Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Drama Queen

XY’s kindy organised a colouring contest today. They are allowed to bring their own colour pencils or use their set (crayons) in school. She preferred her colour pencils. So I was sharpening them at 1+ in the middle of the night yesterday coz I totally forgot about it, till I was about to go to bed.

The colour pencils have no box coz she spoilt it long time ago (or was it didi?). So I put them in her pencil case. I was a bit worried she’ll lose them if she didn’t keep them properly after use. She’s quite a ‘big head prawn’. She has lost her pencil, misplaced her cap and forgotten to take home her water tumbler before.

Just now when I fetched her from school, she was crying at the school compound. When the teacher brought her to the car, she told me that XY’s upset coz she lost her colour pencils. (See, I already foresee that’ll happen.) She said they’ll look for them and return to her tomorrow.
Me : It’s ok, XY. Teacher will look for them. You’ll get them back tomorrow.
XY : huuhuuhuuuu *still sobbing softly*
Me : I won’t scold you for losing them. It’s ok.

After awhile...
Me : Why did you cry? Were you afraid that I was going to scold you?
XY : No.
Me : So why were you crying?
XY : *kept quiet*

After we got home, she took out her water tumbler from her bag. And guess what she found. Her pencil case. (Ok, ok, this time I was wrong. She didn’t lose any of them. All 12 came back safely. :D) Aiyo... this girl of mine ah. I really don’t know what to say. Drama queen in the making?


Wen said...

at least u didnt scold her..
then why she cried ah?

Mummy to QiQi said...

yur darling is so *kuai* to care about her belongings :)Deserve a kiss more than a scolding.

Health Freak Mommy said...

The same goes to Alycia. When she left her water tumbler behind in school the other day, she cried for one whole day until she got it back from school the next day. Wonder why they are so sentimental over these things huh?

jazzmint said...

wonder when they will start remember where they place things. mine also throws a big fuss when she cant find it, i'd tell her where u put, i dunno leh

chanelwong said...

maybe she is testing mummy???

slavemom said...

Wen, today I asked her again. She said she loves her colour pencils a lot wor.

Chin Nee, I din scold her.. considered vy good oredi lor. hehehe

Shireen, wow.. Aly cried for 1 whole day ah? She really love that tumbler vy much.

Jazz, yeah.. they like to come n ask us (and Kakak) where their things are.

Chanel, maybe she cry n look pity 1st. So that I won't scold her.