Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trying Hard To Be An Angel

PaPa bought a big lollipop for XY last Saturday. She’s been bugging us to let her eat it since Sunday. I kept telling her she can only eat after dinner if she’s been a good girl the whole day. My definition of a good girl:
* Listen to what we say - follow instructions.
* When we ask her to stop, she has to stop immediately whatever mischievous or naughty things she was doing.
* Eat her meals properly - no playing with the food, no walking around before the meal’s finished.
* In short, be an obedient girl.

Sunday night - not successful.

Monday night - not successful, but PaPa gave her some chocolates instead. He’s very soft-hearted. Always pity his precious girl coz mummy doesn’t allow her to eat sweets/junk food (as frequently or as much as she likes).

Tuesday night - successful! Actually, we gave her some ‘discounts’. hehehe How to expect an active monkey to suddenly transform into an obedient little girl? Can you see how she’s enjoying her lollipop? Didi’s also very interested in the big colourful thing and wanted to get a taste of it.

The lollipop’s really lasting. After licking for more than half an hour, it’s still as big. So I asked her to keep it for the next day. She just had 1 round of licking after lunch. At the rate she’s going, I think it can last for 1 week!


Anggie's journel said...

wah.. big big lollipop. i wandering how the kids can finish it ?? so Big... can keep for long, sure ur girl are longing for her lollipop everyday :) and b an obedient girl.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Looks like most daddies are softies. Same here with the gals. I'm the disciplinarian at home - no nonsense and no sweets but with daddy, there's no such thing as NO!
Oh my what a huge lollipop! If my hubby were to buy that, I'll freak out!! But if spread out the licks to 1 week, then quite ok lah, on condition of good behaviour!

Wen said...

aiyoh, Ian is axactly like XY. But if i dont give it to him, he'll keep on asking me. sometimes can last for 30 min! my kids' lollipop can last many days even it is only the chuppa chup.

jazzmint said...

keke...vy big ohh..better keep high high, later didi curi and take a bite LOL.

BabyBooned said...

i had a lolly around that size when i was a kid :D guess what... it lasted a few months in the fridge! truth is i liked its looks better than its taste. hehehee

slavemom said...

Anggie, that's wat I'm hoping for. If dun behave, no lolly for the day. Cruel hor?

Shireen, her PaPa thinks that I'm too strict. Hv to balance out, I guess, since he's so lenient.

Wen, hv to be stern sometimes. No means no. If not, she doesn't take me seriously.

Jazz, didi's into Honeystar. That must keep high high. hehehe

Babybooned, wow.. a few mths. Really value for money loh that one. :D

Mummy to QiQi said...

wah Ginie, so big lollipop. I am afraid of the color on the food :(

Jesslyn said...

You no help her lick some ar? I will coz i don't want them take too much sweet! :)

slavemom said...

Chin Nee, ya lor... PaPa let her eat a big chunk of sugar and colouring. :(

Jess, I did lick a bit. But since she's not finishing it all at once, I let her be loh.

Bryan's Mama said...

so her lollipop finished yet today? hehe

mybabybay said...

It will take days to finish that lolipop.

slavemom said...

Paik Ling, not yet. She seemed to hv forgotten abt it. hehehe

Mich, i think it'll take weeks!