Friday, November 16, 2007

The Proudest Moment In My Life

Anggie wanted to know what's the proudest moment in my life. Seemed like almost all parents' proudest moment has something to do with their kids. hehehe I'd say my proudest moment was when I successfully breastfed CE exclusively. I wasn't able to do that with XY.

I faced some serious breastfeeding problems in the first two months - engorgement, blocked ducts, cracked nipples. When CE was 2 months old, I had blocked milk ducts which led to breast infection. If untreated, it'd lead to mastitis, which would require surgery. I had very high fever and needed to be hospitalised. At that time, my gynae suggested that I take the pill to stop milk production. He was worried the continued milk production would create a good environment for the bacteria to breed. But I was hesitant coz I really wanted to continue breastfeeding. I was really motivated to breastfeed after reading so many successful and inspiring stories in forums and blogs. So I decided not to take the pill, wait and see if the antibiotics (IV drip) worked or not. Luckily it worked, otherwise I'd have to go through surgery. I was very thankful the breast infection didn't get more serious.

At the beginning, I supplemented CE's feeding with formula. But after the breast infection episode, I tried to breastfeed more frequently, so that the blocked duct would not recur. Finally, I managed to breastfeed CE exclusively from 2+ to 7 months old. And he was weaned off at 11 months. I was very happy that I was able to give him the best I can in his first few months.

Please pass on this list:
1. Ehon's proudest moment is when he swept 5 out of 6 trophies at a State First Aid Competition.
2. Everyday Healy proudest moment is when she gave birth to Elizabeth.
3. Trinity's proudest moments are when she took a commitment to be married and also when she breastfed her babies.
4. Anggie proudest moment was married to a wonderful husband and being a mother.
5. Slavemom's proudest moment was when she successfully breastfed her son exclusively.

Kindly share with us your proudest moment.
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Sasha said...

my doctor last time refused to let me go home after delivery. Insisted that i BF in front of her. And she said to bf u need to clearthe duct. Ask my hub to suck my nen nen. We're like "ARE YOU JOKING?" Nope, she's not. And she's right. I managed to BF in fact the milk came out gushing out like fountain and my son rejected me cos he got choked a few times.

Anggie's journel said...

congratulation with ur BF journey !! I always amaze mummies which can BF for longer time. Isn't that amazing ??? .. BF also one of my proudest moment too .. for 1st baby i able to BF 7 months ... not bad hor ... will try hardly and smarter for the next one(duno when la) .... hahaha

i got serious engorgement too... wah.. so pain la... so heavy ... so hard.. so big .hehehe.. cant imagine that time !! Once over come this engorgement, everything going well and lot's of lots of milk coming out ... like what sasha said .... hahahah ... Just share with u this of my lil story during my BF.

Jacss said...

i really salute you mummy that sacrifices so much with B/F!!

Me, was not so lucky ...not persistence & not enough supply too....coz double demand ma, hehehe!!

sting said...

wow.. that's definitely something to be proud of.. :-)

here's another tag for you ..

Health Freak Mommy said...

Tks for the tag :) I've got the same one too from another blogger.

JO-N said...


That's great! I know how you feel cos I experience the same thing when I BF. It's really painful! You have great perseverance!

Bryan's Mama said...

well done!! I wasn't so diligent :)

huisia said...

Same here, block ducts, high fever and hospitalization! That's really a bad experience...

slavemom said...

Sasha, babies r so 'ma fan' one. No milk complain, too much milk oso complain. :)

Anggie, congrats to u too! U've done well. I'm sure u'll do even better for ur next child/children.

Jac, in ur case, got double demand, and gotta get used to taking care of twins. More stress affects milk production.

Sting, :)

Shireen, looking fwd to reading ur proudest moment.

Joanne, we all moms go thru the same thing.

Paik Ling, next child. :)

Hui Sia, u 2? Let's hope we won't experience that again.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Yes... i also salute very much on mama who bf exlusively. I hope I an bf longer (previous one only 2 months, so sad and stress that time!) for no.2

slavemom said...

Sharine, wishing u a smoother bfg journey for ur next child(ren).