Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful and joyful new year! I've been rather tied up the last few days. My PIL and relatives (MIL's brother and family) came on Sunday. My uncle and family went back yesterday. My PIL are still here. They'll be leaving tomorrow. Yesterday my BIL moved house. So now we're living opposite each other.

XY greeted the new year by wetting the bed. Haih... she's not done that for a very long time already. And she didn't even wake up, still sleeping on the wet patch. She must be dead tired as she didn't take her nap the day before and she's not been having enough sleep with so much activities around.

Her sleep deprived period started on Saturday. We went to Sunway Pyramid after having bak kut teh (lunch) in Puchong. We really spent a lot on clothes and shoes for the kids. Now they have a pair of Crocs sandals each. Blue for CE and pink for XY. I think we're quite done with their CNY shopping. But I haven't gotten any new clothes for myself. Oh, I actually have two new tops which CB bought from Vietnam. Maybe I'll just get a new pair of jeans.

~ This is CE's Crocs, XY has worn hers out ~

We had dinner at Dragon-i. After ordering our food, CB went to buy J.Co donuts. By the time he came back, I've already finished my food.

~ for you to drool :D ~


Jacss said...

wow....i realised we made d same choices of donuts woh...hehehe

which bak kut teh shop in puchong??

nice croc sandals, where's d pink one?

Happy New Year to you too with lots of good luck!!

huisia said...

oh..i miss the puchong bat kut teh, i used to eat a lot when i was staying there.

i heard my friend said the donuts very sweet, is it?

BabyBooned said...

do you know that JCO donuts is indonesian owned? i did not know that till last month when it came out in the papers. but, heyy, yummier than dunkin' donuts lah!

slavemom said...

Jac, I like Oreo n tiramisu. I'm not exactly sure where (near Kg Baharu?) but the name is Restoran Bah Kut Teh Yap Chuan. As for the Crocs, XY wore them out when I took the pics. :)

Hui Sia, they're sweet but can still take 3 at 1 go (not that jelak).

Babybooned, yeah.. the boss owned many saloons b4 he started this donut biz. Yup, definitely much much better than DD.