Thursday, October 18, 2007

Frequently Used Phrases

After my promotion to motherhood, I noticed that I tend to nag a lot. Well, can’t really help it when you’ve to repeat the same thing over and over and over again. Sometimes I even speak to CB using the same tone as I speak to the kids. But we do get a good laugh after that, if we’re both in a good mood. Do these sound familiar to you?

When XY’s having her meal :
* Please stop playing with the food/spoon.
* Please eat properly.
* XY, don’t touch your hair.
* Don’t get down from the chair till you’ve finished your meal.
* XY, eat everything together - the rice, vege and meat.
* Don’t choose and eat the meat only, it’s salty.

When XY’s watching tv :
* Sit up straight, please.
* You come down from the sofa, I’ll switch off the tv.

During bedtime :
* XY, keep quiet, close your eyes and sleep.

After her bath :
* Stop moving, let me wipe you dry first.
* Quickly wear your shirt, afterwards catch cold.

I think I should use a tape recorder to record and playback to save my breath, especially during meal time. I practically say the same thing every single meal. I’m sure I’m not alone. A lot of parents face this too, right? Right? Am I right? :)


huisia said...

nag? yeah, common, i nag as much as i swallow my saliva!

chanelwong said...

oppss...I think I also the same...aiyo..

JO-N said...

Yup. I nag a lot too but I get tired of nagging cos I don't see any improvement. So, I thought since there is no improvement, why don't I just change my approach. It's frustrating when the kids don't listen. When they don't listen, we nag again. It's going round and round in a circle.

Wen said...

totally absolutely right!!!

jazzmint said...

not only u me oso lah...even in car i nag LOL

everydayhealy said...

Ha! This is not me cause baby Elizabeth eat almost everything. And, I am too used to her moving around non stop. Sometimes I will get angry too of course. But, silent anger. The only thing I nag a lot is "Don't bite me, ELizabeth!" hahaha

And, Welcome to the new blog of Elizabeth.

slavemom said...

*sigh of relief* So glad to know I'm not alone. ;)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Haha.... same here, i nag just as much but sadly my kids never seem to hear.

Bryan's Mama said...

i say ALL the same things sometimes i think Asian mummies are too "kan cheong" that's why we nag so much!