Tuesday, October 23, 2007

To Upgrade Or Not?

Our ancient VCR (which doesn’t even have a timer) has decided to retire a few months ago. So I’ve not been able to record any shows, especially those Cantonese drama serials on WLT. Thus I’ve not been following any shows lately because the prime time (8:30 - 10:30pm) coincides with the kids’ bedtime.

The last show that I watched was ‘The Drive of Life’ on AOD. I think Astro has come up with a brilliant idea to squeeze more money out of our pockets. I have to agree, it has some strong selling points. You get to watch it the same time as the Hongkies, so you’re fully updated with the latest serials that are currently showing there. It’s advertisement-free and the current day’s episode is repeated every 45 minutes. So it’s true to a certain extent when they said you can watch it anytime you want. But I don’t really like the idea of paying extra for something which will eventually be shown later... unless you’re the type that get a kick out of shouting “Tai jor la!” to the poor DVD seller. :D

Now we’re considering to upgrade the current decoder to Astro MAX (A.MAX). And that’s going to burn a big hole in our pocket. I’m weighing the pros and cons of getting a new VCR or the A.MAX. One obvious advantage with the A.MAX is the ease of programming and recording. You don’t have to set the timer or change your tape (maximum 3 hours only) while recording. Another big advantage is that you can watch one channel on Astro while recording another.

Looks like getting A.MAX is an obvious choice, although we’ll be RM849 poorer. hahaha If you have heard or experienced any problems with the A.MAX, do share with me ya. To upgrade or not to upgrade... that is the question.


jazzmint said...

hmm i've long never touch VCR LOL

Frankensteina said...

We have VCR but we never really use it hence we forgot how to programme things and all heheheh.

We were thinking of getting A.Max too but it's a lil pricey for us but I think it's a good idea if you tend to miss programmes like me. I only get home around 9 at night after work and just too tired to watch anything. I usually do my watching on weekends

Eva said...

I heard about Astro Max but dunno wat is the purpose.Is it for recording purpose or we can view normal astro channel like the current decorder?

Wen said...

we use only DVD and as for the Astro i dont like to wait, so i wait till all the episode is out then i watch them from the DVD and can continue to another episode. tiu yan ma..
as u said its the prime time when they show in wah lai toi, so i didnt spend money on that..
and i only watch when the kids r asleep, very noisy la if watch when they r there.

chanelwong said...

heard about the AstroMax but not sure good or not.....

Health Freak Mommy said...

You have time to catch those chinese series on TV? How nice! I've not watched them for years!

slavemom said...

Jazz, I think our next generation will ask us wat's a VCR. Can oni see it in museums. LOL

Frankensteina, looks like it's oso quite hi up on ur nice-to-have list.

Eva, it's like the current decoder (to watch Astro) with the recording functionality (and much more).

Wen, so I presume u're not subscribing to WLT? Yup, getting the DVDs gives u the most flexibility. U can watch watever u choose n can watch many many episodes at 1 go. No need to wait.

Chanel, I've nvr heard of any complaints so far.

slavemom said...

Shireen, can oni watch after the kids sleep. If i don't watch the serials, then i've got no other entertainment liao. :(