Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Dongzhi & Happy 19 Months Old

Today is the Dongzhi Festival and Kakak made tang yuan (sweet soup of glutinuous rice flour balls) and onde onde. Wishing you a very Happy Dongzhi!

~ dessert for the day ~

Here's an update on 19 months old CE:
Weight - 12.2 kg (measured on 12-12-07)
Height - didn’t measure

Likes to eat biscuits. He’s not too interested in plain bread anymore. Have to spread some jam on the bread, otherwise he won’t eat it.
Prefers rice than porridge. Gave him a few mouthfuls of plain rice and he liked it. Have just started to feed him rice with chicken and vegetable today. He’s happy with it.
Have introduced new food to him - spaghetti, bihun, noodles and cake. I think he prefers not-too-bland food now.

Ever since we came back from Singapore, his habit and behaviour have changed a little. The past few nights he wasn’t sleeping well. Woke up a few times in the middle of the night crying. Sometimes he'll point to the door or walk down from the bed and stand at the door. I guess he wants to go out.
Then yesterday, I discovered that he wants to sleep with the toilet light on. I switched it off when he dozed off but once the light was off, he woke up making a fuss till I switched it on again. How weird.

16 teeth in total. Not sure if he’s teething again as he’s acting weird lately. :D

Continues to babble. Although he doesn't speak, he knows most body parts - eye, nose, mouth, ear, hair, face, hand and leg. He likes to point at our face and make us say the parts. Sometimes I purposely say the wrong thing, but he’ll keep pointing at it till I get it right.
When he wants to sleep, he’ll point at his bouncer.

CE is now giving me bath time headache. He doesn't like to bathe, wash his hair and brush his teeth. But once he’s happy in the tub, he doesn’t want to get out. And after I managed to get him out of the bathroom, he doesn’t want to wear his clothes. Grrrr...
He likes to stack toys - to make a tower. And at other times, destroy towers that others are trying to build.
He’s learning to sort shapes. Learning to put the right shapes into the right slot.
Likes to play with the telephone. Takes up the receiver and put it at his ear.
Likes to scribble with pen, pencil or colour pencil. Of coz he's not holding the pencil the correct way.
He’s learnt how to blow (practised blowing bubbles). Today he got hold of jie jie’s whistle and he managed to blow quite loudly. And he was very happy with himself.
With his new found blowing skill, he’ll blow the insects (dead or alive) that he sees on the floor.
He’s our personal doorman. He’ll close the doors (bang, is more like it) when he sees that they’re wide open, especially the main door and the door to the kitchen.
Very interested to open and close drawers and cabinets. If he gets the chance (sometimes we’re a bit slow to stop him), he’ll take the things out and play.


Jacss said...

ehh...first time seeing tong yuen in brown colour soup woh!!

must be d brown sugar that played d part, no?

JO-N said...

Happy belated tongzhi. We didn't have tong yuen this year.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Your tong yuen has grated coconut on top?
Your son has 16 teeth at 19mths? Wow, that's a lot! My 2 gals only started teething at 14 mths!

slavemom said...

Jac, yup.. I used gula melaka for the soup.

Joanne, wanna hv some virtual ones? hehehe Come come... I feed u some. *aaarrmmmm...*

Shireen, that's onde onde lah. Yeah.. my kids r early teethers.

sting said...

hi, happy belated dongzhi festival.. we didn't get to eat any this year too.. :-( yes, virtual ones will do too :-)

huisia said...

Haha..maybe the kai kai mood still with him, and that's why he couldn't sleep well. :)

Anggie's journel said...

happy 19 months !!
yah, like ur tong yuen, so yummy !!

Bryan's Mama said...

happy 19th months CE!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

happy belated 19 months... and I think once they went out too often, they will have difficulties to sleep especially at night. same with en en too she will points to the door while the eyes are still close and screams "Kai-kai!" in midnight!
Still in bouncer? en en also lately will look for her bouncer at night... right now i hang the bouncer at the back of the house and hope that she will forget it without seeing it again.

slavemom said...

Siew Ting, hope u've enjoyed ur virtual tong yuen. :D

Hui Sia, thank god it's slowing improving. If not, hubs n I wud go crazy. :|

Anggie, I'm vy lucky Kakak's good in the kitchen. So save me a lot of work.

Paik Ling, tq. :)

Sharine, CE oni naps in the bouncer. I guess during the trip, he was vy tired come nap time, so can nap by himself on the bed and on my shoulder (when we're out).