Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Penang Trip Oct '07

We reached Penang at about 12 noon. My brother picked us up from the airport. When we reached home, XY ate rice for lunch as she was hungry already. Then I made milk for CE. Next, lunch for ourselves. We left the kids at home to play with their cousin brother, WQ. Really thankful for SIL who’s very kind to take care of the kids while we went out to have a peaceful lunch.

We went to Sister’s Char Koay Teow (CKT). I think we go there every time we’re back in Penang. It was 1+pm on a Saturday but surprisingly, there weren’t many customers. We ordered yam cake and CKT. I was very hungry and finished the yam cake while waiting for the CKT. The CKT tasted just as good as always to me but CB said that it’s not so fragrant and the prawns weren’t very fresh. I don’t know... either I have a terrible taste bud or I was just too hungry. I think it’s both! LOL He also said the lady frying the CKT is not the usual lady. This is the first time we have it in the afternoon. Maybe the morning session and the afternoon session are run by different people. So he didn’t have an ‘ooomphh!’ lunch.

We had dinner at home. SIL cooked up a wonderful meal. There were sweet and sour crab, steamed fish, roasted chicken and vegetables. She also made a blueberry cheese cake. Before dinner, we sang the birthday song. The birthday girl made a wish, blew the candle and cut the cake. Whose birthday did I go home to celebrate? Mine! hahaha I had another great birthday this year. It was really great celebrating it with my family in my hometown.

~ mmmm... I love the crab ~

~ blueberry cheese cake ~

We didn’t go anywhere. We usually stay at home when I’m back coz it’s normally a short trip and I’d prefer to spend more time at home. CB went to buy some siu mai (meat dumpling) from Sister’s CKT. It’s another must-have for us as the siu mai is smaller than the ones we find at dim sum shops. So it’s very easy to eat, just pop one whole piece into the mouth and eat. Moreover, it doesn’t have too much meat. Not too jelak if eat a lot.

When he went there, he saw the usual lady frying (different from the day before). So he ordered CKT again as there weren’t many people waiting. And this time, it tasted up to his standard. He’s just proven his theory right - different session, different lady, different quality.

As for dinner, we went to a seafood restaurant in Paya Terubong. Will not elaborate much coz I didn’t take any pictures of the yummy food - too busy taking care of CE. The servings are not big so we ordered quite many dishes. We had 3 types of fish - steamed, grilled and claypot, deep-fried squid and small prawns, stir-fried big prawns, vegetables and fish ball soup. We enjoyed it very much coz the food’s tasty and fresh, with lots of variety.

In the morning, received an sms from AirAsia that our flight has been cancelled and they’ve put us onto the next flight. Luckily it was just an hour delay. I called the airline to confirm. Actually, we could take the earlier flight if we wanted but it’d be too rush for us. So we decided to go with the later flight (well, we don’t have much of a choice, do we?). Good thing the flight was on schedule. The kids were very tired. They slept in the taxi on the way home from LCCT. It was a short and tiring trip but a truly wonderful one.


Health Freak Mommy said...

Sounds like a real enjoyable trip. People say that the Sisters' CKT is not as nice as before and expensive too!

wen said...

happy birthdya girl!! how old edi ha??
air asia always cancels flights one..

jazzmint said...

wahh...ur SIL cook up a storm huh

Yatie said...

OMG, the crab drooling me..

I am hantu crab sslllrpp

BTW Happy belated birthday

sue said...

Aiyoh, how come my coliks never suggest Sisters CKT when I went there wan... teruk! :D

Your SIL really cooked up a storm ;) Happy Belated Birthday!

chanelwong said...

Happy Belated Birthday...The cake looks yummy....

BabyBooned said...

heyy happy belated birthday!!! what an awesome homemade cake! (i lovee homemade cakes! yum yum!)

and looking at your SIL's dishes make me so hungry la.... and today i'm only having peanut butter sandwich.. so sad..

everydayhealy said...

Sister Char Kuay Teow still so good meh? Not very good ledi, yet expensive. That's why "bo lang"! hehe...

LOL! celebrate birthday together will family sure shiok lah!:)

huisia said...

your sil quite nice to you!
happy belated birthday to you!

Juana said...

Hi CM,

Happy belated bday!!! Coincidentally I was in PG from Sat-Tues. Too bad didn't bump into u at Gurney Plaza...


Peridot&Sapphire said...

happy belated birthday... u also October baby... same here...

the Sister CKY not that great la... I tasted once and don't think going back again coz got to wait so long yet not up to expectation. The one at P.tikus (outdoor hawker)one is better...

slavemom said...

Tq all for ur b'day wishes.

Shireen, ya lor.. one of the most exp CKT in Pg.

Wen, OLD lah. hehehe Oh really, maybe I've not taken AA for a long time liao. Last time they're not that terrible wor.

Jazz, SIL's a good cook. My bro vy lucky.. so all of us oso got 'hao fuk' loh.

Yatie, hi.. thx for dropping by. I'm a big fan of crabs too. ;)

Sue, there're many others that r good too. Did they recommend the one at Lrg Selamat?

Chanel, the cake was delicious!

Babybooned, my SIL's current interest is baking. So lucky la those folks at home.

Healy, dunno leh.. still good to me. My expectation not vy hi kua.

Hui Sia, ya lor.. vy lucky to hv a great SIL.

Juana, hi... aiya.. both on the same island but din meet up. As usual vy tight schedule on short trips. Anyway, won't bump into each other at GP coz I din go there. :)

Sharine, is there oni 1 CKT stall at P. Tikus mkt? Operates at nite, rite?

Bryan's Mama said...

happy belated birthday!!!!
me going to penang next weekend for short holiday also........i love penang food!!!!!

but how to go to all this hawker places with a baby ah?

slavemom said...

Paik Ling, tq. :) If the places that u go don't hv bb chairs, then jes take turns to carry Brian loh. It may not be so convenient, but for the nice food, worth it, rite? Hv a good trip!