Monday, October 22, 2007

17 Months Old

Weight - 10+ kg
Height - about the same, I think (very difficult to measure coz he wouldn't stay still)

His milk intake has increased from 8oz to 10oz for morning and bedtime. Afternoon - still 8oz. Per day, he’s taking 3 times of milk, 2 pieces of bread (used to be 1) in the morning, 2 bowls of porridge (for lunch and dinner) and a serving of fruits for tea-time.
Quite picky about food. He prefers white bread over wholemeal bread. And he doesn’t like mantou (steamed bun) at all. Funny boy.
Favourite foods - Honeystar, raisins and cornflakes. He keeps walking to the cabinet where we keep these stuff and try to reach for the tupperware at the counter top. If we don’t give him, he’ll cry. So we either give in or distract him with something else. Have to pull him away coz he’ll start to climb the drawer handles. He’s really into snacks now.
Prefers to feed himself. When eating fruits, I’ll poke the fruit with a fork and give it to him. He’ll hold the fork and eat himself. Of coz, this must be done with close supervision.

Total sleep time - still the same... 11-12 hours. 2 naps a day. Some days just once.

16 teeth in total.

He’s not really babbling but making more ‘noises’. He’s starting to make sounds of different tones... which sound like singing sometimes.
He likes to point at objects that he’s familiar with, making the ‘nggghh!’ sound and expect you to acknowledge him. He’ll point at the tv, a book or his toy with printed pictures. So if he’s pointing at a balloon, you have to say "balloon", then he’ll move on to the next object. If you ignore him, he’ll shout even louder to get your attention. I’ve tried saying the wrong word on purpose, sometimes he’ll accept it. Other times, he’ll ‘nggghh!’ even louder.
Makes the thumb-up (good) sign. When asked if his food is good, he’ll do the thumb-up sign. Sometimes, he’ll do it without us asking after eating something, even though it's just a few grains of rice.

He walks all over the place now. Even in shopping complexes, he prefers to get down and walk. And he doesn’t like us to hold his hand. So he’ll be going one direction (more like all directions) while we’re going the other. Big headache.
His walking is not 100% steady yet. Will still fall down every now and then.

Likes to play catching, hide-and-seek and peek-a-boo. Gets very excited when we hide behind the wall, door or sofa. Then he’ll come and look for us. Sometimes he’ll initiate the game by hiding behind the cabinet.
He tried to jump when he’s on the trampoline. But he couldn’t lift up his legs. So you see the little guy bending his knees, going up and down, like dancing. hahaha
Waves bye-bye to the tv when the cartoon program is over.
Likes to poke his finger into his nose. Sometimes he’ll hide in the room or behind the sofa to do that. :-|
He’s likes to put his finger into his mouth lately. Back to being a baby?


Lemonjude said...

Just becareful since he can walk everywhere now. I almost have a run about baby.

btw, you have been tag. Easy one..

Peridot&Sapphire said...

meaning CE just a few days younger than En En? He got way lots of teeth... en en only got 8 teeth, dun know when can have 16 teeth? Milk intake also lots more than en en 6-7oz...

jazzmint said...

happy 16th months.

whoa..10 oz, so u gotta upgrade bottle liao hehe...mine oso doesn't like mantau, or rather anything plain. he likes char siu pau

slavemom said...

Judy, ya lor.. vy tiring following him everywhere.

Sharine, yup... CE's exactly 1 wk younger than En En.

Jazz, I use 2 btls loh. Din get bigger btls coz I'm using orthodontic teats. They don't fit bigger btls.

Anggie's journel said...

3 time of 8oz milk ?? wow.. and 2 nap ?? so kuai ur boy. ...
if i taking k my boy during weekend, he will hv 2 nap too, but at nanny place 1 nap only, sometime all afternoon only sleep 1 hour . But at night ... boom to sleep at 830pm till the next morning.

Happy 17 months old , later few months will be turning 2 .... !!

slavemom said...

Anggie, he's not so kuai liao.. slowly reducing to 1 nap a day. Sometimes less nap is not a bad idea if they can sleep for a long stretch till morning.