Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Need For Insurance

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Insurance is a part of your financial planning. When things happen unexpectedly that requires a big sum of money, at least you have some financial back-up. Some people like to buy life insurance that is linked with investment. However such investment usually doesn't give very high returns as compared to returns from investments on stocks or unit trusts. But if you don't have the time nor the expertise to invest on your own, this kind of investment-linked insurance is a good choice.

Medical insurance is also important to ease some of your financial burden when your family is suddenly in need of medical attention. We have got life and medical insurance for ourselves and the kids. We also bought the home insurance to cover any damage or loss due to fire, flood or theft. It's important to protect your home as it's one of your largest financial investments.

Car insurance is a must here in Malaysia so your vehicle is insured against loss or damage to the vehicle and also to third party injuries and properties. With so many general insurance companies around, you should compare car insurance quotes to get the one that best suits your needs.

If you think that you haven't gotten yourself or your assets covered sufficiently, do look into it now to protect yourself and your loved ones against unnecessary financial burden.

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