Tuesday, April 22, 2008

23 Months Old

In a month's time, CE will be turning 2. Have not planned anything for his birthday but it'll be a small occasion. Most probably dinner with BIL's family. What to do, he's got lazy parents. hahaha

Weight - 12.7 kg (measured on 29-3-08)
Height - no idea

His favourite word now is "no" or "pu yao".
When he's upset that he can't get what he wants, he'll keep saying "no" or "pu yao" to whatever we offer him. Cornflakes, raisins, biscuits or rice crackers wouldn't be able to distract him.
When he wakes up in the middle of the night crying for no apparent reason, he'll shout back "No!" when we ask him to keep quiet.
We've taught him to say goodnight. He pronounces good as "joot" and if we ask him to say goodnight at one go, it comes out as "ah-nite".

Really likes to eat rice. After his dinner, he'll come ask for rice when we're having our meal. So what we do is give him some plain rice in a plate/bowl and he will happily eat at his small table. And after he's finished that, he's back to disturb us.
He feeds himself quite well. So we have 2 spoons in his plate. One for him and one for me to feed him when he's too engrossed in his tv programme. Yeah... he watches tv when he's having his meal.

Safety Cautious
Ever since end of March, he's very interested in jie jie's booster car seat. We only use one booster seat in the car (for XY) as Kakak will carry CE. But if we travel outstation, he'll use his child car seat. Every time we go out, he wants to sit in the booster seat, with the seat belt fastened. So this solved the problem of him demanding me to carry him at the front passenger seat.
He's also interested to sit in the stroller. Just found out last weekend when we went out shopping. Although there were times when he wanted me to carry him, most of the time, he prefers to be in the stroller and doesn't mind being strapped in. Anyway that day he was bribed with lots of cornflakes and raisins.

He's very generous with his kisses. He'll smack me on the lips when I ask for a kiss. At bedtime, he'll kiss and hug us (me, PaPa and jie jie). And it's so sweet to see him initiate that with jie jie.

Motor Skill
He's able to open the door knobs. I've put on the door knob cover for our bedroom door. With this new ability, he's always going into the wet kitchen to look for Kakak or to play with the broom or the washing machine dials/knobs.

Li'l Busybody
He's the li'l guard at home. He makes sure the door is always closed - our main front door, the bedroom doors, the kitchen door. When he sees any unclosed door, he'll go slam it. :-|
Flushing the toilet is one of his favourite activities. He'll insist on flushing after he does his business (big or small). And he wants to flush for me too! :-|

Funny Behaviour
When we hold a cane, he'll ask us to hit his palm. After we hit one palm, he'll offer the other side. And he's very happy about it.
When he's in pain (knocked his head or hurt his hand), he'll come and ask me to kiss him on the spot where it hurts. Then he's miraculously cured.

TV Hogger
Now he will demand to watch his favourite cartoon - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He's very familiar with all the cartoon characters - "mouse" (Mickey), "ni" (Minnie), "duck" (Donald), "si" (Daisy), "fee" (Goofy), "toe" (Pluto) and "pete".
After watching numerous episodes of Dora the Explorer (one of XY's current favourite), he can say "map" and "back pack".

Itchy Hands
He likes to play with electric switches. Wants us to carry him to switch the lights on and off. Even when it's very bright, he wants to switch on the toilet light when we bring him to wash his hands.


Anggie's journel said...

Happy 23 months to CE ... turning 2 very soon, mummy ready ??
I like this photo of CE, look big and sweet boy.
Same as Jeremy like to switch on and off the light ....:)

chanelwong said...

soon he will be 2 years old ...big boy liau...

jacss said...

wah....mumy got such good memory, what an interesting updates!!

-he wants to flush for u too..u mean mumy bring CE do bis???
-did he chose to offer d oth side of his palm bcoz d hit only resembled an ant bite...which could be comfy to him, haha??

an early happy b'day to handsome!!

Oliveoylz said...

He sure looks comfy there ;p Very handsome too :)

sting said...

coming to 2 yo soon ya ;-) oh, he likes the car seat? that's good :-) me having trouble to get my baby to sit still and not cry when in the car seat!

alicia said...

ur boy's behaviour is so cute hehe... i like the way u come his hair so handsome hehe

JO-N said...

He offered another palm just like offering another cheek for another kiss. Cute boy.

slavemom said...

Anggie, mommy already getting a 'good' preview of his TT stage. How not to be ready? hehehe

Chanel, time flies ya.

Jac, I din purposely bring him lah. Sometimes he doesn't allow me to close the door. So he go in n kepoh loh.

Juana, am happy he likes to sit there. Question is for how long. :)

Siew Ting, wonder how long he'll be fascinated with jie jie's seat.

Alicia, I don't comb his hair. Jes push to 1 side when it's too long. hahaha

Joanne, nvr thot of that. Maybe hor. :D

LindaLow said...

He is a loving boy and you too a very loving and devoted mom huh:) Could see from the way you wrote in your blogs. How i wish i could be like you, being a Happy mom and a Happy blogger:) Hv a nice day.

bp said...

What a nice record of your boy's milestones! How sweet, affectionate and generous he is with his kisses and hugs!

Sounds like it's going to be a great birthday celebration -- with loved ones (that's always the best, right?) -- coming up!

slavemom said...

Linda, thx for dropping by. Like wat u wrote, when u're contented, u'll eventually be happy. :)

bp, boys r generally not so affectionate when they're older (not talking abt gfs here :D). So his generosity at this moment is greatly treasured. hehehe

Bryan's Mama said...

how time flies!!! I'll save my wishes for the big celebration next month!