Tuesday, January 22, 2008

20 Months Old

I brought CE for his routine jab this morning. He was supposed to take the Triple & Polio and Hib boosters at 18 months but he was not feeling well when we wanted to bring him. So it got delayed till now. But his paediatrician said it's alright to be a little late because this is just a booster jab. I also got his weight and height measured. Here are his updates :

Weight - 12.2 kg
Height - 89 cm

He takes 8 ozs of milk, 3 times a day.
Prefers rice over porridge, mee suah and pasta. Likes to eat biscuits.
Tried to give him Quaker oats but he doesn't like it, even though mixed with bananas.
He likes to feed himself when eating rice. So we'll have to give him a spoon and a bowl to hold. Then put a little bit of rice in his bowl so he can feed himself. Otherwise, he'll be making a big mess with rice all over the floor and his clothes.

Naps once a day.

He's able to pronounce "maa" since 19/1. But when I ask him to call me, he'll go mmmmm (pursing his lips). Probably coz that was how I taught him in the beginning, when he can't make the "m" sound. But I'm sure he'll be able to call me soon. (yippee!)
He knows how to nod his head (finally!), indicating 'yes'. But his motion is very unnatural. His head will go up first, then only down. Like it's such a big effort for him to nod. And I just love to see him do that. So amusing! :D

He now bathes without the tub. So I'll spray the water all over his head and face when washing his hair. He's quite alright with it, he doesn't protest but will try to move away sometimes. It's probably a little uncomfortable.
He likes to monopolise the shower head. Always snatching it from my hand. He'll spray the water into a cup or small pail. Then he'll pour it all away. Hmmmm... wasting water.
He's learning to walk up and down the stairs by holding on to the railing. But have to follow him closely and hold him, especially when he's walking down. He doesn't see the danger of stepping down 2 steps at a time. :-|
He likes to scribble on paper with a pen, pencil or colour pencil. He'll also do his masterpiece (lines) on the small table that he's drawing on.
He likes to switch on (or off) the lights and fan. He'll ask to be carried when we're in the room so that he can touch the switches.
He's quite good at twisting the bottle caps to open and close them.
Potty training has gone haywire. He tends to do his big business in the diaper. Sometimes he'll tell us (by pointing at his diaper) and then continue in the toilet.
He's becoming more cheeky - when he sees his milk and we ask him to lie down, he'll just lie down on the floor, face down. Then peep at us, smiling.
Will play with the mouse and bang at the keyboard of the computer at every chance he gets. He likes to press the spacebar button coz the page will scroll down.


Lovely Mummy said...

wow, taller and bigger than my son. he is 2 yrs old now..

Anggie's journel said...

Happy 20 months old !!
i m lost touch with my son development nowsaday , been quite some time i didnt update liau ....

jazzmint said...

happy 20th months. mine also loves to switch on and off the switches LOL. If we don't carry him to switch on and off, he'd get upset :(

slavemom said...

Shirley, yeah.. he's quite tall for his age. Takes after the father.

Anggie, u've been vy busy mah.

Jazz, switches r another of their fav toy.

Lemonjude said...

Tall boy...

Peridot&Sapphire said...

hapy 20 months... wow! he's tall... guess en en can scribble with him together. Just make sure they don't scribble each other.... haha!

slavemom said...

Judy, luckily follow father, unlike mummy, the dwarf. LOL

Sharine, I'm sure they'd love to treat each other as paper. hehehe