Saturday, November 24, 2007

To Cane Or Not To Cane

Chinnee wanted to know how I deal with the kids in terms of caning. To be honest, I'm not as patient as I hope I'd be. So I do use the cane, usually as a last resort. This is the process flow.

When XY is naughty (eg disturbing didi, running wildly in the living room, jumping on the sofa) :
1 - I'll tell her to stop in a nice way.
IF she doesn't listen, THEN
2 - I'll raise my voice = shouting. (Sometimes I worry my neighbours can hear me... quite embarassing, eh?)
IF she still ignores me, THEN
3 - I'll threathen her with the cane - waving the cane in front of her or hitting the sofa/chair/staircase/floor... the louder the sound, the better.
Most of the time, she would have stopped whatever 'unapproved' thing she was doing. But IF she starts to cry out loud, THEN
4 - *PIAK!!!*

I try not to use the cane so often coz she's not really afraid of it. Like what people say, if you use it all the time, they're so used to it, they're not intimidated by it anymore. Sometimes after caning her, she can still tell me, "Not painful." :-|

As for CE, we've not caned him but PaPa have used it to threaten him. I don't use it on him coz he's not afraid of me. Sometimes he can sit quietly on the sofa with PaPa for quite long if he's holding a cane.

How about you? Do you use the cane?
Hui Sia

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1. Miche does not spare the rod.
2. Chinnee still spare the rod at this moment.
3. Slavemom does not spare the rod.


jazzmint said...

i adopt same style as u also 3 times warning then piak

JO-N said...


I have posted this meme on my blog today too.

slavemom said...

Jazz, *shake hands* :)

Joanne, u've done ur homework too. ;)

huisia said...

like you, i would give warning before i piak.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I dont believe in sparing the rod too!

Jacss said...

hahaha, i cane a lot...really a lot, but i do give warning too!!

kiasumum said...

thx 4 the tag, will do it soon!

chanelwong said...

one of my way..warning first..

slavemom said...

Looks like most wud give warning 1st, then oni *piak*!

牛五花Orange said...
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