Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back From Lion City

Halo everybody! I’m back from my holiday and I need a break! hehehe It was so tiring that we’re quite decided there’ll be no more holidaying (especially those long distance ones) for us in the very near future (the next 2 years, maybe?).

We followed hubby on his business trip to Singapore. We were there from 13 to 17 Dec. CE chose a really bad time to fall sick. He developed a mild fever on Wednesday late afternoon. As we were flying to Singapore the next morning, I brought him to see the doctor in the evening. Doctor said he has a very slight red throat and it should be a viral infection. So I took all the necessary medication - fever, flu and cough, although he didn’t have any runny nose or cough then.

That night we went to BIL’s place for family dinner. It was my little nephew’s (CH) 2nd birthday. We stayed on for awhile and left at 10+, came home and continued to pack till 2+. I know it’s bad habit to pack so last minute but if there’s a comprehensive list (which I didn’t do this round), it should be fine. So true enough, I missed out quite a number of essential items due to this last minute work.

It was really a nightmare going on a holiday with a sick kiddo. He’s extra cranky, extra clingy, not eating well nor drinking his milk like usual. Will write more about this later. XY is fine, just need to catch up on some sleep (as she didn’t have her usual naps in the afternoons) and CE’s still cranky and demanding although I think he’s fully recovered already. I’m still recuperating - napping in the afternoon and sleeping early at night. Poor hubby has got to go back to work, so no proper rest for him. Good thing today is a public holiday. I’ll try to post about the trip as soon as I can and will hop over to visit you all soon. But it’s going to be tortoise speed ya. :D


Health Freak Mommy said...

Oh dear travelling with a sick kid! Double the trouble and double the crankiness! I would hv just skipped the trip coz I know I wont be able to handle a sick kid during a holiday coz that would stress me up even more. Hope he gets better today.

Wen said...

aiyoh, very mah farn wonder u r so tired, some more hub has to 'work'

BabyBooned said...

geez, i really respect u for making it through the trip!! hope CE is well soon

Bryan's Mama said...

Welcome back Ginie! Great to have you back. I hope CE is having a speedy recovery.

slavemom said...

Tq all for ur well wishes. CE has fully recovered edi.

Shireen, we've thot of forgoing the flight tics but since we won't be doing much b4 the w/end, we were hoping he'd rest well n recover fast.

Wen, actually the days when hub has to work, it wasn't that tiring coz we were mostly lazing at the hotel.

Babybooned, thinking abt it still give me the shivers. hehehe

Paik Ling, vy happy to hear ur good news. ;)