Friday, October 05, 2007

Unexpected Power Cut

Just now while brushing XY’s teeth, suddenly everything went dark. We were in total darkness. Couldn’t see anything coz the whole neighbourhood’s power supply was cut off. Kakak was downstairs so I asked her to bring the torchlight up. Got some nagging from hubby coz there’re 3 torchlights in the house but only 1 that’s working. The rest of the batteries were dead. So for unexpected power cut like this, it took a longer time to be able to see and move about. Have to wait for Kakak to bring up the torchlight and candles.

I was thinking in my mind, how long will this power cut last. Do we need to ‘hide’ in the car to enjoy some air-cond or go to a mamak shop (most convenient place - got food mah) to get out of this stuffy house? After lighting up the room and the washroom (for XY to continue washing up), we were about to light more candles when the power came back on again. Yoohoo! No more worries. Thankfully this time it only lasted less than 10 minutes.

I just want to share with you some good practices in preparation of or in the event of a power cut.
* It’s good to keep candles and matches in a place that is easily accessible.
* Keep some torchlights (with working batteries hehehe) at places that you spend a lot of time in, like the living room and bedroom.
* Call TNB to report the matter and maybe you can find out what’s wrong and how long the disruption will last. You can get the number (for enquiry/complaint) from your electricity bill.
* If possible, get some battery-operated fan so that you won't tire your hand fanning yourself or the kids.
* And not to forget, when in total darkness, move very very slowly, with hands extended out, to avoid knocking into furniture or people.


JO-N said...

we had a 10 minute blackout last night too.

BabyBooned said...

what is it with power cuts! we had a 1-hour power cut on Wednesday night, around midnight. thank goodness we had a battery-operated kiddie-fan! and luckily my mom's the type to keep torchlights and candles everywhere in the house. hehehe..

thanks for the tips slavemom!

Health Freak Mommy said...

I hate power cuts too, just cant do anything but sit and wait. Tks 4 d tips!

Mummy to QiQi said...

Ginie, our power kena cut too yest nite. we were sooooo HOT!!!!!

slavemom said...

Joanne & Chin Nee, maybe the whole of Kj n Sg Long got blackout at the same time?

Babybooned, moms know best. ;) Lucky thing u got the batt-op fan. If not, fan till hand oso break.

Shireen, yeah.. we can't live w/o electricity, can we?

Bryan's Mama said...

i hate power cuts. if not for the heat, it is definitely the mozzies as welll

Bryan's Mama said...

oh btw i've linked you up! :)

Tracy said...

Thanks for the tips. I always keep some 'tang sum' (I don't know what's in English, neh ... the ones we use to put inside a glass filled with water and oil for praying). Better than using candles.

slavemom said...

Paik Ling, yup.. I think the mozzies will be cheering when there's a power cut. hahaha
Oh, thx.. I've linked u too. ;)

Tracy, oh that... I oso dunno wat it's called in Eng. Yeah.. i guess that's more stable n safer than a candle (if w/o a stand).