Sunday, January 06, 2008

Singapore Trip Dec '07 (Part III)

This is the last part of my Singapore trip. I know, I know... I'm taking too long to finish it. Part I and II seemed like history now. Blame it on procrastination and loss of momentum. :p

Day 4
I decided to wake up earlier than the kids, hoping that we can leave the hotel a little earlier than the day before. Unfortunately, CE gave us extra work as he did his vomiting ritual again. Although we managed to contain most of it in the bucket, he dirtied his pants and needed some clean-up and a change. In the end, we went out about the same time as the day before.

After breakfast at the same food court, we headed for Singapore Zoo. It was already 11+ in the morning. CE fell asleep in the cab. Luckily we managed to rent a stroller so we started exploring the zoo while he was sleeping. The zoo is really stroller friendly. You can push it throughout the trails. I like this zoo as there are many animals to see and the place is very well maintained.

~ giant tortoise ~

After exploring half of it, we decided to take a break for lunch (late lunch at 2+). As expected, the food there is nothing too appealing. When I almost finished my lunch, something terrible happened. CE who was sitting quietly on his high chair, eating raisins, started to fuss about. He wanted to get down. After making a lot of noise, I decided to carry him, then only I realised he did his big business in his diaper and it has leaked! I couldn't clean him up immediately coz PaPa has brought XY to the toilet. So I just let him stand on the floor as I can't carry him. And he was crying and fussing, wanting me to carry. Gosh... 5 minutes felt like forever.

When they returned, we all went to the toilet. Luckily I brought a pair of clothes for him. If not, I guess we've to buy one from the souvenir shop. I brought him to the ladies' toilet, stripped him naked and washed him in the basin. As the tap is the type that you need to press down for water, I had some difficulty washing as I only get very little water each time. There was a kind lady who offered to help me press the tap while I 'bathed' him. And while I was trying to clean him up, he was wailing like a slaughtered pig. Arggghh! XY was very helpful. She helped to hold the clean clothes as there wasn't any place to put them.

After cleaning him up, I have a very dirty pair of clothes to deal with. PaPa asked me to throw them away but I felt it's a big waste. So I washed them as clean as possible, stuffed them in a plastic bag and tied it tight. After all these cleaning, I'm quite exhausted but we've another half of the zoo to explore. Anyway, we just continued our journey. Instead of walking, we took the tram. It goes around the zoo, with 4 drop-off/pick-up points. After the tram ride, XY and I went for the elephant ride. It wasn't very comfortable, with our legs hanging out. And we were swaying left and right as the elephant walked. I was so afraid it will suddenly get agitated and throw us off its back. Watched too much scary tv. LOL

~ elephant ride ~

Continued to explore by foot and we walked till the zoo closed at 6pm. We didn't go to Night Safari (just next door) as I'm not sure how the kids would react to such a dark environment with wild animals roaming nearby. Anyway, we're just too tired to do anything else.

~ XY in Australian Outback ~

We didn't head back to hotel but went for dinner at Bugis Junction. Might as well have dinner first coz I'm sure we'd be too lazy to go out after showering. We had the famous duck rice but it wasn't really that nice. Better than KL ones, but still lose out to Johor, according to PaPa.

That was another dead tiring day.

Day 5
As this was the last day in Singapore, and we didn't have any particular plans, we walked to Bugis Junction (BJ) to waste some time before checking-out. Before reaching our destination, we passed by a mamak shop and XY wanted to eat roti canai. After breakfast, we continued to BJ and found out they have a big food court there. And the food there was very much more appealing than roti canai. Well, never mind, we packed chicken rice and noodles for lunch. We haven't packed our luggage yet so it'd be better if we just ate in the room, to save some time. We walked at the shopping complex for a short while. We dropped by Robinsons (in Raffles City) as I wanted to buy the Avent bottle. But the sales person told me it's not on offer so I didn't get it. On the way back to the room, we saw a big food court and it's the same chain as the one in BJ. Haih... if we'd known there's a big food court here, we'd have more choices of food for the past few days.

By evening, we're back in our home sweet home. Phew! Don't you think I need a break after this holiday?


Bryan's Mama said...

wah....i read about your holiday also i'm tired already. i've decided to swear off holidays till my kids are all more than 7yrs old!

jazzmint said...

can imagine how it was with the poop in the pants and gotta wash him up

Tot's Mom said...

Singapore Zoo is worth going. I have been there but it was years ago. Sometimes, I really don't know why Singapore can do things so well but not Malaysia. I have also been to Zoo Negara. Sad to say, it sucks!

Wen said...

their zoo is very clean ler, i must go this yr edi

BabyBooned said...

i hate it when diapers leak :( esp. if it's major poo. urgh.. so tension. u did such an admirable job on the holiday, slavemom. u deserve a relaxing time post-holiday!!

slavemom said...

Paik Ling, no need to wait that long lah. More than 4 yo shld be fine. :D

Jazz, in a public place summore. sigh...

Tot's Mom, I've nvr been to Zoo Negara. Guess we can tick it off the "to-visit" list.

Wen, Sgp is a good destination for family hols. Not too far n has many places of interests.

Babybooned, thx for the flattering compliments. *shy shy edi* But must give credit to hubs too. Always helping out whenever he can. :)

Jacss said...

finally u r done with yr spore write-up heh?? i had a long story like u too during my last visit there but no need to dig for it lar...haha

eeeee, having to wash d "chau mak-mak" must be very bad.....

slavemom said...

Jac, yeah... finally. *phew* :D