Saturday, November 01, 2008

Penang Trip Oct '08 (Part II)

SIL was very kind to babysit the kids while hubby and I went for a peaceful breakfast. We headed to Sisters (Macalister Road) for char koay teow (CKT). When I wanted to order, the lady told me I've to wait for 1 hour. Gosh, what a long wait! So we decided to eat something else. Ordered jawa mee, siew mai (meat dumplings) and yam cake.

Hubby was very keen to have CKT so we ordered take away. (Yeah... he loves CKT that much.) Went back to collect later, after buying egg tarts and newspapers elsewhere. Luckily we bought it coz they won't be open the next day (our last day in Penang).

In the afternoon, we brought the kids to Butterfly Farm at Teluk Bahang. The weather was very hot but it was quite alright in the farm. It's covered with nettings and they have mist spray at certain parts of the farm. So it was quite cooling. The small auditorium and Insect Musuem are air-conditioned.

The kids were very excited to see the butterflies. They were not afraid at all. The poor butterflies got tortured coz the kids kept touching (more like poking) them. CE kept poking the butterfly wings. I think he's trying to pick them up. :-|

~ so many butterflies ~

XY wanted the butterflies to perch on her hand so she stood still in the middle of the walkway with her hand outstretched. She was so sad that none flew to her hand. We told her she doesn't smell good, that's why. hahaha Then explained to her that butterflies love flowers very much (their food source). PaPa taught her to put her fingers near the butterfly legs for it to slowly creep over to her hand. It worked and she was so happy.

~ Yay! I've got a butterfly on my hand! ~

Here's a tour around the farm...

On our way back, we stopped by the beach. As it was very hot, we didn't go down to the beach. We parked by the roadside. PaPa and XY took some pictures while didi and I sat in the car, enjoying the air-cond and munching on biscuits. :D

~ beach along Batu Feringgi ~

We had late lunch (at 4pm) at Chili's. Back home for the kids to take a nap before going out for dinner. I was like a walking zombie coz I woke up at 5 that morning. Unfortunately, didi didn't nap but I think I managed to catch about 30 minutes nap while he explored the room himself.

We went for steamboat dinner (somewhere behind Dorsett Penang Hotel). Their soup base are quite special. They have tomyam, ma lat (extremely spicy), herbal and duck soup. We had tomyam and duck soup. The ingredients were good, especially the beef and mutton slices. I enjoyed this steamboat so much more than the seafood dinner. :p Sorry, no pictures to share coz busy entertaining a cranky boy who skipped his nap. *sien*


LittleLamb said...

Good trip..
Most time i go Penang for work and food. Never really visited those farms n parks...

Glad your family had a good time..and hubby n u time too :)

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Yummmmm I miss Penang food!!

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..your kids so good wor let you off the hook to have peaceful breakfast with yr hubby..hehe..The Butterfly Farm looks fun to go coz besides butterflies, they have other reptiles as well. XY looks very pretty with the butterly on her hand. SO brave. :D

The steamboat dinner sounds very yummy la..haha.. ;)

andrewjune said...

i thk it's been years since iw ent to the butterfly farm...must bring rachael there too but gotta wait till she's older...

rgding the sister's CKT, sometimes gotta wait longer but i guess it's better than the one at lrg selamat...they make the patrons queue up just to eat a plate of CKT!

glad you guys enjoyed the trip minus the bali hai bill hehehe...

mc said...

i really want to go to Penang to eat the food again.. your descriptions sound so yummy!

Fussy mum said...

I went to Penang a few months ago but didn't have a chance to visit Butterfly Farm :( And wah! i've never tried before steamboat with herbal and duck soup base...shld be nice, right?

Oliveoylz said...

Nice pic of butterfly sitting on XY's hands! Cool!

NomadicMom said...

waaaa..what char kway teow is that? Must wait ONE Hour one??
Must be blardy good?

slavemom said...

Rachel, normally we'll laze ard at home. But this time, I wanted to bring the kids ard.

Paik Ling, me too!

Mummy Gwen, the kids r oni interested to 'torture' the butterflies, not interested at other reptiles or insects. :|

June, the one at Lrg Selamat is really crazy.

mc, when's ur next trip back to M'sia? Btw, where's ur hometown?

Fussy mum, herbal is the 'ching thong' soup that we usually find here.

Juana, luckily the b'fly decided to perch on her hand. If not, she sure vy unhappy the whole day.

NomadicMom, got big prawns n crab meat one. Good enuff that hubby's willing to wait. :)

jacss said...

the "sisters" CKT was once, one of our choice for CKT besides d one at lorong selamat but ever since my SIL (local there) recommendeded another one (sorry forgot name & place), we never been to the "sisters" anymore....though i like their yam cake very much!!

slavemom said...

If my bro go 'ta pao' for us, he'll normally go to the stall at Lrg Seribu Tahun (if I'm not mistaken). Taste good too, but dun hv big prawns n crab meat.