Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dinner With Friends

I had dinner with some of my Uni friends. It was a get-together to meet up with LY who came back from the States for a short holiday. Just us 5 girls. CB was home looking after the kids. When I reached home at about 11pm, they have not slept yet. Can still hear CE crying upstairs.

We went for 'latt thong' in Sg Chua. Luckily they liked the food. So nice of them to come all the way to Kajang from KL (C and MP from Damansara, LY from Puchong and KC from her office in KL). It was really great to catch up with them.


Wen said...

wah!!! finally eh!!!!
why no pic??

slavemom said...

Wen, yeah.. finally! :) No pic of the food coz we ate almost the same thing as the prev post. And no pic of leng luis coz din get their permission. :D