Thursday, January 03, 2008

First Day In Flamingo 5

Luckily CE didn’t give me much problems when I drove this morning. Bribing with cornflakes worked. He was happily munching away. I sent XY to kindy because I wanted to take a look at her classroom. She’s now in Flamingo 5, last year was Eiffel 4. But when we reached there, it was time for assembly. So I waited for her till they went up to the classroom. While waiting, CE had his favourite finger biscuit. With biscuit in hand, there wasn’t any complaints from him.

At first, XY wasn’t very happy, pulling a long face. They had to line up for assembly. One of her good friends was standing behind her and was smiling and talking to her, but she ignored her and kept looking at me. And she kept saying, “I want you, Mummy.” I told her all her friends are there. And I’ll be standing nearby till she goes into her class. When they sang some songs, she started to loosen up. She sang along and did the actions too. Those are the songs they’ve been singing the past year.

After she settled down in her classroom, I told her that I’m leaving and she seemed ok with it. There are quite many students in her class this year... almost 25 (last year only 11 students). The principal told me they have 2 teachers on duty and for some subjects, they’ll be split into 2 classes.

On our journey home, CE wanted me to carry him. Managed to distract him with a CD I found in my car. As for the trip to fetch XY back from kindy, he just made a little noise, in between playing with the CD and ball. I hope he can be distracted with toys and food for the rest of the days. Or better still, stop being a koala bear!


Health Freak Mommy said...

Luckily your girl didn't cry when she said "I want mummy". Well, the most difficult day of all has already passed. I'm sure she'll be happy to go to school tomorrow. My Alycia can't go to school as she's down with high fever :(

sting said...

my baby's also a koala.. will try yr technique soon.. :-) hoping XY have fun in kindy..

Wen said...

wei, next time ur XY and my Iris go to kindy, mayb we can meet up ..hehehe..

tag for u

Jacelyn Chew said...

mine too, i mean my 2years++ boy is like koala bear too. sometimes he's loving to be like this, but please, not everyday! ha!

Tot's Mom said...

Well, the day he stops being a koala bear, you might just wish he is still one! ;)

Bryan's Mama said...

i think the go thru koala bear phases.....

slavemom said...

Shireen, oh.. she was vy happy she was the elected leader (helped teacher in class) the past 2 days. Esp so coz she got a sweet from her teacher. How's Aly now? Hope she's fully recovered edi.

Siew Ting, do let me know if u've discovered any new tricks. :)

Wen, anytime... come lah.. I belanja u satay or 'latt thong'. :D

Jacelyn, ya lor... it's sweet at times, wanna stick to mommy oni. But like u said.. not everyday pls! LOL

Tot's Mom, I know... how contradicting. :p

Paik Ling, I think so too. Just a matter of how long or how short. :D