Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Open Range Restaurant

Last Sunday, we went to Open Range for dinner. It's a western food restaurant in Mahkota Cheras (near Sg. Long). My first impression when I entered the restaurant was that it was quite small. They have only 5 or 6 long tables there. We sat near the door, in front of the aquariums of oysters and crabs.

I ordered Swiss Mix Grill Cheese Steamboat. When it came, they lighted up the pot of cheese and I thought it was going to burn for very long. Was a bit worried the cheese will dry up coz I take a long time to finish my food. But it went off in less than 5 minutes. hehehe This dish comes with grilled chicken, beef, lamb and fish, fried calamari, sausage, ham and egg. It's the first time I'm trying something like this and it was really tasty, even without dipping the meat into the cheese. And with the cheese, it's even more yummy.

~ Swiss Mix Grill Cheese Steamboat ~

CB said the Red Wine Lamb was good. But I don't quite like it. Not tasty enough for my liking.

~ Red Wine Lamb ~

The Cowboy Hot Dog has 2 pieces of sausages fried in a cheese roll. Nothing to shout about but XY sure loved the fries.

~ Cowboy Hot Dog ~

As for the baked mussels, it was alright. But we still prefer the one in Fish & Co.

~ Baked Mussels ~

Kakak had the pineapple fried rice. It didn't come in a pineapple though. :D She said there wasn't much pineapple in it.

When we were about to finish our meal, it felt quite hot. I was wondering if the air-cond was working or not. After we've paid for the bill, we went to the washroom. Then only I realised they have another air-conditioned section on the other side. They've got a big screen tv too. And it was much more comfortable there. Haih... we were sitting at the non-smoking section lah. No wonder I find it rather funny that the place was so small and hot. LOL

Overall, we had a fulfilling dinner. Thanks Chinnee, for the good recommendation. ;)


Sabrina said...

The food really looks tempting lar..I oso feeling hungry liau.

Amazone Services said...

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Mummy to QiQi said...

wow....Ginie, u tried out so much dishes from there? me and hubby only tried honey chicken and black pepper chicken (the most conventional dish that would never go wrong). But i saw a lot ppl's dish very special and nice.

Aiya...u din sit at the air-con area? That place is nice and comfy (we sat by the deck near the window)

jazzmint said...

wah food looks good

Jacss said...

wow...i like the burning pot of cheese... so western!!

alamak...such mistake also wonder so hot ehh, nevermind, there's always a second trip there, i bet !!

JO-N said...


Where do you stay? Open Range is very near my house. Anyway, I don't like the food there. You should try Milwaukee in Balakong, much tastier.

slavemom said...

Sab & Jazz, my turn to tempt u guys with food. hahaha

Amazone Services, eat once in awhile is ok lah.

Chin Nee, next time will know where to sit.

Jac, ya lor... so blur hor.

Joanne, I've tried Milwaukee too. Both oso nice.

Yatie said...

looks so tempting but is it halal??? cheese... yummy

slavemom said...

Yatie, it's halal.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

DELICIOUS AND TEMPTING! feels hungry now... it's almost time for dinner

slavemom said...

Sharine, hope it made u hv better appetite for dinner. :)