Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weekend @ Shopping Complexes

We spent the weekend shopping (mainly window shopping), eating (nice, yummy food) and playing (for the kids). It was a tiring weekend for everyone but the kids sure had lots of fun.

We went to Midvalley Megamall (MV) at about 3pm - with 2 kids and 2 maids (we’re ‘babysitting’ BIL’s maid for the weekend). Traffic was quite smooth but still had to queue awhile to get into the car park. Good thing we wanted to get a car wash so we didn’t have to look for a parking space. I thought this festive holiday KL would be rather empty but no, MV was just as packed with people as usual.

Went to check out The Gardens which is next to MV. It’s a new block of shopping complex, with mainly medium to high-end shops. It was raining heavily when we were done exploring. The walkway back to MV wasn’t covered all the way. Luckily a few staff were there to help out and they provided some umbrellas. It was really terrible as the walkway was crowded with people from both directions, trying to squeeze in as much as possible to avoid the heavy rain. That’s not all. The end of the walkway (MV’s side) was flooded. Some just walked through the water while some tried to balance across the bricks that were lined at the side (like me loh). Terrible, just terrible.

We walked around for awhile then went to Jusco. When we were at Jusco’s play area, PaPa bought some tokens for XY to play. The place is not very well maintained. A lot of the machines were out of order and some have instructions only in Japanese. How do you play if you don’t even understand how it works?

~ XY's the driver while CE's trying to get out ~

Next, dinner at Amarin Heavenly Thai. We had crispy catfish salad (very appetising), fried chicken with cashew nuts, broccoli with garlic and mushroom, green curry beef (spicy! but very nice), steamed siakap fish, fried rice served in pineapple, and water chestnuts in coconut milk for dessert. Simply delicious and satisfying.

After dinner, we headed home. Both the kids fell asleep in the car soon after we started the journey. They woke up when we reached home (close to 10pm).

Left the house at 1+pm to 1-Utama (1U). Lunch at Dragon-i. It’s our first time there. We ordered Taiwan fried chicken la mian (noodle soup), fried rice with shrimps and preserved vegetable, fried seafood la mian, Shanghai braised pork belly, Shanghai xiao long bao, Tianjin meat bun (bao), and steamed rice with chicken, mushroom and chinese sausage. What a yummy lunch!

Our next destination, Kizsports & Gym. That was the main reason we went to 1U. It was the kids’ first visit. They had lots of fun. XY was running around, climbing high up like a monkey, sliding down. She was obviously not afraid of heights. She climbed till very high and came down through the spiral slide. She had a few rounds of that. Then she had a minor accident. She went too near a swing (a father was swinging his child) and got hit at the mouth. It happened so fast. I was standing nearby telling Kakak to take good care of CE while he’s on the swing and the next thing I know, XY was thrown back and sat on the floor. She cried but I think it was more out of shock than pain. She had a cut at her bottom lip and it was bleeding quite a bit. One of the staff gave me some dry ice to stop the bleeding. After awhile, she was back to normal, climbing here and there again. Luckily it was nothing serious. As for CE, he was happy enough sitting in the ball pit, playing with the balls, throwing them out.

~ in front of Kizsport ~

Dinner was at TGIF. Didn’t order too much coz we had a late and heavy lunch. We had the 3 course meal (shrimp martini, pineapple mojito whitefish, cookie and cream), grilled lamb chop, pasta, and hotdog and fish nuggets (from the kids menu). So nice, kids get to eat for free.

On the way home, the kids fell asleep in the car again but this time, CE didn’t wake up when we got home. He stirred a bit when I changed his diaper and clothes. XY also fell asleep quite fast after washing up. After shower, I went to bed too. What a tiring day.

P/S: Sorry ah, no photos of the food coz I was too hungry to remember to snap them with CB’s handphone. hehehe


jazzmint said...

aiyo why so teruk one..i thought both sides are connected one, no kah :S.

Wen said...

ya lor, i havent been there, wait till all shops are opened. is it dusty there?
luckily ur girl is alrite. maybe we can have a gathering there..
sounds really hectic for me ..

Mummy to QiQi said...

we were there few weeks back and saw the same scenario. dare not go over to Gardens liao after that :(

Health Freak Mommy said...

Sounds like a great weekend you've had.
I have a phobia of moving swings coz when Sherilyn was around 16 mths old, she was hit by a moving swing at the playground and was thrown to the muddy ground too. Thank God, she was unscathed in the incident. I was really traumatized!

slavemom said...

Jazz, no loh. Not sure if they'll build a covered walkway later.

Wen, not really dusty. But smell a bit of paint (the 'new' smell). Yeah, Kizsports is a good place for gathering. The kids (if old enuff) can play with min supervision while the parents hv some free time to chit chat.

Chin Nee, really terrible hor.

Shireen, yeah.. thank God it was not an 'expensive' lesson. Now I'm traumatised too!

Desperate Mummy said...

Hi,first time here.Its seems tat I heard many negative comments on the new mall ler.

slavemom said...

Eva, hi.. thx for dropping by.
Well, the mall is vy new so maybe the facilities (like a proper walkway) r not complete yet.

Bryan's Mama said...

sounds like a really great weekend. i haven't been to the gardens yet. good thing i read this posting. the only reason why i like to go to MV is for amarin - love their steamed fish with lime!!

chooi peng said...

seems like MV and 1U is the only mall we used to hang out during weekend! LOL

slavemom said...

Paik Ling, yeah.. the steamed fish is really appetising. *yummy*

Chooi Peng, ya lor.. where else to go leh? The kids can play, we can makan and jalan jalan, all under 1 roof. :)