Thursday, November 22, 2007

18 Months Old

Today CE turned 1 and a half years old. But the poor boy is having runny nose. Here are his updates:

Weight - about 11 kg
Height - 84 cm (an estimate coz I used the cloth measuring tape to measure. Hmmm... how come he's not grown any taller for 3 months already?)

Takes 3 times of milk (8-10 ozs), 2 times porridge, breakfast (bread, biscuit) and tea time (fruits).
He doesn't like bread that much anymore. Sometimes he can't even finish 1 piece in the morning. Likes to play with it more than eating it. Tearing it into small pieces and squashing it.
He eats a lot when we go out for a meal. After he's finished his porridge, he can still eat some bread and cornflakes and raisins (as much as we'd allow him to). If we don't give him the snacks, he'd fuss around and make a lot of noise.

Lately he only naps once a day. Usually it'll last for 2-3 hours. So his total sleep time is still the same, 11-12 hours.

16 teeth in total.

He babbles more this past month. He goes "papapapa" a lot. When he sees PaPa's car driving into the car porch, he'll go to the windows (quite low so he's able to look outside) at the living room and call out "PaPa... PaPa". Sometimes when he hears the door being closed upstairs, he'd call out "PaPa... PaPa" too, even though PaPa's not home then.
He babbles more when he's angry. When he's not happy, he goes "babababa.. jeejeejeejee..", as if scolding people.
Some of his vocabulary (really limited), which may not be right all the time:
papa - father
taataa - Kakak
jeejee - Jie Jie or when he's not happy
bauubauu - want to be carried
tuck - Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck and most things

He walks rather steadily now. Can even run already. When playing chasing with jie jie, he'll run and flap his hands like a bird. Such a funny sight.
He's trying to jump. Will bend his knees and push himself up. But his legs doesn't leave the ground and sometimes he loses balance and falls down.
When he's on the trampoline, he tries to jump too. Have to hold his hands and standby in case he falls off. Very dangerous. When XY or I jump next to him on the trampoline, he gets very excited coz he's bouncing as well.
He managed to climb up our bed a few days ago. Our bed with divan is about 2 feet high.

Likes to cover his face with the hanky and walk with his face looking upwards.
Likes to hug his soft toys - puppy, bear, Ernie and even jie jie's doll.
Snatches whatever jie jie's holding. Poor jie jie, she has to give in most of the time.
Sometimes, out of a sudden, he walks to jie jie, knock jie jie's head with a toy or hit jie jie with his hands. What a violent boy!
And he won't bother even if jie jie cry out loud. But when jie jie cries because she got scolded or hurt herself, he'll go hug her.
Likes to play at the curtain. He'll hide behind the sheer and walk forward till his face is unveiled.
Likes to touch the standing fan while it's running. Sometimes he likes to test me, he'll put his hand near the fan and see my reaction.
His bad temper is becoming more prominent. When he doesn't get what he wants, he'll hit the floor/table with his bare hands or throw toys/remote controls. And when his hand hurts because of that, he expects us to sayang him.


BabyBooned said...

CE is such a colourful character, i love toddlers at this stage because they're soooo cute when they learn new things!

by the way, i tagged you but if ure too busy to do it, its okay :)

Bryan's Mama said...

hehe so cute lah!!! I like how he flaps his arms cos bryan does that too!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

Ginie, would love to hear some parenting tips from you here

Yatie said...

at leasy he's not hit his head like my son

everydayhealy said...

LOL!cute boy!Got 16 teeth already? My girl so slow ler..

See... every baby is still taking milk. What happened to baby Elizabeth ar? She seems refuse to take milk for the past 3 to 4 days.So worrying!

jazzmint said...

happy 18 months..looks like he's an entertainer at home hehe..

mybabybay said...

He is a real sweet brother, sayang her sister when she cries.

slavemom said...

Babybooned, a tag from u.. sure will do. ;)

Paik Ling, imagine if both of them together, will c 2 lil' birds flapping away. hahaha

Chin Nee, ok. Will do it soon, thx!

Yatie, he used to do that. But now he prefers to hit with his hands.

Healy, it's probably a passing phase. Is she not well?

Jazz, quite entertaining actually. LOL

Mich, yeah... sometimes he can be real sweet. But other times, so naughty.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Happy 18 mths old. He is so leng zhai wor!!

slavemom said...

Shireen, my lil' prince charming... hehehe

Peridot&Sapphire said...

hey... happy 18 months old... I'm atually waiting for this post oz I know after I post for En En sure CE one will comes in next... and they do share lots of similiarities la!
En En got the pooh bear, likes to test my reaction on the standing fan too, violent and bad temper as well,... the most similar one is en en dislike bisuit and play with it instead while CE dislike bread! Got connetion even we are so far away! LOL...

slavemom said...

Sharine, wouldn't it be cute to c them together... eat n play with their bisc n bread? hehehe CNY maybe?

Peridot&Sapphire said...

good idea! 2nd day of CNY? :)