chukling at Wen's comments. Sleep so much for what lol!! Wow, 4 hours for a nap is a looooong nap! I can never ever nap this long and you can really sleep eh?

BabyBooned said...

aiks.. my comment disappeared...??

nvrmind nvrmind, will comment again now.

eh how did we ever survive our school sports days and such, yeah?? now i can imagine how i would pengsan too if i were u! hehuehueheue!

congrats for the treasure hunt win!

jacss said...

family day is always a fun day but hor...all da men in yr household so 'boring' hor! luckily u still ok othwise next time the kids will 'lari' follow the more sporty father, hahaha
aiyo...why u so 'charn' leh, must check yr machines edi, blek :)P

Fussy mum said...

It must be a fun day for the kids. How nice to nap for 4 hrs...but after that u still can sleep early at night. That shows how tired you were on that day :D

michelle said...

Bravo on your win. It always fun to have a family event together.

Oliveoylz said...

XY is very strong!!! Can hang on the pole bar, got potential to be gymnast, not monkey la... :)

So nice of the school to organise a family day. So, what "treasure" did u win from the treasure hunt?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

XY is so cute with the blue colour pom pom.

What was the games that you have participated? Sure very fun and enjoying.

MeRy said...

Such a wonderful outing...having so much fun with the kids.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Slavemom, looks like your kids really having a fine time. Good exercise for them too. They sleep better at nights.
You keep well and have a great week, Lee.

Mummy to QiQi said...

looks like a real big event. and luckily the weather is good. is it at the wetland or an island at putrajaya?

Annie Q said...

Looks like a fun family day. The playground look big, i'm sure the kids had so much fun. :)

Sometime on the weekend, i will have "power 3 hours" afternoon nap with my sons too. hahahhahahhahahha

huisia said...

wow napped for 4 hours?! i so envy you and i wonder when can i have my uninterrupted sleep???

btw, do you have facebook?

little prince's mummy said...

The kids look so enjoy!!!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Sounds like a hot and physically-tiring day! But walau, got chance to nap for 4 hours???

Sasha said...

can nap 4 hours? for me that is night time sleeping liao. hahaha

LittleLamb said...

the kindi sports days go all the way to Putrajaya? *pengsan*...
should hv stop by satay hj samsuri..ehhehe my fav..

i can sleep 4 hours jek.. so dont let the other mama bully u..

slavemom said...

June, I consider myself vy lucky to be able to hv afternoon naps.

Debbie, the kids sure enjoyed themselves.

Mummy Gwen, then we'd hv to make sure there're at least 2 wheels if our kids ever play at the same plc. hehehe

Chanel, yup, better than going to shopping malls.

Rose, perfect weather that day, jes a lil bit of sun towards the end of the event.

Dora, thx for the tag!

Joanne, me too.

Shireen, u're right leh. I can really sleep. :D

BabyBooned, coz that was like 20 yrs ago!

Jac, this machine needs a serious overhaul. kekeke

Fussy mum, old oredi loh. :(

Mich, paiseh to get the gift coz we din even participate.

slavemom said...

Olive, it's a wall deco.

Joanne, I had a good exercise (sprinting for a vy short distance oni hehehe) in a game whr we take turns to squeeze wet sponge into a btl. The team with the most water wins.

MeRy, it was indeed a great day.

Unc Lee, good exercise for their mom too. ;)

Chin Nee, it's held at the Presinct 9 Community Hall.

Annie, somehow when u nap with the kids, they tend to nap longer yeah?

Hui Sia, with a small bb, u'll hv to learn to hv accummulated sleep. :)

Kylie, yes they did.

Paik Ling, envy leh? hehehe

Sasha, my day n night overturned edi mah.

Rachel, finally, hv found a sleep buddy. hehehe Oh, I'm staying in Kajang, so Putrajaya is jes nearby.