Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Very Own Handy Manny

We decided to put mosquito nets on our windows for 2 reasons - to stop mozzies from coming in when we keep the windows opened (obviously) and to enable better air circulation.

Since we don’t intend to fit on all windows, CB decided to try the DIY magnetic net. He bought one 4 x 2 ft protector sheet from Carrefour. So last Saturday, he played Handy Manny. First, cut the magnetic strip to the correct length and cut the net to the appropriate size. Then glue the net to the magnetic strip to make the borders. As we have a stainless steel window grille, we need to line the grille with magnetic strip so that the screen can stick to the window. You can skip this step if you have an iron grille.

To make the netting screen is really time consuming. CB took more than an hour. So we need to prioritise and see which rooms to install first. For our bedroom, I guess one window is sufficient. Next would be the maid’s room. The other bedrooms which are only occupied when we have guests will have to wait.

Now I’m not so worried about mozzies when I leave the window opened in the bedroom. I hope with good air circulation, the kids won’t fall sick so often.

~ the completed magnetic screen ~

~ window with mosquito netting ~


Health Freak Mommy said...

They looked so neat and very well done. Your man sure is a great handy man! Good job!
Are the materials expensive?

slavemom said...

Shireen, if u see them upclose, they aren't that neat actually. The net's not cut out straight n can see them jutting out of the borders. But boleh tahan lah... n it serves the purpose. Must give hubby credit mah... I know it's not an ez job. ;)
For a 2x4ft window, the cost is abt RM50. I think Carrefour's clearing their stock, so can get the protector sheet at RM20 where as Jusco's selling at RM40+. RM30 is for the magnetic strip to line the S/S window.

Bryan's Mama said...

kekeke bryan loves handy time when you DIY, call me - I'm sure my son loves to observe hehehe

jazzmint said...

wah not bad leh.....i guess save alot money...and since don't open all windows, won't need to do all.

Wen said...

looks good. ya, i prefer the netting, hate the mozzie esp it comes from our playgrd. its really 'dook'..

mybabybay said...

Yeap, I saw this at Tesco. I got someone to do it for my house. He didn't do a good jow. Now everything falling apart. :(

slavemom said...

Paik Ling, my one doesn't sing n dance. Bryan may not be too interested. LOL

Jazz, can save a bit oni. Hv to take into consideration labour cost. hehehe

Wen, the playgrd in my area oso got lots of mozzies. Applied repellent oso they still sting one.

Mich, maybe if DIY, will fall apart even faster? I hope not! hehehe

Anggie's journel said...

heh... i was always wanna to hv this on my master bedroom, but becos i hv grille , i thot cannot put the nets lei ..

byw, can u pls tell me, what should i get and where can i get ar, since u are staying in kajang too ... and how's the price ??


slavemom said...

Sure, no prob. 1st, measure ur window so that u know wat size of the protective screen to get. We bot the 2x4ft and 4x4ft from Carrefour n Jusco. U can try Tesco too.
Look at the comment above for the price for 2x4ft. The 4x4ft one is RM80 (after disc, RM64). We got the 14ft magnetic strips from Jusco at RM30.90. They hv various lengths. Let me know if u need more info.

chanelwong said...

can stay there long? will it fall down?

slavemom said...

Chanel, it's been there more than a wk oredi. Nope, din fall down. The magnetic strip keeps the net in place.

Lemonjude said...

My bedroom just need to install mosquito net. Thanks for this piece of useful info. I will look out the material and try to fix it.

btw, I have blogroll you :)

slavemom said...

Judy, good luck with the installation. :) Hey, thx.. I've blogrolled u too. ;)