Friday, November 02, 2007

Scholastic Books

~ all these for RM50 ~

Every few months or so, XY will bring back the brochure and order form from Scholastic Book Clubs. I think her kindy has some sort of collaboration with them. So far, I’ve received it 3 or 4 times already. There’s no obligation to buy. But the books are quite worth buying. They’re priced from RM8 - RM15. Only a few books are above RM20.

The books are labelled with different categories (Emergent Reader, Beginning Reader, Advanced Beginning Reader, Universal) which make buying easier for us parents. We can use that as a guide to choose the most appropriate books for the child’s reading level.

They usually offer the paperback version of the rather expensive hardcover books. For example, the one I bought for her, Yikes!!!, the hardcover costs RM71 (as stated in the brochure) but I only paid RM11 for the paperback version. This round, I got a Barney board book for CE (who’s getting rougher and rougher with books) and a Clifford book set with plush toy. I meant to get the toy for CE but XY loves it more than him.


JO-N said...

Just came back from the payless books sales in YMCA, Brickfields yesterday. Manage to get some scholastic books too.

slavemom said...

Joanne, show us ur loots ya.

Bryan's Mama said...

i'm interested as well!! how do i sign up for it?

slavemom said...

Paik Ling, the brochure is specifically for parents to make orders thru the kindy. They don't deal directly with us. Maybe u can contact Grolier to enquire abt the book club at 03-2070 4911 (got it from the internet).

Lemonjude said...

I bought a few beginner book for my boy too. Every time I read to him, he just want to hold the book and flip roughly..

Scholastic book is good book and cheaper compare to those MPH one...every now and then I got the order form from my church member who runs home school...but so far I bought once only.

slavemom said...

Judy, I was told it's a good sign that he's holding n flipping the book. That means he loves them. Eventually, he'll love to read them. :)