Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Playful Monkey

XY can really drive me up the wall sometimes. She’s so so so playful. Although she was born in the Year of the Goat, she’s more like an active noisy monkey. She must have been born a year too early! hahahaha

She plays while brushing her teeth. When she gargles, she’ll spit the water at the toilet wall like a fountain or let it flow out her mouth and wet her front.

She plays while bathing. She tries to make bubbles when we shampoo her hair or body. She will wriggle around when we dry her up with a towel after her bath. Then she’ll run around naked or jump on the bed before wearing her clothes.

She plays on her way to the toilet. She’ll purposely walk a big round or jump on the ABC mat or touch a toy/something on her way there.

She plays while sitting on the toilet bowl. She’ll roll the toilet paper up and down or play with the water spray.

She plays while eating. She likes to play with her food. Takes forever to finish her meal, unless it’s her favourites like sandwich, non-home-cooked noodles or fast food.

She likes to play with my stationeries. Likes to use my pen, highlighter (of coz not allowed), stapler (has been taught in school) and glue stick.

So yeah, she can play with anything and everything, anywhere, anytime.


Anggie's journel said...

Girl sometime can be very active hor ?? i always complain that my boy is very active and playful, and my frens told me... girls also the same thing... *-*

zara's mama said...

I think it's just a toddler's way.. born in the year or monkey or not. :P

btw, I moved to my own domain, http://mytwogirls.net Please update your link. Thanks.

Wen said...

exactly like Ian. mayb they are the wild goat kua..

mybabybay said...

Girls just want to have fun!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

so cute your lil gal :)

jazzmint said...

looks like she keeps u busy hehe

slavemom said...

Anggie, nowadays kids r jes so active, irregardless of gender.

ZMM, hv updated accordingly. ;)

Wen, hahaha.. that's a good one.. wild goats. LOL

Mich, yeah.. and the mummy pengsan liao. :D

Chin Nee, I prefer her to be 'cute' in other ways. hehehe

Jazz, busy and crazy! LOL

Peridot&Sapphire said...

haha... my en en also show signs like xy even she's just 1 year plus... guess I have to seek for your advise soon...

Tracy said...

XY's not the only one. She has a 'partner' in Destinee too. Mine's a horsie who plays and gallops. She won't just walk but will 'gallop' every or any where she goes.

JO-N said...

She's a "sunshine girl" (heard this in the radio that active children are called "sunshine children")

A simple tag for you.


slavemom said...

Sharine, it's understandable when a 1 yo is so playful. But a playful 4 yo can really drive u nuts. :p

Tracy, they sometimes drive us up the wall hor?

Joanne, wah.. such a nice term. ;) I may complain a lot but I'm vy thankful to be blessed with "sunshine children".
Ok, will do the tag soon. Tq!