Monday, April 21, 2008

My 'Twins'

No no no no... I'm not pregnant with twins (thanks to the effective birth control method :p) but referring to the kids' look-alike baby smiling photos. hehehe Time to reveal the answer.

Deng... deng... deng... deng...

Pic 1 - baby in blue pajamas is XY
Pic 2 - baby in red bear prints is CE

Good guessing everyone! For those who got it right, Congratulations! (you don't need a medical dictionary to figure that out, right? hehehe) But if you didn't, it's totally understandable coz even PaPa couldn't differentiate some of their baby photos at one glance.

By the way, I didn't choose their pictures in blue and red clothes to mislead you. It was just a coincidence. Really! And the red bear prints tee is a hand-me-down from XY. :D


bp said...

Haha, tricky! The colours had me fooled there! But your adorable "twins" do look so alike, no wonder their Papa can't tell them apart!

Tot's Mom said...

Aiya! You sure you didn't purposely mislead us? ;)

jacss said...

ehh...again d XY v CE problem for me...kenot remember who is who lar, better still u tell yr girl or boy...haha
i got it right.....yeah!!

giddy tigress said...

How adorable! Those pictures just made me smile!

Health Freak Mommy said...

They really do look alike, esp. the mouth!

slavemom said...

bp, yeah.. I like to 'test' him once in awhile. :)

Audrey, yes 101% sure!

Jac, congrats!

Joyce, glad their smiles r contagious.

Shireen, from the same mould mah. hehehe