Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Picture In My Handphone

I am a very consistent person. Yes, consistently boring. LOL My desktop doesn’t have a fancy or special view and the same goes for my phone. I’m using the wallpaper from one of the existing themes in the phone. So Judy, this is what I have on my mobile.

Mind showing us your phone? Pretty please?
Health Freak Mommy
Zara's Mama
Mummy to QiQi


Frankensteina said...

Same here :) and I have been using this hp for the last 4 years

jazzmint said...

consistency is good :), no headaches hehe..

thx for the tag, later i'll upload mine :)

Bryan's Mama said...

hi, could u plse drop me an email at


I'm trying to contact you - thks!

Sasha said...

i got this tag...but forgot from who havent done yet....hehe

slavemom said...

Frankensteina, thx for dropping by. A loyal Nokia user eh? ;)

Jazz, can't wait to c urs.

Paik Ling, done!

Sasha, hor hor hor.. nvr do homework. :p