Sunday, November 04, 2007

Progress Report

I went to XY’s kindy yesterday to collect her report card. Her teacher (Ms Mary) told me that she’s very satisfied with XY’s studies. She understands what’s been taught and finishes the work given in class. She’s quite independent and can do the work on her own most of the time. Her handwriting and colouring skill have also improved a lot. For a girl who doesn’t know how to hold a pencil nor write before starting kindy, I’m very proud of her progress.

She is also good in word blending. She can identify (or guess) the first letter of the word by listening to it. For example, when the teacher says “bin”, she’s able to tell that the word starts with the letter “b”.

I know that XY’s very noisy in class. She’s really talkative by nature. Ms Mary said she’s much better this semester. This is the comment in her progress report: “Occasionally needs to be reminded to tone down her voice!” LOL

Ms Mary also told me that she’ll give a big reaction (or make a big fuss) when people accidentally knocked her. Yup... that’s my little drama queen.

She has a very good friend in class (CJ). So she likes to do everything with CJ... sit with her, play with her, go everywhere together, etc. But sometimes CJ doesn’t want to be so buddy with her. And that really upsets her. Maybe she’s too friendly that it scares people away. I guess she doesn’t understand why her friend reacts that way. And that others have a right to not be her best buddy at times. She’s actually quite an emotional girl.

Overall, I’m very happy with her progress. I think she’s having great fun in school and making friends. And that’s what matters most.


mybabybay said...

Bravo XY for making progress in school. You make your mummy proud.

Frankensteina said...

You must be one proud mama :D my nieces and nephews are a lil hyper too in class so i guess that's normal. Infact the heacher told my aunts that if the child is hyper it shows that he/she is smart

slavemom said...

Mich, I am. :)

Frankensteina, most children r quite hyper these days. Must be the DHA, SA n ARA in their milk formula. hehehe

Bryan's Mama said... long as they have fun. I think many parents forget that childhood is all about having fun!!

jazzmint said...

great to hear XY doing well :).

slavemom said...

Paik Ling, yes.. n that's vy sad.

Jazz, yeah.. I'm happy she's learning something n having fun at the same time.