Saturday, December 22, 2007

Singapore Trip Dec '07 (Part I)

Day 1
We reached Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore at 11+ am. Luckily we managed to get an early check-in (normally at 2) coz CB needed to be at the client's office at 2pm. Our room is on the 51st floor. It has the harbour view. I took pictures of the room but forgot to take the view outside (blur hor?). Anyway, there's a construction site below and it really spoilt the view. But the view with ships at the harbour is quite nice. The room has a king sized bed and we requested for a roll-away bed (for XY).

Then CB went to Raffles City shopping complex (just next door, very convenient) to pack lunch. We had MOS burger while CE had pumpkin soup with bread. Finally I get to eat the teriyaki rice burger. I had one and a half burgers and it was so satisfying. I really wonder how come it didn't survive in Malaysia. They used to have an outlet in KLCC.

After lunch, CB went to work. CE was still having fever (38+ºC). We rested and napped till 5+. For dinner, we looked around at Raffles City's basement (The Marketplace). There are quite a number of restaurants and we chose to eat at Din Tai Fung. We ordered crab meat 'siu long bao', noodle soup, fried rice and spinach. CB said the food at Dragon-i taste better. We didn't explore much after dinner and went back to hotel to let CE rest more. Wanted to make milk for him but realised I didn't have the scoop. I took a new packet of milk from the box but forgot about the scoop. Arggghh! So I just used the teaspoon to estimate. Before sleep, his temperature was 39.1ºC so I gave him a dose of suppository.

Day 2
It was a working day for CB. CE vomitted immediately after his milk and it dirtied the bedsheet, mattress protector, blanket and himself. What a mess! While XY and I were having some muffins for breakfast, the housekeeping guy came to clean up the room and I brought the kids to the swimming pool to continue our breakfast. They have 2 big pools and I doubt any of it is a children's pool. Throughout our stay, didn't have the opportunity to bring XY to play in the pool.

Decided to have an early lunch to avoid the lunch crowd at the shopping complex. Went back to Din Tai Fung again. And ate the same noodle soup like the day before. Well, as long as XY liked it, she'll eat properly. So save my trouble of supervising her as I've to take care of the lil boy.

Walked around for a short while (cannot carry CE for too long) then headed back to the room. After a short rest, my friend (WL) came to visit us with her son and aunt. Didn't stay for long as her son's getting cranky coz he missed his nap. Tried to make CE sleep again after they left but got disturbed by the hotel staff (asked me if everything's ok. duh...) coz I forgot to press the "Privacy Please" button. Hmmmpph!!

Since the kids can't sleep, I prepared fruits (apple and papaya) for their tea time. Another friend (YK) came to visit at about 6pm. Not long after, CB was back from work. YK didn't join us for dinner as she was rushing home to take over her daughter from her MIL. hehehe

Wanted to see the Christmas lighting on Orchard Road. So went there for dinner. After walking around (hungry and tired already), we settled for Dome. The pan-fried dory and lamb shanks were good, but I didn't like the salmon puff (very fishy). Overall, a satisfactory meal.

~ lighting along Orchard Rd ~

To me, the lighting wasn't that impressive. It was so tiring walking along Orchard Road coz CE only wanted me to carry him. Walked till my back also senget already. Good thing CE's fever has subsided. Was hoping he'd be in better shape for the next 2 days' activities. Stay tuned!


Jacss said...

alamak....with d sick boy, wouldn't it spoilt d vacation??? if for me, i'll end up worrying lor !!!

i'm pretty surprised & dissapointed with d pic of orchard road too.....usually, it's pretty colourful & bright!!

jazzmint said...

wah...the decos are so so only huh...

and u keng lah, one sick kid and can still bring him all around, if me sure pengsan liao

slavemom said...

Jac, ya lor.. that's y now vy scared to go for vacation with the kids liao. :D

Jazz, luckily he was much better during the w/end (full of activities).

huisia said...

wah..sick you still brought him out? haha..glad to hear that his fever didn't spoil your trip.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

you forgot to bring stroller? If you bring then no need to carry CE till back also senget la... thought CE still need his bouncer for nap? he managed to dozed off by himself during the trip?

slavemom said...

Hui Sia, luckily he was getting better by the day.

Sharine, din forget, but decided not to bring. CE's not 'stroller-friendly'. hehehe He oni uses it when he sleeps. Do we din want to carry it ard, with 2 kids to take care of.