Friday, October 10, 2008

Quirky Tag

Debbie wanted to know my unspectacular quirks. At first, I felt a little shy sharing my quirky behaviours but as she put it, "Celebrate your quirks! They make us who we are!" So here's presenting the quirky side of Slavemom :

#1 I love twirling my hair with my index finger. XY has the same habit. And I keep stopping her when she does it. Now when she sees me twirling my hair, she'll stop me too.

#2 I totally hate it when people splash water at my face with their wet fingers. Anywhere else is ok, except the face. I'm fine with splashing water in the pool, but not right after you've washed your hands. Hubby likes to irritate me that way. Hmmmph!

#3 I cannot bathe immediately after a meal (especially a heavy one). Somehow I feel like my stomach will explode or something. Well, there's a scientific reason that bathing immediately after meal is bad for you. It may interfere with the digestive process. So I'm not that weird after all.

#4 I will try to squeeze everything out of the toothpaste tube till it's empty. It's very difficult to completely empty it, unless I cut the tube. But I don't go to that extend coz hubby will give me THAT look. So I'll squeeze and squeeze till there's no more to squeeze out. Seriously, you can still use it for many days if you squeeze hard enough.

#5 I'm very fussy when it comes to ordering food. There are certain ingredients/garnishing that I don't like in my favourite foods. For instance, I order wanton noodles without wantons. I order fried koay teow without the cockles and chives (ku chai). Or order assam laksa without the fat laksa noodles (replace with bihun). It's like ordering hamburger without the bun. Get what I mean? :D Hubby hates to order food for me.

#6 When I paste a stamp onto the envelope, it must be straight. If there's a box, it must be placed in the centre of the box. Don't ask me why, I just like it that way.

Rules :
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. List 6 unspectacular quirks you have.
4. Tag 6 bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each taggee's blog to let them know they've been tagged.

Kindly share with us your unspectacular quirks :
Mummy Gwen


LindaLow said...

Haa..i'm the opposite of you..I can take my shower immediately after dinner..

Mummy Gwen said... can list out all six ah..haha. This is a very difficult tag for me..haha..have to think 3 hari 3 malam coz i dont realize my quirky sides..hehe.

Thanks for the tag. very challenging one. :P

U.Lee said...

Hi Slavemom, I guess everyone of us have these funny quirks.
Re toothpaste, I'll put it on the basin, use my toothbrush handle to push up any left behind...

My wife loves to dig the butter or magarine...I will smoothen it as prefer it smooth.
She'll squeeze the toothpaste anywhere, I press from the bottom, haha.
Think time to trade in for a new wife, arhaaa ha ha. Lee.

sting said...

hamburger without the bun?!? hahaha.. that's a good one! hmm, I wonder if I can 6! Give me some time ya.. will have it up.. thanks

BabyBooned said...

hahahah!! i so understand the toothpaste thing! we're the same on that one! p/s: i do cut the toothpaste tube sometimes! :p

Contentedmom said...

haha..this is so funny....i cut my toothpaste too...l learnt this from a fren....I used to discard it when the tube looks flattened :) haha

Jacss said...

hahaha....funny reading this!! some r real quirky ehh!!

-squeezing d toothpaste...kerana jimatkah or simply d fun of it ahh??

-on d food...wanton mee without wanton, gila la you!! but substitute d fat noodle with bihun is what i did too, hahaha

-paste stamp must be straight... i can imagine how yr head, eye, mouth & finger coordination are when doing this...kakakaka

Alicia said...

tks 4 the tag... not easy to crack my head haha

little prince's mummy said...

got an award for u:

Yatie said...

toothpaste???? - I am very lazy to squeeze.. the u squeeze. so hubby will do that

Mummy Gwen said...

come come and claim yr award:

i'm still discovering my quirky side. :P

HN said...

Haha, the food part is very funny :P I have a friend used to order chicken rice without chicken too :D

Cheffie-Mom said...

LOVE your quirks! Thanks for sharing. I'm picky when I order food too! LOL! Example: McDonald's fish sandwich- ABSOLUTELY no tarter sauce. (:

Irene said...

wanna know wic one is it? im the same as you on tag # 6! hahahaha!

slavemom said...

Linda, but better not do it often as it'll interfere with ur digestion.

Unc Lee, opposites attract. hehehe

Siew Ting, take ur time ok.

BabyBooned, does H give u THAT look? hahaha

Contentedmom, still a lot in there, isn't it?

Jac, the toothpaste becoz of jimat lah. It's not that fun ok. Sometimes finger can get pain pain one. :D

Alicia, take ur time.

Kylie & Mummy Gwen, thx for the award!

Yatie, as long as 1 of u does it, then there won't be any wastage. :)

Hui Nih, I think that's acceptable. Coz when the rice is vy nice, but the chicken meat's terrible, wat options do u hv? kekeke

Debbie, I'll hv that w/o the pickle. :)

Irene, I sort of guessed that one. Coz u're 1 neat n tidy person. ;)