Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Ever since we came back from our Singapore trip, CE's behaviour has changed. He now :
* hangs on to me like a koala bear.
* sticks to me like glue.
* doesn't want Kakak to carry him or take care of him.
* doesn't want to sit behind with Kakak in the car.

And because of that, I've to carry him in the front passenger seat when PaPa's driving. The other day, he was wailing in the car, wanting me to carry him when I had the little accident. School starts tomorrow and I'll have to fetch XY back from her kindy. Usually, Kakak will sit behind with CE. How am I going to drive if the little boy keeps wailing and shouting in the car? It'd be so distracting! One alternative is to leave Kakak at home with CE if he kicks up a big fuss. But I prefer not to leave them alone at home. Or we can try to bribe him with cornflakes. Hmmm... let's see how it goes tomorrow.


Tot's Mom said...

Hope everything will go well for you tomorrow. And no more wailing! :)

huisia said...

just try to distract him with other things, maybe his favorite toys?

Yatie said...

I ever need to put my daughter on lap while driving as she came out from her seat and screaming.but now she's okay with seat now..give more toys or anything to chew, on music for them. But nobody could complete my son, he is the best car seater I ever known.

slavemom said...

Tot's Mom, thx... luckily he was manageable this morning.

Hui Sia, good suggestion, thx. It worked with the toys... for today. :)

Yatie, it's so dangerous to drive with a kid on the lap. But sometimes really got no choice. I hope I wouldn't need to do that.

Jacelyn Chew said...

safety comes first! just pull aside the road if really can't concentrate. it's really dangerous.

slavemom said...

Jacelyn, if he's really out of ctrl, I guess that's the safest thing to do.