Saturday, October 04, 2008

Eating & Shopping Spree

So fast the long weekend's coming to an end. So what have we been doing? A lot of eating and shopping, what else. hahaha

PaPa was working on Wednesday. There was a deadline to meet. So he got Friday off, giving us a very long weekend. But we don't have any plans to travel outstation. So we just hung around KL, where traffic is rather smooth and shopping complexes aren't that crowded (well, not really, but at least we don't have to be stuck getting into the car parks).

After lunch, we went to a nearby shopping complex to buy some facial products for myself. Then brought the kids for an ice-cream treat at Baskin Robbins. When XY was a toddler, she's not allowed to take any cold stuff as she has sensitive lungs. It'll trigger her cough. So she hardly takes any cold drinks or ice-cream. Anything that we take out from the fridge, we'll leave it to reach room temperature before she eats them.

So it was a really big treat when she ate one whole ice-cream cone on her own. We bought 2 cones and a waffle berry sundae. Didi also ate some but he wanted to hold the cone himself. And when he didn't get it his way, he climbed down the chair and sat on the floor. :-| After awhile, I managed to get him to sit on the chair again and he ate his ice-cream and banana.

Went to Spring Valley Chinese Restaurant at MidValley Megamall for dim sum brunch. The mission for the day was to get sandals for the kids. Didi has outgrown his sandals and jie jie's one has spoilt (the velcro on the straps have torn). Didi wasn't very cooperative. Everything that I wanted to try for him, he refused. I wondered if he doesn't like them or he's just being difficult. His current pairs are Adidas sandals and Crocs (Disney cayman). I'm a bit hesitant to buy another pair of Crocs due to the risk of accidents at escalators and lifts. But they are very lasting. He's worn his for 1.5 years and they still look quite new.

We went to Dragon-i for teatime. So nice to be able to eat in peace. CE was napping and XY has a bowl of la mian to eat to her heart's content. After some drinks, steamed meat dumplings, red bean pancake and mango dessert, we're back to our shopping spree.

At the Adidas shop, XY found something she likes (obviously pink in colour). CE woke up when I tried on the sandals for him. He still didn't want to try anything on, even though they were the same pattern as the one he was wearing. Maybe coz they were of a different colour? Anyway, I didn't get the pair for XY as it was a normal price item. Moreover, it was slightly big for her (if they're 1 size smaller, they fit perfectly, which she won't be able to wear for long). So we walked around to look some more. In the end, we didn't buy any sandals. But we were happily swiping our cards for other stuff - perfume (Estée Lauder's Pure White Linen-Light Breeze), Hush Puppies casual shoes, Nike and Adidas pants and CARs membership.

As for dinner, we ate at one of our favourite restaurants, Amarin Heavenly Thai. We had the appetizer platter, steamed siakap fish, green curry beef, mixed vegetables and fried rice served in pineapple. Another satisfying meal. Mission not accomplished but we're so much poorer. And the happiest are the stomachs. :-)


sting said...

hehe...had a great shopping day ya? traffic was good, wasn't it :-)

Mummy Gwen said... went for a retail therapy ah..hehe. Fuyoh..really happy la the stomachs, so much good food. :P

Contentedmom said...

what a lot of fun! have a blessed sunday :)

Hazel said...

me too, will go shopping and dine something special during the holidays..just to pampered myself

LittleLamb said...

I was paranoid. I thought the shopping complexes will be packed. that why i didnt step in at all..hehehehe

glad u managed to shop for urself n the family :)

Irene said...

waaaaah, shopping giler nie. shiok nyerrrr!

andrewjune said...

hey i also went to dragon-i but in penang one lah! hahaha...

raya hols in pg was so jam here!

Anggie's Journal said...

eat and shopping lo, what else ..... hahahha... i like the drogon-i lamien also. but i prefer the spicy wan.

JO-N said...

I like eating and shoppng spree too and shopping when the crowd is not there is great!

suesue said...

My weekend just past like tat and it seems i didn't do much things at home except for the trip to Malacca.

jacss said...

wuah....really ate a lot of things woh!! but i always wonder how skinny people can eat so much.... haha. boys r having crocs too but didn't really give much thot abt d escalator incidents! it's actually hard to imagine leh...coz to me, those croc sandals are so thick & bulky...????!!! anyway, will take precautions still...
aikk....why no photos wan???

slavemom said...

Siew Ting, yup, traffic was good but shopping complex still packed with ppl.

Mummy Gwen, too bad mission unaccomplished. :)

ContentedMom, yes it was.

Hazel, we deserve to be pampered every now n then, rite? ;)

LittleLamb, it was packed as usual, but good thing traffic was good.

Irene, not that giler lah but still vy shiok!!

June, Pg is always vy crowded during national hols.

Anggie, nvr tried the spicy one b4. And XY likes the plain one.

Joanne, the crowd's normal but at least traffic was smooth. So it wasn't stressful getting to the destination.

Sue, lepak at home oso nice mah.

Jac, yeah, it's hard for me to imagine too till it happened to one of our blogger frens, Jazz. U ah, everyday ask me y no photos one. Me not pro blogger lah. Always forget or lazy to take pics. Sorry loh. :D

jazzmint said...

i'm having the same prob with u. Vyktore still likes his crocs and refuse to wear other shoes :(. Now I want to buy him new one also can't decide sigh. I'm extra careful with him now whenever I encounter escalators in shopping mall cause he has forgotten bout that incident :|. But I have to agree with u, those shoes are vy long lasting. Faythe been wearing hers for almost a year and still looks brand new

Oliveoylz said...

That's a lot of good food you chomped in 2 days! Happy stomach = Happy humans

slavemom said...

Jazz, I still haven't bot him any sandals yet.

Juana, I wanna be happy human again. :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah, what a 'foong foo' day with 3 sumptuous meals at fanciful restaurants and it really feels good swiping the card doing your retail therapy eh? Yes, I agree that Crocs are really sturdy and long lasting. Alycia has been wearing hers for more than a year and it's the most lasting shoes she ever has.